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How to Update a Traditional Foyer with a Wayfair Makeover

Make your guests feel welcome. This foyer makeover goes from classic to casual with cozy entryway decorating ideas from Wayfair.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions expressed are my own based on my experience with the products and the company.

Although our house is a bit of a traditional style I’m not really a traditional gal!

I mean I like elements of classic decor but I really prefer a more casual style.

I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll.

Umm no…I mean I’m a little bit farmhouse a little bit boho industrial.

Is that a style?

Anyway, our foyer entryway was definitely decorated in more of a traditional style with a demi round table and mirror set.

So when Wayfair selected us to participate in their Sit in Style campaign, I jumped at the opportunity!

I knew exactly what I wanted to upgrade!

It was time to get rid of the traditional table and mirror for a welcoming casual cozy bench!

demi round table against wall in entryway next to front door with rectangular mirror hung above table. faux stems and plants decorate table and shelf on bottom of table. lamp also on table

Shopping with Wayfair

If you know anything about me you may know that I just LOVE to shop!

And shopping online has never been easier with Wayfair.

If you’re looking for home decor Wayfair has an incredible selection of home decor to match your style.

Using the filters on their website helps you narrow down your search when looking to redecorate or add a new decor piece to your home.

Wayfair also allows you to create custom lists to save your favorites.

When I was searching for the perfect bench for my entryway I was able to create a “foyer makeover” list to save all the options that I liked as I was shopping.

This made it so easy to narrow down my list of favorites later.

With the filters on Wayfair, I was also able to sort by price and customer ratings.

I like to read customer reviews. Do you read them too? And if they add a picture with the review…even better!

I shared some of the options I considered for my foyer makeover and as you can see there are some great choices from Wayfair.

Which Entryway Bench Did I Choose?

foyer makeover with round area run on hardwood floors and lanterns and basket on floor beside bench with throw pillow row of hooks on wall above bench with hat, tote bag and wreath hanging on hooks

I decided to go with this painted black wood spindle style bench for my foyer makeover.

It was the perfect bench for my modern farmhouse industrial boho style.

Okay, I’m going with it. That’s now a new decor style…my style! 🙂

The black was a great option for our home since we have several other black pieces throughout our house.

before and after foyer makeover photos side by side

Here you can see how this foyer makeover went from classic to casual by just swapping the table for a bench.

Now my entryway says come on in…have a seat…stay a while!

Cozy Essentials for a Foyer Makeover

wayfair throw pillow on bench in foyer

To soften the hard, wood bench I chose this comfy cotton rectangular pillow from Wayfair.

I love the idea of being able to change out the pillows seasonally.

Can’t wait to choose a few new ones for the holidays!

But for now, this neutral striped grain sack style pillow will be perfect for any time of the year.

throw blanket hanging out of basket with handles on floor in front of bench

This pretty cream and black chevron patterned throw blanket also brings a cozy vibe to the foyer makeover.

Tossed in a basket it adds visual interest and texture to the entryway.

And since it’s right next to the front door it’s easy to grab on a chilly night for porch sitting.

I’m loving how I was able to take my traditional foyer and create a casual entryway in our home.

Stay tuned for the rest of the details of my foyer makeover I’ll be sharing soon!

Wayfair Review

It was so easy to place an online order with Wayfair.

Although the bench I wanted was on backorder it came in sooner than anticipated. I received my Wayfair products in just a few short days after ordering.

My husband and I easily put together the bench with the instructions provided in about 15 minutes. It was super simple!

Unfortunately, the box was a little damaged in shipping and there was a small hole in the box which resulted in a small dent & scratch to the seat of the bench.

But I just filled out an online report about the damage and they shipped a brand new bench to me that day!

Wayfair’s customer service is top-notch! So don’t hesitate about ordering furniture or other items from them.

looking into foyer from front porch with door open bench to left side with row of hooks hung above bench

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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