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Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home for the Season

Welcome to my home tour where I’m sharing tons of spring decorating ideas. You’re going to find easy and affordable inspiration for your home.

Do you like home tours?

Yes? Oh good, me too!

I just love taking a peek inside houses and seeing all the design choices people make which then helps me get inspired to decorate my own home.

Because after all copying is a form of flattery!

And today I’m so excited to have my house finally cleaned, organized, and refreshed for the spring season.

Now if my house can actually stay this way for the next few weeks…or months…or forever that’d be great!

Oh and if Mother Nature could send us some warmer weather that would be the icing on the cake!

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Simple Ways to Decorate an Entryway for Spring

spring foyer decor with greenery rug bench and decor

Come on in and welcome to my home!

When you walk through the front door of my traditional-style house I hope you feel a sense of warmth and welcome without it feeling too fussy.

If there’s one thing you’ll learn about us here at Simply2Moms it’s that Anne and I like to keep things simple because life is busy enough, right?!

So even though you may see some of the same decorating pieces year after year we do try to change things around in each of our houses from season to season.

Of course, we add to our collections when we can because who doesn’t love new home decor items?

But at the end of the day, simple is the name of the game around here!

Using greenery and flowers after a long winter is the best way I know to refresh my home for the spring and summer.

Anne used lots of green and white to spruce up her home when she decorated for spring this year. Did you get to see her spring home tour?

How to Style an Entryway Coat Rack

foyer bench with row of hooks above decorated for spring

When I gave our foyer a mini makeover a couple of years ago I added a DIY row of hooks that I love to decorate with different things each new season or holiday.

I’m always on the hunt for decorating pieces that I can hang from my barnwood coat rack.

The only thing new-ish hanging on this row of hooks on the wall this year is that vintage lantern.

Since it’s an antique it’s technically not new…lol…but it’s new to me.

I’ve been loving the hunt for antiques for the past few years now but had a hard time incorporating them throughout my house…until recently.

Want to play a game?

Count how many vintage pieces I used to decorate my house this spring as you read to the end of this post.

Okay, now I’m curious and going to start counting too!

The pillows on the bench are new and both from Amazon.

The beige solid linen pillow is one of my favorites and paired with the cute bunny pillow cover it’s perfect for Easter.

How to Bring Springtime to a Foyer

vintage crocks with faux olive tree by front door

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Last month Anne and I shared our favorite must-have items for spring and I ordered both of those pillow covers and this beautiful wreath hanging on my front door from Amazon.

We both have this popular 72″ olive tree in our homes that we love.

If you don’t have a faux tree yet, it’s on sale now so you can grab it today here.

I’ve put my tree in a vintage crock and set another smaller antique crock next to it in front of a wall mirror that bounces some light around the entryway.

How to Style a Living Room for Spring and Summer

open living room with gallery walls

My formal living room is wide open to the foyer entryway but it’s definitely not a typical formal space.

I’ve decorated the room with causal comfortable furniture from Ikea and created a fun gallery wall that spans the only two walls in the room.

I love taking a walk down memory lane with all the family photos that are hung on these walls.

Since this room is pretty busy with the wall decor I only need one decorating item to spruce it up for the new season.

Can you guess what the one and only thing I added to this room for spring is?

faux spring branches with small leaves in large glass bottle vase

This giant glass bottle jar filled with faux green leaf stems in the middle of my coffee table is the only decor piece I added to the room for spring.

It makes such a statement because of its size that I don’t really feel like it needs anything else.

I’ve had both the vase and the greenery stems for years and tried placing the jar with branches on a round tray but it didn’t look quite right.

I think the greenery branches are just perfect all by themselves, don’t you?

And it’s neutral enough that it will probably stay on the table through summer until I break out the fall foliage.

How to Refresh a Dining Room for the Spring Season

view looking into dining room white furniture

A few months ago I gave my dining room a makeover with wall molding trim and paint.

It’s a fairly big room so I decided to do something bold and painted the ceiling black and I just love it so much now.

Since I still have the same old furniture I got almost 27 years ago I thought it would be fun to do a little switcheroo from the original design in the dining room.

I swapped the china cabinet with the sideboard and mirror.

Then, on top of the hutch, I added an antique firkin sugar bucket filled with a faux potted plant.

And next to the china cabinet, I set a ficus faux tree.

I’m digging the new layout!

What do you think?

dining table decorated with vintage wood trough filled with flowers

I also moved an old wingback chair that was my moms from my bedroom down to the dining room.

It was covered with a gray slipcover but the rose color on this old chair coordinates perfectly with the rug under the table.

After moving the furniture around, I continued to add more greenery throughout the dining room to decorate for spring and summer.

How to Create a Pretty Spring Centerpiece

antique dough bowl with glass bottle jars and faux greenery

I scored this enormous vintage wood trough at our local antique mall two weeks ago for an amazing price.

The old worn color of the wood looks beautiful on my painted white table.

I filled the wood dough bowl with three green glass bottle jars.

In each of the vases, I added a single neutral beige faux daisy flower and a fig leaf stem from Target.

How to Mix Vintage with New Decor

console table with two lamps and mirror on wall above

If you keep most of your everyday furniture and small decor pieces neutral it’s easy to add seasonal items to decorate and refresh your home.

I keep our hallway very neutral with a console table, wall mirror, lamps, and baskets.

The oval baskets are a similar color to the table but add great texture to the bottom shelf of the table.

Baskets can store blankets or throw pillows and add even more interest to your spring decorating design.

vintage decor pieces on wood table

On top of the long table is where I change up the look each season with different decorating items.

Since I was going for a neutral vibe here I added a few antique wood spools behind a vintage brick mold.

Inside the brick mold, I set an old wood and metal pulley that my husband found last year on a trip to Gatlinburg, TN.

My maiden name is imprinted on the metal pulley and of course, I just had to get it!

faux wreath around wood pedestal holding copper metal candle

On the other side of the table, a few candles in copper containers add some pretty color.

I set one of the candles on a chippy white wood pedestal and popped a small faux leaf wreath around it for a bit of spring greenery on the table.

How to Decorate with Neutral Spring Decor

bar server buffet with vases and tobacco basket hung on wall above

At the end of the hallway, there’s a little nook where many of the homes in our neighborhood have a wet bar installed in this area.

The home builder must have run out of money at this point because ours was left empty…lol.

We found this bar cabinet when we first moved in that gives us lots of storage and fits the space perfectly.

It’s a fun spot to set up as a dessert station during parties but every day I keep the decor simple with a tobacco basket hung on the wall with a light over it.

I won’t tell you how many years that light has been hanging there without a light bulb. haha

Since the light fixture isn’t hard-wired I usually add a DIY puck light to wireless wall sconces but never got around to doing it here.

Then when I was shopping online during the holidays I found this rechargeable lightbulb that works great.

top of buffet with three vases filled with tulips

On top of the bar cabinet, I styled my three neutral textured clay vases from Magnolia Market that I bought when we were attending a conference in Waco, Texas last year.

I filled one vase with my favorite off-white faux tulips from Amazon.

These really are the best fake tulips I’ve found for the price.

The other two vases I left empty. So simple!

Easy Ideas to Decorate a Family Room for Spring

stone fireplace in living room decorated for spring

Besides the kitchen, my family room probably gets the most use on a daily basis so I like to keep it super comfortable.

We have a big sectional that is showing some wear since we bought it close to 15 years ago and it gets a lot of love from our family binge sessions.

Swapping the pillows keeps the couch looking refreshed for a new season.

And I bet you’re not surprised at this point if you’re still reading along but adding greenery is the best way to bring some new life to our family room for spring and summer.

I even wrote a post dedicated to this idea of decorating with greenery if you want more ideas just click here.

tv bookcase unit styled with greenery for spring

You can see I decorated with pops of green and white on the fireplace mantel and hearth.

More white flowers and succulent plants on the coffee and end tables.

And a few more fake branches in vintage crocks and toolboxes on top of my entertainment center bookcase shelves.

vintage wood ladder with throw blankets hanging from rungs

In addition to changing the pillow covers on my sofa for spring and summer, I swapped the heavy throw blankets for lightweight throws on this vintage wood ladder for the warmer weather too.

The antique painter’s ladder was one of my best finds for only $25.

It not only fills the space next to our media cabinet perfectly but it’s a great spot to bring in softness, color, and texture with throw blankets.

How to Decorate a Kitchen for the Spring Season

kitchen desk with wood cabinets above

Don’t be followed by these next few pictures of my kitchen because in all honesty it rarely looks this neat.

But now that I’ve spent an afternoon cleaning, organizing, and decorating I’m feeling motivated to keep it looking this good.

Another thing I’ve got to be honest with you all about…I don’t really love my kitchen…I mean it’s great…it’s functional…it’s large.

But the aesthetics of it just isn’t my style.

I’ve dreamed about what I want to do with my kitchen for 15 years (yup that’s exactly how long I’ve lived in my home) because I’ve never liked the cabinet or counter colors.

Have I thought about painting them? Yup, sure I have but remember this is a hard-working kitchen and I had three kids and two dogs.

So the thought of all the work to paint my cabinets to have them get chipped and look awful was never appealing to me.

But as the kids have grown up and I saw how Anne updated her kitchen I’m eager to add it back to my list of 500 things I want to update around here. lol

Okay, so the point of all that is to say…even if you don’t love something about your home you can still decorate it to improve the space you have now.

How to Create a Cozy Spring Kitchen

small lamp on counter next to sink with glass rack hanging on wall

We have plenty of overhead lighting in my kitchen and it’s super bright when we need it to be while cooking.

But when we’re watching tv in the evenings I like to leave a light on in the kitchen still so I usually leave the pendant on over our sink.

However, I had another idea that I wanted to copy from my sister because remember what I said earlier copying is a sign of flattery.

My sister always has a small lamp on her kitchen counter and I just love the coziness it provides.

When I was cleaning and decorating my kitchen this past weekend, I stole this little glass lamp with a textured shade that wasn’t being used in another room.

The lamp probably won’t stay in this spot because my big ugly but necessary drying rack is usually on the counter next to the sink.

view of kitchen island looking toward windows

But just look how pretty the light looks turned on over there!

I have to find another spot to put the lamp in my kitchen don’t you think?!

Oh and since I’m being so transparent about the kitchen…my island never looks like this either.

My island and the desk are both dumping spots for mail and other things that come into our house that we haven’t put away.

I’m going to try to take on Anne’s motto “don’t put it down…put it away”. Wish me luck with that one!

How to Create Spring Vignettes on Trays

tray on kitchen island with vases and cloche

One of my favorite things to use in a kitchen is decorative trays.

They are easy to find, usually inexpensive, and moveable which is important in a kitchen space.

You don’t want to decorate your counters with a bunch of little tchotchkes and have to move them all out of the way when you need more room to cook a meal.

I decorated a wicker tray with two large white vases. The taller vase is filled with faux flower stems I’ve had forever and have styled all over my house.

Did you notice some of those pretty little white floral branches on the fireplace mantel?

A glass cloche on a distressed wood riser with a mini plant inside finishes my decorating for spring on the kitchen island.

crock filled with cooking utensils on tray with other decor

If corral all your pretties (or even kitchen essentials) on a tray you can easily move it when needed.

I used a simple wood tray next to my stove top for some kitchen tools, spoon rest, and salt and pepper shakers that we use daily.

A small faux succulent brings a bit of life and color to the tray.

kitchen table with tray in center wall art hung behind

On the kitchen table, I styled another tray with simple decor for spring.

A rattan tray in the middle of the table can be moved when it’s time to sit down for dinner.

I filled a black planter with spring stems and set a jar candle in another smaller planter.

Do you recognize those planters?

They’re both from Walmart and have been shown all over social media lately!

I think I better get on that trend and make a reel for Instagram and TikTok.

Decorating with Antiques for Spring

So we’re at the end of my spring tour…did you count all the vintage items throughout my home?

If you counted 18 then you’re right!

Look at me finally getting so many of my antique finds styled throughout my house! Whoohoo!

I think I may need to go shopping this weekend.

Be sure to check out our friend’s spring home tours for even more home decor inspiration.

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