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It’s spring and that means it’s wedding season!  These simple classic  wedding programs were perfect for my sister, Christina and her husband Stephen’s outdoor ceremony.  Today I’ll show you how to make these easy diy fan wedding programs.

basket of wedding programs outside

I got into making paper crafts years ago when my sister Trisha was getting married.  She was looking for ways to make her day special and being the awesome big sister that I am (😂😂) I made her wedding programs, table seating cards, favor tags, and menus for her.  After that, I started to make paper crafts for family and friends for weddings, baby showers, parties, etc.  Looking back they weren’t all that great in the beginning (sorry Trisha) but I got better with each event…or at least I like to think I did.  Haha!  With much encouragement from my family, I opened an Etsy shop.

Anyway back to how I made these diy wedding fan programs…

wedding program laying on wood floor with flowers and ring box

I created the wedding program using Microsoft word then just printed these out on my regular home computer.  My sister wanted a simple classic but elegant look so I used a combination of plain & script fonts.

supplies for making diy wedding fan programs laid out on table

Once the programs were printed I used my paper scoring board to fold the cardstock. I love this tool…it’s helped make so many paper craft projects more simple.  My kids make their own birthday cards for friends and family so it’s easy to make a perfect fold with this board.

hands working on folding wedding programs

After folding all the programs I used a corner paper punch on all four corners for a softer rounded edge.  There are lots of options for corner paper punches if you’d prefer a fancier corner on your program.

woman using paper punch to cut corners of paper

Adding the wavy fan handle was another easy step.  I used double-sided tape to attach the handle to the inside of the program and to adhere the folded program sides together.  Believe me, you don’t want to use anything other than permanent double-sided tape for this project.  Glue may leak through the cardstock and leave stains on your program.  Want to ask me how I know?  Funny story…well not really.  I made fan programs out of kraft cardstock for a friend’s wedding and thought the glue worked great…until I went to show the bride the fans the night before the wedding.  The programs had marks that looked like grease stains all over the 50 fans.  Guess who was up late making new programs? Yup…me!

showing where to add fan handle to inside of wedding program

Adding sheer ribbon to the handle was the perfect finishing touch for these easy diy wedding fan programs.  I used ribbon in both silver and gold to compliment her wedding colors.

wedding program laying on chair outside in grass

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These programs could be used for any special event…not just weddings.  I’ve included a list of supplies below that you may need to make these easy diy wedding fan programs.

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6 Comments on Easy DIY Fan Wedding Program

    • Thank you Carolyn! It’s been fun creating these wedding programs for friends and family. Hoping by sharing how I made them someone else can create them too.

  1. Thank you so much! Your post saved me a lot of pre-wedding stress. We just used it to shop for our wedding program supplies, including swapping out glue for double-sided tape and getting a scoring board (though, alas, the one you linked is now out of stock). We also found some super cute corner punches with your tip 🙂

    • Hi Constance – I’m so glad the tips we shared will help you to create beautiful programs for your special day! We’d love for you to share pictures of your wedding programs when you finish them. Happy Crafting! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

  2. Hi Ann Marie! Planning on using this tutorial for my wedding programs! When using the tape, did you just use it to affix the stick to the program, or did you also use it in the corners or the three open sides of the paper?

    • Hi Whitney! Thanks for reaching out about the directions for the DIY Fan Wedding Programs. I did use the tape to affix the corners and open sides of the paper as well. Have fun making yours! I would love to see them when yours done! 🙂 AnnMarie

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