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9 Simple Tips to Create the Perfect Outdoor Patio

Do you want to create an outdoor living space where your family & friends will want to spend time together? Follow our tips to create the perfect outdoor patio where everyone will want to spend hours of time together.

Our yard is pretty much one big hill so we have a couple of different levels.

We walk out of our back door onto our deck and then down the deck stairs to this patio area.

The patio is actually on the side of our house behind our driveway.

Would we love a flat backyard with our outdoor living spaces all on one level?


But sometimes you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got.

Am I right?

We weren’t sure what to do with this patio since we have a table on our deck which is off the kitchen for eating outdoors.

And we have a seating area on the bottom level of the yard by our pool.

So…we decided to create another hangout space with a firepit.

Super FUN!!!

Here are my tips to create the perfect outdoor patio space…

Add an Outdoor Fire Feature

We would have loved an outdoor fireplace but the space on our patio didn’t really allow for one nor did our budget.

Instead, we decided to build a firepit.

It was super simple with a metal fire ring and keystone blocks we bought from our local home improvement store.

Then just add a few Adirondack chairs to complete the perfect outdoor patio.

This easy DIY project can be finished in an afternoon and you’ll be roasting marshmallows by the same evening.

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Provide a Shade Structure

If you plan to use your outdoor living space during the day in the middle of summer then providing some shade is a must.

We bought a 10’x10′ black metal pergola that fits perfectly on our patio beside the fire pit area.

But there are many other options besides a large structure like a pergola to provide some protection from the sun.

You can use umbrellas, shade sails, or canopies too.

Install Outdoor Lighting

We didn’t have any outdoor lighting in our patio area so I bought some inexpensive string lights to hang from the beams of the pergola.

If you don’t have a structure to string lights you can always make a few DIY poles with 4×4 posts and a bag of concrete in a large flower pot to install string lights.

These string lights provide a beautiful glow in the evenings.

Don’t Forget about Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is important if you want your friends to stick around!

But if you don’t want them to stay longer then maybe rethink this one…just kidding!?

Since our pergola isn’t really large we added a small metal sectional that fits perfectly in the space.

We store the cushions in a large plastic storage bin to protect them when not in use.

Warm-Up Concrete Patio with an Area Rug

If you follow us on Instagram we share many of our design dilemmas there.

I had been searching for the perfect rug.

Since most rugs are rectangular and our pergola & the sectional were both squares…that’s where I had my design dilemma…I couldn’t decide on a style or rug size.

I asked our Instagram community for some help in making a decision…we’d love it if you follow along with us because there are so many things we share before they hit the blog or may never even make it to a blog post.

After hearing feedback from friends on Instagram I decided to go with a 5’x7′ rug in neutral colors with a medallion pattern.

The rug definitely made the patio space feel cozy!

Use Small Tables Together to Create a Coffee Table

In addition to the rug, I had been searching for a small round coffee table but hadn’t found anything I liked.

Adding two small side tables was a great alternative to one larger coffee table.

They are small enough that they can be moved around to be used wherever needed but sturdy enough to hold a glass or two of Prosecco.

Use Additional Outdoor Decor

Adding a couple of decor pieces helps make the patio a more comfortable outdoor living space.

The outdoor throw pillows create a cozy feel on the sectional sofa and are easy to store away in rainy weather.

The classic black and white colors look great against the beige couch.

I also added a few metal candle lanterns for some additional nighttime ambiance.

Bring in Color with Flowers

No outdoor space would be complete without some beautiful flowers.

I love impatiens but our sunny hot patio didn’t allow me to grow one of my favorite container plants…until last year when I discovered SunPatiens!

Planting just three small 4″ plants in each of those huge whiskey barrel planters and look at how nicely they filled in.

A couple of other planters filled with other varieties of flowers grouped together with a galvanized watering can make a beautiful statement.

Now, this level of our yard is ready for our family to enjoy all summer long.

And that easy DIY firepit can be used on crisp fall nights too!

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