Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

AnnMarie and I thought it would be fun to share our love stories with you to celebrate. You can read AnnMarie’s love story here.

Don’t you love hearing how other people met and fell in love?

Those kinds of stories are some of my favorites.

Because people just light up from inside when they share them.

Like, you can almost feel the love shining through their eyes and smiles!

So I want you to picture me right now with a sappy smile on my face while I’m typing.

Cause that’s what I’m doing.

And the smile goes all the way up to my eyes.

I was not looking for love…

After graduating from college, I was selling Rainbow vacuums.

Door to door.

The job market was not good in the early 90s!

About a month into my vacuum sales job, I was doing a demonstration for potential new hires.

There was this cute guy in the group who kept smiling at me.

He decided to work there for the summer, because his summer internship had fallen through.

He still had one semester left at college.

Oh. Did I mention that I was engaged?


Plot twist, eh?!

Anyway, there was a group of 5 of us who were newer to the company.

After work, we would often go out for a drink together.

I always invited my fiancee to join us.

And he always declined.

Sometimes our little group would go out as teams to canvas neighborhoods for potential prospects.

Quite a few times, I was paired up with that cute guy (his name was Kevin, by the way).

I may have been engaged, but I wasn’t blind.

Besides, he had a long-term girlfriend so it was perfectly safe.

One Enchanted Evening…

About 6 weeks after we began working together, Kevin and I went to do a demonstration for a potential client together.

It was in a sketchy area and I was uncomfortable going alone.

He didn’t have a demonstration scheduled that evening so he offered to come along.

Then, the people blew us off!

There was no one home when we arrived.

Or at least no one answered the door.

We didn’t want to go back to the office and make phone calls, so we went to a driving range to hit some golf balls.

And then stopped at Baskin Robbins for some ice cream before heading back to the office.

It was the end of June.

It was hot out.

And we sat in his old El Camino eating our ice cream in the air conditioning while listening to John Miller call the Orioles game.

After a while, he said he needed to tell me something.

Y’all? I had some serious butterflies going on in my belly.

Because even though I was engaged to someone else, I was feeling a pull towards this guy.

I had a suspicion about what he was going to say.

He turns to me and tells me he’s developed feelings for me.

And he asked me to choose him and give us a chance.

I didn’t know what to say.

This is not something you can really prepare for!

I told him I wasn’t ready to break my engagement.

Yes, I was attracted to him too, but I was afraid to leave my comfortable relationship for a “what if.”

I suggested we give it a few weeks and see if we were still having feelings for each other before hurting the other people in our lives.

Do you believe in fortune cookies?

The next day I confided to an older woman who worked in our office. I asked her what I should do.

She said it was a decision I had to make for myself.

She wisely reminded me, marriage is a huge commitment. 

And if I was having feelings for someone else when I was engaged, maybe that relationship wasn’t as strong as it should be.

I continued to waffle.

I truly cared for my fiancee.

But I kept wondering “what if.”

And my friend’s words stuck with me.

About a week later we were all eating Chinese food for dinner at the office while working the phones to schedule demonstrations.

I opened my fortune cookie and the little slip of paper inside said: It’s not too late to change your course.

I’ve never put any stock in fortune cookie fortunes.

But, I couldn’t ignore how I felt when I read that verse.

Yes, breaking an engagement would be hard.

But we hadn’t even made any real plans for the wedding, even after having been engaged for almost 6 months.

Wasn’t that saying something right there?

And a divorce down the road would be much harder.

Because my friend was right: this should be a time in a relationship when we aren’t feeling these kinds of doubts!

Changing Our Course

Kevin broke up with his girlfriend the week after our conversation.

I ended things with my fiancee the day after opening that fortune cookie.

And we both took a chance on a new relationship, together, the next day.

We were inseparable the rest of the summer until he returned to college five and a half hours away.

I drove to Virginia Tech to see him a few times that semester, he came home a few weekends, and we met in the middle once.

Our feelings only got stronger for each other the more time we spent together, and apart.

I think we spent more time talking and sharing during the first few months than I had with my ex the three years we’d been together.

After Kevin graduated, we got an apartment together.

Because let’s face it, when you know, you know.

We both felt a sense of inevitability with each other.

Some people might call it being soul mates.

I don’t know if there’s a name for it? But we connected with each other in a way neither of us had ever experienced before.

We just clicked.

Making it Official

In April of 1994, we went to my college’s Alumni Weekend.

It was so fun catching up with old friends!

So many of them had gotten engaged or married recently.

I jokingly asked Kevin on the drive home when he was going to get around to asking me to marry him, LOL.

We had that kind of relationship with each other.

He glanced over at me and joked back that he didn’t know why the man was always supposed to ask the woman to marry him.

I sat there for a moment thinking.

And then I said, “You’re right. Will you marry me, Kevin?”

He Said Yes

He laughed and said that yes, he would.

We called our parents when we got home (there weren’t cell phones then!).

And then we quickly set a wedding date: May 6, 1995.

So we got to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary at home, thanks to Covid!

Love is a Choice

Over these 27 years together, the one thing I’ve learned is that love is more than just a feeling.

Love is a verb.

Love is a choice.

Each day presents an opportunity to choose how we’ll treat our spouse.

There’ll be days when we disagree.

And days when we drive each other nuts.

There’ll be days when we aren’t looking or feeling our best.

And there will be days when we’ve lost those giddy feelings when a relationship is brand new.

Of course, there’ll also be lots of days where our hearts are full because of each other!

But every single days offers a choice for how we’ll react.

I chose this man to love, and to marry, and to spend my life with back in July of 1992.

And I continue to choose him, and our love, and our life together even on the days when it may be a challenge.

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I’ve learned that making it through the harder times in life together, as a team, makes those good times together that much sweeter.

And even 28 years later there are times when I see him walking towards me that those butterflies start fluttering around again in my belly!

So here’s to choosing love, and each other, for the rest of our years. ❤

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5 Comments on Anne’s Love Story

  1. Just read your full story, Anne, which I never knew till now. I was touched, blessed, and thrilled, as your mom, to read about, and feel the love between you and Kevin that I’ve come to see and feel in person more than ever in the last several years. The growing deeper aspect of your relationship is the part I most treasure and am proud to share, as years later, you and Kevin have made so many wise, mature choices that have also brought you, Kevin, your three children, your sister & her family, and us together. Marriages need to be tested and gain strength, in my opinion, in order to be proved for staying power. I love you both and the children to the moon and back. Mom

  2. Anne I truly enjoyed reading your love story! When you know, you know! My husband and I like to say we are MFEO(made for each other!) Cheers to many more years for you lovebirds!

  3. I love this. So thankful you followed your hearts. And, small world, I’m raising my hand on the Rainbow! My husband and I agreed to share demos and get ours free. We loved meeting people along the way!

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