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25 of the Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Get Dad what he really wants this year without breaking the bank. Check out our list of 25 of the best Father’s Day gift ideas under $50.

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for Dad, but you don’t want to spend a fortune?

Well, look no further!

We’ve come up with a list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas under $50.

Now you can get Dad an amazing and affordable gift.

We also have some other awesome Father’s Day gift ideas we love here.

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But, for our under $50 Father’s Day gift guide we turned to the experts for these ideas…our husbands…otherwise known as…Simply2Dads.

Did you know our husbands are great friends too?

And they love to talk about “when we make it big with our blog,” they’ll retire and start Simply2Dads.

three dads standing with arms around eachother on dock in front of lake smiling at camera
Our friend Don, Anne’s husband Kevin, and AnnMarie’s husband Chris (from left to right)

This week we had a visit from another good friend who was traveling from Virginia to Charlotte for work.

We always try to get together for dinner when he’s passing through town which is always a good time!

So, we actually had not two but three experts for this awesome list of Father’s Day gift ideas for you!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas under $50

collage of products shopping gift guide for Father's Day

We think our experts have found something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea for your dad or your husband or even another amazing dad in your life, you’re sure to find the perfect present to celebrate him.

There are options for dads who love to grill…techy dads…sentimental dads and everything in between!

Some of the items used in this post include affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no added cost to you. You can read our full affiliate disclosure policy here.

1. Backpack Cooler

product image of columbia back pack cooler for father's day gift idea
Columbia PFG backpack cooler

I’m not sure about the men in your life but ours seem to collect coolers.

And this Columbia PFG backpack cooler would be perfect for the beach.

Dad can just throw on this cooler filled with his favorite beverages and still have his hands free to carry other things too.

2. Stainless Steel Beverage Holder

product image of stainless steel slim can koozie shown with different size cans and a bottle
Stainless Steel Beverage Holder

Once Dad gets to the beach, or really anywhere, he’ll probably want to keep that beverage cold while he’s drinking it on a hot summer day.

Kevin found this stainless steel can holder and loves it because it’s the only one he’s found that holds different-sized cans and bottles.

It adjusts so it fits a regular-sized can, a slim can, or a bottle.

How cool is that?!

3. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

product image of 32 ounce yeti rambler tumbler
Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Whether Dad is home or on the go, this giant 30 oz. Yeti Rambler Tumbler will keep his favorite drink hot or cold all day long.

Chris fills his every day with water to be sure he’s drinking enough throughout his work day.

This tumbler comes in a variety of colors so you can pick your guy’s favorite!

4. Basting Set

product image of Cuisinart basting pot & brush set
Basting Set

A stainless steel basting pot and brush set is perfect for the dad who loves to cook and grill.

The Cuisinart cup-style set makes basting meat on the grill simple!

5. Grill Tool Set

product image of grill utencils includinig spatula tongs and fork
Grill Tool Set

Dad could always use a new set of grill tools, and this 3-piece stainless steel set from Weber is so affordable for a high-quality set.

Our friend Don has these on his Father’s Day wish list.

6. LED Grill Light

product image of stainless steel grill light
Weber Grill LED Light

Home Depot to the rescue again for another great Father’s Day gift idea.

This Weber LED grill handle light is awesome. At least Chris thinks so!

It attaches to our grill handle and is a motion sensor with an on/off switch so it saves battery life.

7. Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

product image of homemade hot sauce kit featuring several bottles and jars along with strainer and funnel
The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

Does Dad like it hot?

Then this Homemade Hot Sauce Kit may be the one for him.

Can someone say YAY for spicy taco night?!

8. The Bacon Crate

fathers day gift idea man crate box with products in front of box
Man Crates Bacon Crate

What Dad doesn’t love bacon?

Our three experts thought this bacon crate from Man Crates looked so good.

9. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light protection computer glasses in front of product box
Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Does Dad work on a computer all day?

If so, he may need a set of these stylish and affordable blue light-blocking glasses that are on Kevin’s wish list this year.

10. Wireless Charging Pad

product image of charging station for apple devices
Wireless Charging Pad

How cool is this wireless charging pad?

Dad can charge his phone, smartwatch, and AirPods all at the same time with only one plug.

I think I may need one of these except that I don’t have AirPods… so I may need those too. LOL

11. Leather Charger Roll Up

product image of leather charger rollup case with headphones in pockets
Mark and Graham Leather Charger Roll Up

This beautiful leather charger roll-up from Mark and Graham is perfect for the dad who travels.

And it can be personalized with his initials which makes it a little more special.

12. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

product image of echo dot with alarm clock glowing light on bottom of product
Echo Dot Smart Speaker

We love our Echo Dot Smart Speaker with clock and Alexa.

When I bought this for Chris he finally let me toss our 25-year-old alarm clock. This one looks so much better in our bedroom!

13. Golf Balls

product image of box of titleist golf balls
Titleist Golf Balls

What about the dad who loves golf?

A box of golf balls is always a Father’s Day gift idea that he’ll appreciate.

Kevin loves these Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.

14. Nike Dri-Fit Polo Shirt

product image of dri-fit nike polo shirt
Nike Dri-Fit Polo Shirt

If Dad doesn’t need golf balls, then maybe this good-looking Nike Dri-Fit Polo Shirt is the way to go.

It’s a great shirt that comes in a bunch of color options for him to wear anywhere and look sharp and stylish!

15. Bushnell Binoculars

fathers day gift idea bushnell binocular product image
Bushnell Binoculars

A pair of binoculars is a great Father’s Day gift idea that Don suggested.

These 10×50 wide-angle Bushnell binoculars are affordable so Dad can take them to the beach, ballgame, or even on a hike.

16. Movie Scratch-Off Poster

scratch off 100 movie bucket list product image for fathers day gift guide
100 Movies Bucket List

100 Movie Bucket List Scratch Off Poster is a super fun gift idea that you could do with your dad and spend quality time together.

And at only $15 it’s a really budget-friendly present too!

17. Pajama Pants

product image of men's pajama pants from Amazon
Men’s Pajama Pants

Keep Dad comfy while scratching off that movie bucket list poster in these cotton pj pants.

18. Craft Beer Brewing Kit

product image of box of craft beer kit
Craft Beer Kit

Does Dad love a good brew?

This west-coast style IPA beer brewing kit comes with everything you need to make homebrewing easy!

19. Pistachio Pedestal

product image of square wood pistachio pedestal bowltachio
Uncommon Goods Pistachio Pedestal

What goes better with beer than nuts?

We just love this cool wood pistachio pedestal from Uncommon Goods.

Not only does it look sleek it’s functional.

20. Basketball Wastebasket

fathers day gift idea basketball waste basket with wood backboard and metal basket
Basketball Wastebasket

This basketball wastebasket from Uncommon Goods would be a fun addition to Dad’s office to work on his shot while cleaning off his desk.

21. Personalized Photo Desk Calendar

product image of personalized photo desk easel calendar
Shutterfly Desk Calendar

Shutterfly is easy to use for all your photo gift ideas.

Chris’ has this easel-style calendar on his office desk.

I’m sure Dad would love this special Father’s Day gift created just for him filled with family photos.

22. Personalized Photo Mug

product image of personalized photo mug reading best dad ever
Best Dad Mug by Shutterfly

Another sentimental Father’s Day gift idea is a personalized photo mug from Shutterfly.

The mugs come in 11 or 15-ounce sizes and you can personalize them with the year and photos of your choice.

This mug is Chris’ favorite with pictures of his kids.

23. Dremel Cordless Screwdriver

product image of dremel cordless screwdriver with charging cord and screw heads laying beside it
Dremel Cordless Screwdriver

We both have this awesome gadget in our homes and love it!

The Dremel cordless screwdriver is powerful yet small enough to fit in your kitchen junk drawer so it’s within close reach to use anytime.

Do Dad a favor and get him this must-have handy tool this year!

24. Life is Good Hat

product image of hat with logo life is good and image of mountains on hat
Life is Good Cap

Remind Dad that Life is Good!

This Life is Good Mountains chill cap is another affordable Father’s Day gift idea that our three experts would love to have!

25. Personalized Star Map

Custom Star Map
Custom Star Map

Is Dad sentimental?

Then, give him a personalized map of the night you were born.

And if you have siblings, it would be so fun to create a photo wall of several maps from each birthdate!

We hope you found something great for the dads in your life from our list of 25 of the best Father’s Day gift ideas under $50.

collage of products shopping gift guide for Father's Day

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