Do you like to craft? What about DIY projects? Have a special event coming up? Well if you do then you will love this project. Today I’m sharing with you how I created this beautiful seating chart. 

diy wedding seating chart with metallic frames

This beautiful wedding seating chart is perfect for a wedding…but really can be used for any special occasion or event where you may need to assign seats.

The creative options for seating charts are endless today! 

There are so many ideas out there but I just LOVE the classic elegance of this seating chart.

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When my sister got married I was honored to help her with some of the little details to make their day special. She created a Pinterest board with some ideas that she liked and shared it with me.

The seating charts she had saved on her Pinterest board varied in style…but her favorite was this one. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a “how-to” to follow but I knew I could recreate it for her

OR at least I hoped I could!

Beautiful Setting Calls for Elegant Wedding Style

The wedding was held at a beautiful waterfront estate in Florida. Their wedding colors were blush pink and mixed metals of gold and silver. Modern traditional was what I’d describe as their wedding style.

Since the seating chart was definitely a classic style I set out to find frames to match that style. I wasn’t able to find any traditional frames that would work in my usual go-to stores because they are filled with the ever-popular rustic farmhouse trend.

I decided to check out the Dollar Store & Walmart, especially since I needed 12 frames, so I was hoping they would be more budget-friendly.

Step 1: Purchase Frames

Walmart to the Rescue for Vintage Classic Frames

I was able to find several traditional 5×7 frames at the dollar store. I didn’t love them but I figured I was going to paint them anyway…so I bought a few.

Then I headed over to Walmart to find that they had a great selection of inexpensive 5×7 vintage classic frames. Some you can find here, here, and here! Oh and here too!


stack of frames in shopping cart

Once I got them all home I got to work with the layout. It looked ok but I really didn’t love the dollar store frames. They weren’t as beefy (is that a word I can use to describe a frame…haha) enough.

See those smaller frames on the top and bottom rows? Just too small…or maybe it’s that they were cheap looking. I don’t know either way they had to go.

Back to Walmart to get more “beefy” frames!

frames laid out on wood table before painted

2. Painting Picture Frames

Shades of Gold and Silver Spray Paint

Now the fun begins…painting! I found 3 metallic shades of paint that were perfect for the seating chart.

*Tip – Use post-it notes to label where each frame is in the layout and which color to paint you are using for each. This helped me keep everything in order.

three cans of spray paint on drop cloth

Remove the back and glass of each frame for easier painting. Spray paint frames and let dry before doing the 2nd coat of paint. 

*Tip – Use plastic cups to hold the frames up off the ground while painting. 

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spray painting frames

Step 3: Build Back-Support Frame 

Scrap Wood Makes Easy Work of Frame Support System

The easiest way to build the back support would be to just adhere all the frames to a solid piece of plywood. 


There’s always a but isn’t there?! 

This beautiful wedding seating chart was going to be displayed on a large floor easel at the wedding reception and since the frames were different shapes I wanted to be able to see through the little spaces between the frames.

photo of measuring frames

Building the support to hold all the frames together was going to be a bit of a challenge so I enlisted my husband to help me.

He built the frame smaller than the layout so that it couldn’t be seen from the front. Using pieces of wood to go across the middle of each of the 12 frames to support the entire layout.

picture of back wood frame assembled

4. Print Table Seating Cards

Using Canva to Create Table Seating Graphics

The actual seating assignments were designed on Canva which is a graphic design tool website. Canva can be used for both web and print media designs.

We use Canva to create all of our social media graphics for this blog. It’s simple to use then download to your computer and print.

I promise…if I can do it so can you!

After creating the table seating assignments in Canva I printed them on white card stock and put them into each frame.

frames laid out on table

Don’t you just love the hashtag trend for weddings today?

Now you can use your cell phone & social media rather than those disposable cameras on each table from back in the good ‘ole days when I got married. 

close uf of frame with instgram tag info

Step 5: Assembling the Support to the Frame Collage

Deciding on Glass or No Glass for the Collage

I decided NOT to add the glass back to each of the frames for a few reasons.

First, remember these frames were cheap and as I tried to put them back together those little dust pieces inevitably kept dropping between the glass and printed card stock. Super frustrating!

Another, reason I decided against the glass was the possible glare, especially in pictures. Nobody has time for that!

And finally, transporting the frame with the glass could have been an accident waiting to happen. After all the work we did to make this seating chart I wouldn’t want to have broken glass all over the back of my car. Although we did bubble wrap the entire seating chart to transport even without the glass. Just call me nervous Nelly!

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Putting it all Together

Once the seating assignment table cards were all in place I could begin attaching the individual 5×7 frames to the back support Chris built.

I decided to use Gorilla glue for this project because I wanted to be absolutely certain each of those frames was secure and not going to fall out!!

Starting with the top middle frame I adhered each individual frame to the wood back support. Then set stacks of books on top of the frames to give the glue time to set and dry.

Amazing how well the gorilla glue worked! 

gorilla glue bottle on table in from of frams

Here is a look at the back of the project with all the frames securely glued to the wood-framed back support. It’s not pretty but it’s sturdy!

back of frames showing how to assemble

The wedding was a beautiful special day for all of us and I was honored to be able to help with some of the little details.

I made fan ceremony programs, favor tags, and tented number cards for each table.

You need to go check out my simple tutorial for making Elegant Classic Wedding Fan Programs.

collection of frames attached to create elegant seating chart

My sister donated her seating chart to the wedding venue in hopes that other couples can use it on their special day too! ❤

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me, or leave a comment! Follow us over on Instagram and Facebook to see everything we’re up to.

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pinterest graphic with photo of wedding seating chart

10 Comments on How to Create a Beautiful Wedding Seating Chart

    • Thanks so much Peter. Honestly, I’m not sure what size the back of the frame is. I just built it after laying out all the individual front decorative frames that way I knew exactly what size I needed. I’d recommend gathering all the frames you want to use then building the back frame to cover the middle of the layout. Hope that helps! 🙂 AnnMarie

  1. This is a great tutorial!
    You said you donated it to the venue for reuse. Once it was completed how would you open up the back to change out the seating cards? It looks like they are glued shut to the frame.

    • Hi Susan! The seating cards were placed in the frames just like a photo would be placed. The glass was not used on the front of the frames so they were open. The backs of the photo frames were glued to the large wood support frame so you wouldn’t be able to place a new card from the back however it would be easy enough to slide or cut the seating card from the front since there is no glass. Then tack a new seating card in place. Hope that helps!

  2. Is there another technique used in the colors? There is a gold frame that looks like it has mixed colors? Or perhaps you bought that one already gold? My Champaign looks a lot lighter but it could just be lighting. This is my first project EVER!! Lol hope it comes out as nice as yours. How many gorilla glue bottles did you use?

    • Hi there! I did buy 4 frames that I liked the colors of the frames as they were so left them. The other 8 frames I spray painted with the 3 different colors shown. No special techniques…only one color per frame on those 8 frames…I’m not that talented…LOL And I used only 1 bottle of gorilla glue. Would love to see how yours turns out! 🙂

  3. Did you mix colors for the gold? I can’t seem to match the gold look or did you add gold frames for this one in addition to the three colors you recommended for this project?

    • Hi Lusell –
      I did not mix the colors on the 8 frames that I spray painted…used one color per frame. But 4 of the frames were purchased in colors that already were painted to blend well with the others. Hope that helps clarify! 🙂

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