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Travel Outfits That Are Both Comfy and Cute? Yes, Please!

Looking for travel outfits that are comfortable but still cute? Then you’re in the right place! You’ll love these stylish and cozy options from Amazon.

Whether you travel by car or plane you want to be comfortable, am I right?

I mean pajamas are cozy so you could just roll out of bed and hop in the car for your next adventure.

But sometimes you may want to look a bit more pulled together than baggy sweatpants or pj’s as you jetset to your destination.

What if you can’t check into your hotel or Airbnb as soon as you arrive so you won’t have a place to change out of those pajama pants and hoodie?

What if you’re traveling with friends and you don’t want to look like a bum?

Or maybe you’re on the way to a work event?

If you’re looking for a stylish option when traveling then you’re in luck.

Wait until you see what I found!

And the best part everything is from Amazon which makes shopping super convenient.

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What Should You Wear When Traveling

view out of plane window over clouds with mountain coming through cloud

Believe me, I’m all about being comfortable all the time but especially when I’m traveling.

Sitting in the car for hours on a long road trip isn’t fun if you’re wearing a pair of tight pants.

And let’s talk about the size of airplane seats, shall we?

There’s not much room to move around or even cross your legs when sitting on a flight across the country.

Normally, I just wear a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt when I travel but recently we had back-to-back business trips and I wanted something cute to wear on the plane.

I didn’t want to arrive looking like a slob…lol.

AnnMarie’s Stats

Okay, so you probably want to know my stats so you can figure out if these outfits would work for you too.

I don’t know about you but when I’m shopping online I like to look at photo reviews so I can see what the item really looks like.

Because let’s be honest the model isn’t always what many of us look like.

I find it helpful to see an article of clothing on someone who’s got a similar figure to mine.

Here are my stats for your reference:

  • Height 5’6″
  • 150 lbs
  • 36C bra
  • tops – medium or large depending on the style
  • bottoms – size 10

Short Sleeve Wrap Pant Jumpsuit

blogger standing inside wearing black one piece jumpsuit with hands in pockets

I have a one-piece pant jumpsuit that I got in the spring and is really comfortable but it’s a one-shoulder so I need to wear a strapless bra.

And we know strapless bras aren’t super comfortable so I decided to look for another romper option.

This short-sleeved wrap jumper is from the same manufacturer as the off-shoulder one I already had so I was pretty sure I would like it.

I’m wearing a size large in black. It does come in 24 other color options.

I really like the crisscross wrap style of the top and the snap keeps it from being too revealing.

The drawstring waist and pockets are nice details.

The cinched bottom of the pants at the ankles is cute and would be great for shorter women.

blogger standing inside wearing black one piece jumpsuit with cinched ankles with jean jacket and sneakers

White running shoes keep the look of this comfortable outfit casual.

The leopard pattern on the New Balance sneakers is super cute.

I always bring a sweater or jacket with me when traveling because even in the summer I get cold when inside with air conditioning.

This lightweight denim jacket is the perfect addition to this stylish travel outfit.

Sleeveless Wide Leg Pants Romper

AnnMarie wearing wide leg black one piece jumpsuit with sneakers modeling a travel outfit

Another comfortable long jumpsuit is this wide-leg sleeveless option.

The material is thicker than the previous romper so it feels like it’s really good quality.

This jumpsuit also has a drawstring waist but rather than cinched pants at the ankle this one has a trendy wide leg that’s fun.

Again, I’m in a size large in black. It’s available in 13 other colors.

AnnMarie wearing wide leg black one piece jumpsuit with jean jacket and sneakers

This time I paired the travel outfit with my Shu Shop vintage-inspired sneakers and the same jean jacket.

Although I think the quality of this jumpsuit is nicer than the first one I returned it and kept the cinched bottom romper.

I preferred the v-neck to the round neck and felt the first option was more flattering on me.

Lululemon Inspired Travel Outfits

We all know and love Lululemon but their prices are a bit out of reach for many of us.

I do own a pair of leggings and I have to say they were worth every penny.

The Align leggings are by far the most comfortable pair I own and I’ve tried quite a few dupes.

And no…I’m not being paid to say that I just really love those leggings. LOL

When I ordered the two jumpsuits from Amazon to try on I also ordered a pair of joggers.

I wanted the comfort of sweatpants but in a more chic style so thought a pair of athletic pants would be perfect.

And guess what?

They were! These high-waisted jogger pants are so cute and comfy!

But when I tried on tops that I already owned nothing looked right with them on me.

I decided I needed a shirt that was a bit shorter so that you could see the top of the pants since I didn’t want to tuck something into the joggers.

I’ve seen lots of influencers sharing knock-off Lululemon tops that look like their Scuba half zip so I started searching on Amazon for some options.

Although these are technically sweatshirts, I think they look more stylish and chic than a typical hoodie.

Tell me what you think!

Now let’s take a look at the four tops I ordered.

White Half Zip Sweatshirt

AnnMarie wearing white half zip top with black joggers standing indoors

The first designer-inspired top is this white quarter-zip fleece pullover from Automet.

This sweater is a 50/50 poly-cotton blend and is a thick material.

It has thumb holes which I love since I’m always cold the sleeves cover some of my hands.

I’m wearing a medium in white.

This option is available in 20 different colors.

Half Zip Fleece Hoodie

AnnMarie posing in travel outfit in dining room. Black pants and tan sweatshirt

The next fleece-lined sweatshirt from Laslulu is even more cozy than the first.

It’s made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and is super duper soft.

It does have a hood which is really cute and of course thumb holes on the sleeve cuffs.

The color of this one is light apricot but is available in 14 other colors and I’m wearing a medium.

I didn’t love the leather pull on the zipper but that’s something you may like.

Crop Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt

woman standing with hands in both pockets of black joggers and white half zip

The third version of the Lululemon-inspired scuba top is from Gym People.

Again I’m wearing a medium in this one and the color is off-white which has a gold zipper.

There are 14 other colors available and they all have a silver zipper.

Apparently, I didn’t look closely when I chose the off-white because I’m not crazy about the gold zipper.

The feel of this top is very similar to the first one I tried…it’s a thick material that’s made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

This sweatshirt does have a hood and thumb holes.

Mixed Rib Pullover Jacket

woman wearing travel outfit including black joggers and cropped sweatshirt

The last Amazon try-on is this Danskin mixed rib pullover half zip.

I actually tried this on in TJ Maxx but they only had it in an extra large and it was too big so I was excited to find it on Amazon.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the color I wanted in a medium and some of the other options wouldn’t be delivered in time for my trip.

There are seven colors available.

I’m wearing a large in this sweatshirt and it’s a little big on me but that’s okay because the cozy factor on this one totally makes up for the size.

I kept the first and the last Lululemon inspired tops and returned the second and third options.

Honestly, they were all very similar in design but I didn’t need four sweatshirts so I had to make a decision.

So I returned the two tops that had zippers I wasn’t in love with and had hoods.

Since the shirts were cropped I didn’t want to risk the weight of a hood pulling the sweatshirt up at the waist in the front.

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below!

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