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Friday Favorites: 9 Essentials to Make Your Christmas Decorating Easier

What to make your Christmas decorating easier this year? Check out these items that will help you deck your halls without the hassle!

What a week!

Between birthdays, family activities, decorating for Christmas, some house projects, the fixer upper house, and the blog, we’ve been running all week long.

This weekend, Anne and her hubby are taking a little couple’s trip together to San Antonio, Texas.

He’s got a work trip there next week, so Anne decided to tag along!

Are you interested in reading more about when we travel? Leave a comment below if travel tips for different cities is something you’d like us to write about.

AnnMarie is working hard this weekend to finish up some projects in her home that we can’t wait to share with you!

While we’re definitely planning our Thanksgiving dinner in real life, the blog life has been all about Christmas…

What’s New on Simply2Moms This Week

When we spoke at the Haven Conference this summer, some of our blogging besties suggested working together to share 10 Days of Christmas inspiration.

It sounded like a great idea, and we’re so happy we joined in on the fun!

Each day, since November first, we’ve been sharing all kinds of ideas to help you get ready for the holidays.

We chose a theme for each day, and then we all shared some of our most popular ideas for that theme.

Check them out!

If you’re not inspired for your Christmas decorating after all those ideas, then we don’t know what else to do!

We learned so much from our friends and can’t wait to finish up our decorating this year.

Speaking of…

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Make Your Christmas Decorating Easier With These Items

Over the years we’ve learned all kinds of things that have made Christmas decorating easier.

Not to mention less destructive of our homes!

After all, we don’t want to spend January filling nail holes, fixing scratches in wood, or doing touch-up painting, right?!

Here are some of our tried and true favorites.

Decorative Garland Ties

Brown garland ties for hanging garland on banisters.

There are several ways to attach garland to your banisters: jute twine, yarn, zip ties are just a few.

But all of these options require you to add ribbon or something else to hide them.

This is what I’m loving about these decorative garland ties!

They look pretty all on their own from either side of the banister.

They’re bendable so they’ll fit perfectly on most banisters, and they’re reusable year after year.

I chose brown because the little ends look like pinecones, but you can find these ties in lots of colors!

Chenille Stems

Dark green chenille stems on a wood table.

Chenille stems are the workhorse in Anne’s home for Christmas decorating!

Use them to make bows.

Attach bows.

Combine multiple pieces of garland.

Attach garland to banisters.

Hang garland outside.

Seriously, these stems are the best!

Since they’re soft, they won’t damage finishes either.

Be sure to choose them in a dark green, dark brown, or olive green color so that they blend in.

Clear Command Hooks

Three packages of large clear command hooks.

I love that these clear hooks from 3M let me hang things almost invisibly.

These hooks work great when you add greenery to the top of a mirror!

Simply attach them on the two sides to pull the greenery back from the sides.

No one will notice them at all.

You can also use this type of clear hook to hang things on your windows or mirrors!

They’re a great option for hanging wreaths on your windows.

Mini Hooks and Binder Clips

Package of clear background command hooks and some binder clips on a wood table.

Do you want to securely hang garland from your mantel?

Check out this hack!

Start off with heavy duty clear-backed hooks that can hold up to 8 lbs each.

Next, clip binder clips on the garland.

Clear background command hook with moving metal hook holds a binder clip attached to Christmas garland.

Flip the metal clip of the binder clip backward and attach it to the hook.


Secure garland that won’t fall down.

Battery-powered Flickering Candles with Remote

Hand holding a battery operated candle with flickering flame.

Okay, so these battery-powered candles don’t necessarily make your decorating easier.

But they definitely make your home safer during the holidays.

After all, flames and greenery (whether it’s real or faux) don’t play well together…

We’re so impressed by how realistic these candles look in person!

Some More Decorating Essentials

A few other tips for decorating your home!

Use a staple gun to attach ribbon to the top of interior doors to hang wreaths.

Try an adjustable wreath hanger for exterior doors like this decorative one or this invisible one.

If you’re hanging exterior lights, these clips are perfect for gutters and shingles.

Have we left out any of your favorites?

Be sure to let us know if there’s something we need to make our decorating even easier!

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