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11 Christmas Home Tours for Your Holiday Decor Inspiration

Looking for some holiday decor inspiration? Today we’re sharing a round-up of our 11 Christmas home tours from the past 5 years. Come with us while we take a look back through the years at our homes all decked out for the holidays.

Don’t you love a good home tour?

Isn’t it so fun to take a peek around a beautifully decorated home for inspiration?

I just love to get inspired by the creativity some designers have to transform a space.

As bloggers, each season we change up the look of our houses by incorporating some new decor to reflect that season.

And at Christmas time with all the twinkling lights well that may be the most magical time of all.

We started Simply2Moms five years ago and in those 5 years, I’d say we both grew quite a bit.

Not only have our decorating styles evolved but also our interior photography skills as you’ll see.

We thought it would be fun to look back at how far we’ve come in the past five years with a little walk down memory lane.

Welcome to the 2023 Christmas in July Blog Hop!

AnnMarie wearing black and Anne wearing red holding mugs

We’re so excited to be joining 16 talented bloggers to share some fun Christmas ideas and inspiration with you again this year!

Thank you so much to our dear friend Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse for organizing this fun Christmas in July blog hop.

Wasn’t Stacy’s list of flowers and plants for the holidays perfect? She’s such a talented gardener.

Today we’re excited to be sharing our Christmas home tours from 2018 through 2022.

First, we’re going to tour Anne’s Christmas home through the years so that you can see the progression from year to year rather than going back and forth between our two houses.

Then you’ll tour my holiday home over the past five years.

So sit back and relax.

I’m just going to give you a sneak peek of the Christmas tours but you’ll probably want to see more.

Just click the headline or the photo to see each holiday home tour in more detail.

Be sure to save your favorite ideas on Pinterest!

We have a Christmas Pinterest board that you may want to take a look at as well.

Anne’s Christmas Home Tours Through the Years

A woman stands in front of her front door on a porch decorated for Christmas

Anne’s home is a traditional style colonial but she loves to decorate with a little bit of everything.

She’s a little bit country…a little bit rock ‘n roll. LOL

No, but seriously we both like a variety of decorating styles and have a hard time pinning ourselves down to just one design style.

Maybe her style is transitional since that term combines traditional design with modern style.

If you can find a term that includes classic, French country, vintage, and southern charm then that pretty much sums up Anne’s beautiful home.

Get ready to be inspired while taking a look back through the years of Anne’s home all dressed up for the holidays.

Classic Christmas Home Tour

red door with green boxwood wreath opened to view of home decorated for Christmas

Way back in the beginning of our blogging journey, you were welcomed into Anne’s holiday home at her vibrant red front door.

It was the perfect color for Christmas.

She decorated in a traditional style and shared some simple and classic ideas that are easy to replicate in your own home.

Unique boxwood garland, sentimental decorations, and classic Christmas colors were the theme of her first holiday home tour in 2018.

Deck the Halls with Cozy Southern Style Charm

front door with Christmas wreath and red berry wreath opened to view of home decorated for Christmas

The next year, the first thing you may notice is the new color on the front door.

Although the red was pretty at Christmastime, a black-painted front door gives a nice neutral backdrop for decorating a door all year long.

And just look how that red berry wreath pop against the black door.

Anne kept the same classic Christmas color scheme throughout her home again but added some beautiful southern-style charm.

However, she definitely upped her game in 2019 and then totally knocked it out of the park with a stunning fireplace mantle.

Wait until you see it!

Sophisticated Christmas Candlelight Tour

lit fireplace decorated for Christmas with candle, greenery, and red berries

Is there anything more magical at Christmas than candlelight?

We don’t think so!

In 2019, we decided to do a second home tour at night by candlelight set to our favorite Christmas song.

Can you guess what song Anne chose?

You’ll have to go check out her classic southern home all decorated for Christmas.

Country Chic Christmas Home Tour

Vintage china cabinet decorated for Christmas with white and red dishes, greenery, and a custom Canvas on Demand canvas. Antique black arm chair with caned seat and Christmas plaid pillow sits next to the hutch.

After missing Christmas in 2020 (I’ll explain why later so keep reading), Anne came back with a stunning holiday home tour in 2021.

She decorated her house with lots of greenery, red and green plaid ribbon, and antiques.

Keeping the same classic Christmas colors but mixing in her beautiful collection of antiques and more greenery than ever before.

Their backyard gazebo even got all decked out for the holidays in 2021!

Candlelight Tour of an Elegant Christmas Home

Painted kitchen island and cherry cabinets with rattan bar stools decorated for Christmas with wreaths and bows.

Last year Anne’s kitchen makeover was finally complete and she was excited to dress up the space for the holidays.

Her 2022 candlelit home tour is filled with elegant Christmas decor ideas featuring neutral colors that allow all the greenery to take center stage.

We also worked with King of Christmas last year and were able to add another tree to our holiday homes.

Go see how Anne styled her beautiful Christmas tree in their game room.

Reflecting Back on AnnMarie’s Christmas Home Tours

woman holding front door handle of house

Like Anne, my house is a newer traditional style colonial built in the mid-2000s.

I definitely lean more toward a farmhouse style in my decor but still have all the classic elements of a more traditional home with wainscotting and crown molding.

I also like elements of craftsman and industrial styles as well.

Oh, and I’m starting to really get into adding antique pieces throughout my house too.

So let’s see…modern farmhouse, craftsman, industrial, and vintage…yup that’s a style right?! LOL

Well, whatever you want to call my style I call it home!

So let’s reflect back over the last five years and see how my holiday home decorating style has evolved.

Simple and Comfy Christmas Home Tour

classic christmas front porch close up of door area

When we started blogging I was really into the farmhouse style and my Christmas decorating included my love of Rae Dunn pottery.

Were you a collector too?

My first Christmas home tour included simple classic holiday decorating ideas.

And I even sprinkled a little Christmas spirit in my bedroom for the first time ever in 2018, you’ll have to go see what I did.

The Perfect Blend of Traditional and Farmhouse for the Holidays

view of christmas decorations in family room

Traditional family holiday decorations mixed with a modern farmhouse style were the theme of my Christmas home in 2019.

Pops of red were added in my family room and kitchen to coordinate with my family’s Christmas favorite pieces.

But in the formal rooms, I kept it more rustic and neutral.

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Candlelight Tour

living room with christmas tree and gallery walls

Twinkling lights lead you through my modern farmhouse Christmas candlelight tour.

Come on in and see how different everything looks in my cozy nighttime holiday house.

Festive and Cozy Christmas Home Tour

entryway with door and sidelights rug in front of door table and mirror to right of door with christmas decor light fixture hanging from ceiling

In 2020, Anne came over to help me finish decorating and then photograph my house when I started feeling pretty bad.

Well, long story short…it turned out that I was indeed sick and I had passed my illness on to Anne that day.

She got really sick as well and obviously wasn’t feeling up to writing a blog post about her holiday home.

So that’s why she’s missing 2020 in her look back at Christmas home tours.

But I have to say I really loved how my house came together that year for the holidays with all the neutral greenery.

Wait until you see the rest of it!

Neutral Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

view of farmhouse tablescape decorated for Christmas hutch to left of table and decorated Christmas tree to far left corner of room beside windows

I used lots and lots of greenery and neutrals because I just love the neutral vibe they help to create in my cozy Christmas home.

There were a few pops of red here and there throughout my house and I even brought back some old family favorite holiday décor pieces too.

You’ll have to go see my 2021 holiday home tour to find out what those Christmas favorites were.

Bring the Christmas Magic with this Sparkling Christmas Candlelit Home Tour

stone fireplace with garland, lights and stockings decorated with candles

Last year may have been my favorite holiday home tour yet!

I just loved my new King of Christmas tree so much that I left it up way past the holidays.

Come take a look around my sparkling Christmas candlelight home because somehow it always looks more beautiful by the twinkling lights at night.

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Now that you’ve come along with us on our holiday home tour, let’s get some more holiday inspiration!

Next up for some gorgeous Christmas in July inspiration is our friend Kim from the blog Shiplap and Shells.

Kim lives in a cottage on the water in the Pacific Northwest and her gardens are always stunning! She always has great ideas for adding natural decorating touches with a cottage feel.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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