Are you looking for a simple but creative end of year teacher gift?  We have a few great ideas that won’t take too long or break the bank!  Are you a room parent who is looking for a way to give a group gift to your teacher?  I’ve got a few simple ideas for that too…so let’s get started!

Personalized Flowerpots

Who doesn’t love flowers?  This time of year the flowers are plentiful at your local garden center, home improvement store or even grocery store.  Rather than just getting an arrangement or a flower pot full of annuals you can make something a bit more personal.  At my local home improvement store, I picked up a flat of petunias, a couple of basic clay flower pots and a can of chalkboard spray paint.  I painted the pots with chalkboard spray paint and let them dry overnight.  The next day I filled the pot with potting soil and planted the petunias.  Easy peasy!

chalk painted flower pot with white flowers and thank you banner

I added a banner with the message “Thanks for helping Emma/Gavin grow this year”…just printed it out and cut the quote on regular old copy paper.  Looking back now I definitely could have made a cuter banner but I was probably doing this the right before the end of school.  Haha!  Is anyone else with me on that one…total procrastinator over here! I just taped the banner to two pencils to add a little something to the simple paper banner.  Now that’s pretty creative, right?!?

chalk painted flower pot with white flowers and thank you banner

The kids each wrote their teachers names in chalk on the flower pots.  Awww…that’s so sweet, right!  What teacher wouldn’t love this plant as an end of year teacher gift?

Gift Cards from the Class

Several years ago when I was a room parent we decided to give the teacher a group gift.  It’s always nice for the teacher to get one larger gift from the class rather than a bunch of individual gifts.  Over the years I’ve learned that teachers really appreciate gift cards.  So I asked the parents of the class to contribute to a group teacher gift.  I’m always trying to find a different way to give a gift card instead of just sticking it in an envelope.  This adorable idea was found on Pinterest.  First, I wrapped the gift card in card stock and attached an apple with twine.  Then I printed out the quote and used a leaf-shaped paper punch to make the tag.

apple with diy gift tag and gift card from class

Simple but super cute group teacher gift idea! Check out our Pinterest account for lots of gift ideas.  

Cash from the Class

And the next year… I used the same concept with the group gift but decided to save the money on those pesky fees certain gift cards charge.  Just went with cold, hard cash.  I filled a mason jar with crinkle paper and rolled the cash up then tied a simple tag on the jar with twine.

mason jar with cash as teacher gift with diy gift tag

Middle School Teacher Gift

Once your child enters middle school they have multiple teachers.  As a part of the PTO the last several years we decided to make it easier for parents to thank their children’s teachers by organizing an “End of the Year Cheer” collection.  Parents sent in contributions to our collection which we divided between the entire school staff including teachers, administration, custodial & lunchroom staff.

teacher gifts of cash in cellophane bags with mints tied with thank you tag

I bought simple cellophane bags from a craft store then added the cash with a handful of mints.  I made a tag out of card stock with an edited poem I found here… had to keep it short to fit on the tag.  Then I just tied the tag to the bag with matching ribbon.  And there you have it…yet another simple way to give cash as a group teacher gift. close up picture of thank you tag on group teacher gift of cash

And I think the teachers really appreciated the cash! Don’t you?

Dance Teacher Gifts

One of my favorite stores is Bath & Body Works.  I just love to roam around in there smelling the candles, lotions, and soap.  I figured if I love it so much other people must love it too…right?!  It’s an easy gift to give and is something I think appeals to lots of people. jar candle wrapped in cellophane bag tied with gold ribbon and tag with poem

My daughter loves to pick out scents that she thinks suit each of her dance teachers.  The past two years she’s given soap & candles to her dance teachers as their gifts.  I found quotes on Pinterest and added them to the tags that I created, then tied everything up with pretty gold ribbons.

dance teacher gift of hand sope with diy tag

I hope you’ve found some ideas or inspiration for those special people in your children’s lives.  Teachers dedicate so much of themselves to their job.  It truly is a noble profession!

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pinterest graphic with 4 different teacher gift ideas

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    • Hi Hannah! I’d love to try to help you out! Which recipe are you trying to modify? I don’t think we have any recipes on our site that use flour that has gluten, so I’m not sure which recipe you’re looking at. 🙂

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