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Dad-Approved: 13 Father’s Day Cookout Recipes He’ll Love

Make this Father’s Day unforgettable with a barbecue menu that will leave everyone raving! We’ve rounded up 13 deliciously easy cookout recipes we know he’ll love.

As the temperatures rise, we all love entertaining outside!

If the dads in your life are anything like the dads in ours, then grilling and grilled food rank pretty high on their list of favorites.

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day, then, than a cookout?

Or do you call it a barbecue where you live?

Some regions in the US call any outdoor get together with food a potluck, and others call it a picnic.

Crock of baked beans on an outdoor table set with plates and bowls and a Father's Day toolbox centerpiece.

No matter what you call it, we all agree it’s delicious!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dad-approved recipes that are easy to prepare.

Of course, these recipe ideas would be great for any summer dinner party.

You can make dad feel extra special if you take the time to set a fun and meaningful table like AnnMarie did!

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Each month we invite a guest host to join in our fun, and we bring you a new theme every month.

We all share ideas for creating a tablescape, and then we each share a recipe to bring you an entire menu.

Think of it as a virtual progressive dinner.

Basically, we’re your easy button for simple entertaining!

Be sure to check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

What to Serve at a Father’s Day Cookout

Collage of six recipes to serve at a Father's Day cookout.

Take a look at all these delicious ideas from our friends!

From a refreshing cocktail and appetizer that Dad’s sure to love, to a main dish and sides with a decadent dessert, you’ve got a full meal right here.

We’re sharing some of our other favorite recipes too, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect dishes to serve at your summer barbecue.

Refreshing Summer Cocktails

The Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe | Stacy Ling from Bricks’n’ Blooms

Two mason jar glasses with Long Island iced tea garnished with lemon slices from Stacy Ling.

Have you ever had a Long Island Iced Tea?

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a little scared of them because I thought they were made of nothing but alcohol.

But our friend Stacy is sharing The Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe and it sounds amazing!

In fact, I’ve added all the ingredients I don’t already have to my shopping list for Memorial Day weekend…

Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail | Simply2Moms

Wicker tray with Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktails garnished with fresh mint next to a bowl of pistachios by a pool

Whether you live in the South or not, you probably know that we southern folk love our sweet tea!

Down here, sweet tea is brewed, and the sugar’s added while the tea’s still hot so it dissolves completely.

Over at Simply2Moms, we sweeten our tea with stevia and/or monk fruit.

This Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail takes sweet tea to another level.

Tasty Summer Cookout Appetizers

5 Ingredient Grilled Pineapple Salsa | Vintage Home Designs

Grilled pineapple salsa with tortilla chips by Vintage Home Designs.

One of our favorite snacks to munch on at a cookout is chips and salsa.

Our friend Michele, who happens to be from Texas, is sharing her recipe for 5 Ingredient Grilled Pineapple Salsa.

Every TexMex recipe she’s ever shared has been absolutely to die for, and this one is no different!

I actually had some leftover grilled pineapple and mixed some up for dinner last night.

The sweet and spicy flavors are like heaven in your mouth when they get there on a salty tortilla chip.

Carolina Caviar | Simply2Moms

Bowl of Carolina caviar dip in a serving basket surrounded by tortilla chips.

I was introduced to Carolina Caviar by a friend in Virginia over 20 years ago.

Don’t let the name fool ya: there’re no fish eggs to be found in this recipe!

This sweet and tangy dip is a mix of finely chopped veggies, corn, and beans.

We love scooping it up with tortilla chips or Fritos, and if we’re feeling healthy, we use mini bell pepper halves.

Southwest Pimento Cheese | Simply2Moms

Small mason jar filled with southwest pimento cheese with mini peppers and crackers.

Another Southern staple at any cookout is pimento cheese.

I gave the classic recipe a makeover and added some jalapenos and diced chile peppers.

And dialed back the mayonnaise.

Everyone at your barbecue will enjoy this Southwest Pimento Cheese whether they put it on a cracker, a tortilla chip, or scoop it with some veggies.

Oh! And if you want to make your cheeseburger even better, top it with this cheese spread!

Get Your Grill On with these Main Dishes

The Best Tender Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs | Midwest Life and Style

Plate of smoked country pork ribs with barbecue sauce from Midwest Life and Style.

Is there anything more perfect for a cookout than ribs?

I can’t think of it if there is!

Our friend Jen lives in Nebraska where they know how to cook meat perfectly.

She’s sharing her recipe for Tender Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs and my mouth started watering just reading the recipe!

Grilled Huli Huli Chicken | Simply2Moms

Platter with grilled Hawaiian chicken with Huli Huli sauce

Take barbecued chicken to a whole new level of yum with this Grilled Huli Huli Chicken recipe!

The meat is marinated overnight in a sweet and slightly spicy Hawaiian barbecue sauce, then grilled and basted with some reserved marinade.

Huli means “turn” in Hawaiian, and that’s the secret to getting this chicken cooked to perfection.

Scrumptious Side Dishes for a Cookout

Mom’s Best Old Fashioned Bacon-y Baked Beans | Simply2Moms

Bean crock with bacony baked beans on an outdoor table for a cookout.

No cookout was ever complete when I was growing up without my Mom’s Best Old Fashioned Bacon-y Baked Beans.

This recipe has been a family favorite for almost 50 years!

It’s super easy to make, using canned baked beans to start, but then a homemade sauce with lots of bacon turns them into something really special.

Be ready to share this recipe every time you make it because people are going to want it!

A Super Easy and Delicious Pasta Salad | Pasha is Home

Bowl of tricolored pasta salad from Pasha is Home.

One of our favorite dishes at a summer barbecue is always the pasta salad.

Our friend Pasha is sharing her Super Easy and Delicious Pasta Salad recipe and it sounds amazing!

You’re gonna love her tips for whipping up this side dish in a flash.

Not Yo Mama’s Deviled Eggs | Simply2Moms

Horseradish Deviled Eggs on a plate garnished with fresh tarragon.

My husband and I have become deviled egg connoisseurs.

We order them from any restaurant that has them on the menu!

Along the way, we’ve found some flavor combinations that we especially enjoy.

Horseradish is one of the stars in this zingy recipe for Deviled Eggs and it really gives them a whole new flavor that dads are sure to love.

Caribbean Black Bean Salad | Simply2Moms

Overhead view of a Bowl of black bean salad with wedge of lime

When we went to Puerto Rico a few years ago, we spent one of the days on a boat that we chartered.

The captain provided lunch that included some of his family recipes.

This Caribbean Black Bean Salad is my attempt to recreate his delicious version!

It’s great as a side dish, or serve it with tortilla chips as a dip.

Delicious Summer Desserts

Old Fashioned Bourbon Bread Pudding | The Ponds Farmhouse

Casserole dish with blueberry bread pudding from The Ponds Farmhouse.

I’m a sucker for bread pudding.

It’s such a delicious dessert as is, but our friend Rachel has given it a whole new taste sensation with her recipe for Old Fashioned Bourbon Bread Pudding!

The cherries plus a bourbon glaze are sure to make everyone at your cookout clamoring for second helpings.

Mini Fruit Pizzas | Simply2Moms

Two mini keto dessert pizzas topped with mixed berries on a tray with forks

If you’re looking for a lighter dessert option, my husband loves these Mini Fruit Pizzas.

The crust is made from toasted almond flour topped with a sweet cream frosting.

The fresh fruit is glazed with some melted orange marmalade.

This dessert will make dad feel special, but it’s super easy to make.

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