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3 Easy Steps to Create a Fall Faux Floral Arrangement

Learn how to create a beautiful fall faux floral arrangement in just 3 easy steps! This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to choose the right materials, arrange your flowers, and add finishing touches. In no time, you can create a stunning fall decoration that will last for years to come.

Do you love decorating your home for the seasons?

If we’re being transparent, it wasn’t really something I did when my kids were growing up.

Other than Christmas.

Back then, my days were packed with cooking, packing lunches, volunteering at their schools, chauffering them to activities, grocery shopping, cleaning, making dinner, helping them with homework, and chaperoning “10-minute tidies” to stay on top of all the mess.

Weekends were filled with going to baseball tournaments and soccer games.

Changing my home’s decor with the seasons wasn’t even on the radar!

But then, the kids grew up, and I found myself with some time on my hands.

AnnMarie and I began this website because of it! And along with this website, we began spending more time on Pinterest and Instagram.

Suddenly, a whole new world of possibilities opened up, and seasonal decor became something we did.

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The Easiest Way to Decorate for Each Season

Mix of brown and cream fall faux floral stems in a white Tuscan-style vase.

We love making our homes feel more cozy as the weather turns cooler.

Adding colorful mums and pumpkins on our porches.

And making things look festive for Christmas.

We even decorate for spring and summer now!

Throughout it all, one of our favorite ways to decorate each season is with faux florals.

We’re a little picky about the faux florals we use…

They need to look as realistic as possible, and fortunately, so many of the new faux stems really do!

Not only can we pull them out to use year after year, but they’re such a simple way to add a decorator’s touch to our homes.

Create a Stunning Arrangement With Faux Fall “Bushes”

When you visit craft stores you can often find what is referred to as “bushes.”

We’re not sure why they’re called bushes.

Maybe it’s because it’s a lot of stems attached together?

But really they’re just bunches of faux arrangements that include flowers and greenery that look good together!

If you’re not comfortable with making a fall floral arrangement from scratch, faux floral bushes are a great place to start.

You’ll feel like a professional florist and be able to display arrangements like these!

Faux sunflower floral arrangement with sticks in a green Tuscan-style vase.

This sunflower arrangement is just two large floral bushes that I found at Michaels years ago.

I love that the sunflowers look so realistic and that the colors of the petals are more gold than yellow.

The bushes are filled with some sticks and small airy flowers that add some visual interest.

Cream and brown fall faux floral bush in a small white pitcher next to a burning candle.

The florals in this vase are also a floral bush from Hobby Lobby.

I used two of the bushes to make the pitcher look full.

The mix of flowers, greenery, and brown pods creates a simple but pretty arrangement with virtually no effort on my part.

If you’ve never arranged flowers before, or if you’re nervous about picking out flowers that go together, these types of bushes are a great option!

Our Formula For Creating an Easy Faux Fall Floral Arrangement

Sometimes it can be hard to find a faux bush in the color scheme you’re using in your home.

Or maybe the stores near you don’t have realistic-looking bushes.

Don’t worry! We’ve put together a foolproof way to combine faux florals to get that designer look on your own.

All of the florals shown in this image are linked for you at the end of this post.

Collage of affordable realistic faux fall stems to make a floral arrangement.

First, pick a color scheme. It’s okay if your color scheme is monochromatic!

Then, choose two styles of stems with different flowers in that color.

We like choosing floral bushes for this purpose too. You see, not all floral bushes include a variety of stems. Sometimes, a floral bush is made of multiple blossoms and leaves of the same kind of flower.

Three different faux floral stems on a wood floor.

Next, choose one style of stem or bush that’s either got some tall grasses, or tall branches.

See how these three stems will work together?

Another fun option for fall is to choose long stems of preserved wheat or even stems with berries or seed pods.

3 Steps to Creating Your Fall Arrangement.

The first thing you should do is pick the container you want to use for your arrangement.

The size of the opening will help you know how many stems you’ll need for your flowers to fill the vessel.

Next, choose a color scheme.

If you’re new to making floral arrangements, or you’re uncomfortable with choosing multiple colors, try picking stems that are all the same color, or all neutrals.

Choosing stems in a variety of colors is easy too as long as you stick to just fall stems. That way, all of the stems should have the same autumnal tones.

If you’re not sure what I mean, pick up two fall stems, and then add a brightly colored summer stem and you’ll see how it doesn’t blend with the deeper, more muted colors of fall.

Wood console table with large round mirror. Pumpkin covered in tree bark sits on one side with large pottery urn holding fall florals and fall grasses. A wood base holds a lit fall candle with a glass cloche next to it.

Now that you have your container and your stems, it’s time to arrange them!

The easiest way is to first, spread out pieces of the tallest stem(s) and place them in the middle of the container.

Then, add the showiest stems by tucking them in around and through the tall stems so they blend together naturally.

Finally, add the seed pods, pieces of wheat, or small individual stems spaced out evenly throughout the arrangement.

You can see how AnnMarie followed those steps with this pretty neutral fall arrangement.

She used two different bushes with cream-colored flowers, then added the taller brown thistles for contrast.

Here’s another example using this method, but with a monochromatic color scheme.

Large pottery bucket with quatrefoil cutouts holds a fall floral arrangement of gold flowers, wheat, and greenery. Two vintage wood spools sit next to the bucket.

Anne chose a bush with large gold onion flowers and a bush with grasses.

Some tall gold seed pods and dried wheat stems add some height and more texture to the arrangement.

Mix of gold faux fall florals, grasses, and wheat in an enamelware jug with handles.

You can even skip the florals and just use a variety of faux grasses to get the look AnnMarie is showing here.

It’s so fun to play around with faux floral bushes and stems to create all kinds of arrangements to decorate for fall.

As your collection of faux florals and your confidence grows, you’ll be able to create unique displays each season by making some small changes to how you combine different stems.

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Collage of affordable realistic faux fall stems to make a floral arrangement.

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