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Simply Stated 22

Good morning, good morning!

Unless you happened to open this message at another time.

In that case, good whatever-time-of-the-day-it-is-for-you!

Friend, let me tell you, this has been quite the week.

In fact, during weeks like this I’m so grateful to have a partner like AnnMarie!

I am swamped.

Under water.


By all the things: my photography business, getting ready for my twin’s graduation, and technical stuff behind the scenes with the blog, not to mention day-to-day life kinda stuff!

But AnnMarie?

She kept the ball in the air and stood in the gap that I was creating with my focus in all those other places.

Having a friend like her is truly priceless!

Do you have someone in your life who you can count on like that? Tell us about her (or him!) in the comments!

A few very random thoughts for you today…

1. It’s strawberry season where we live! Is there anything better than fresh-picked strawberries? I need to head to our local patch and pick some this weekend! One of my favorite things to make with fresh strawberries is a spinach salad with sliced strawberries and walnuts dressed with this dressing.

2. Fresh flowers are such a treat. Seriously! We each picked up a bouquet of fresh flowers for our Mexican-inspired tablescape and I’m still enjoying those blooms on my windowsill. It’s funny how that pretty pop of color makes doing dishes so much nicer!

3. I may be late to the game, but I’ve been watching The Crown recently while working after my hubby goes to bed. It’s so good! Although I might need to choose something a little more mindless because I keep finding myself totally caught up in the story…

4. These copper mats for the grill are amazing! I picked up a package on a whim one day and they’re a total game changer when it comes to grilling. Seriously. They’re that good. If you love grilling veggies and fish? You need these in your life! And honestly, I’m using them every time I grill anything. Because they’re easier to clean than my grill grates and nothing sticks to them!

5. I love creating new recipes! Honestly, I come up with way more new recipes in my head than I can keep up with on this blog! I guess once I’m an empty nester in (gulp) 3.5 months, I’ll be able to get more of my recipes out to share with you? But one I’m excited to share soon is this one for Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats! I had it for breakfast this morning and need to make just a few minor tweaks before it appears on the blog, but oh my gosh, this might be my new favorite summer breakfast…

So let’s take a look at all the amazing things AnnMarie shared this week on the blog!

First, do you have a tiered tray?

They’re such a great way to sprinkle in some seasonal or holiday decor in your home! AnnMarie shared allllll our secrets for putting together tiered trays!

two tiered galvanized tray on table with decor styling items next to it on either side

When teens get together, their selfie game is strong! But you can make it even stronger with this easy DIY photo booth/selfie station!

sheer curtains box of star string lights and clear push pins on wood table


Mother’s Day is next weekend.

If you still need a fun idea for gifts, we’ve got you covered with these ideas!

But if you’re planning ahead for next month?


We’ve got 25 gift ideas for Father’s Day for under $50!

After all, dads love it when we’re careful with the budget, right?!?

collage of fathers day gift ideas

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

AnnMarie will be in Asheville, NC with her daughter for a dance competition, and Anne is home working on some projects around the house.

We’ll both be sharing what’s going on in our stories on Instagram! Go follow us to see all our behind the scenes fun!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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