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How to Make Your Fall Porch Cozy: Over 15 Simple Ideas

These simple fall decor ideas for your front porch will give your porch a cozy, fall feel.

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Use these easy tips to decorate your front porch for fall.

Then grab a mug of your favorite hot drink (or a glass of wine!) and enjoy these gorgeous days and nights!

Covered front porch decorated with fall with floral wreath, topiaries in urns, mums, white pumpkins, lanterns, and rocking chairs.

Fall weather comes late to North Carolina.

Oh sure, we may get a taste of it for a few days.

But then along comes second summer.

And then third summer.

Followed by fourth summer…

You get the picture!

But even if it may not feel like fall, I love celebrating the season by making things look like fall!

Especially on my front porch.

Because even though the days still feel like summer around here, the early mornings and the evenings are starting to feel wonderful.

Here are some simple ideas for fall porch decor to give you all the fall feels.

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Foundational Items

These are the types of items that live on your porch year-round. You can make some simple changes to them as the seasons change.

1. Large urns/planters

exterior front entry decorated for fall with fall floral wreath, mums, white pumpkins, layered welcome mat, and topiaries in urns.

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During the spring and summer, the large black planters in front of my sidelights hold ferns.

Come fall, I swap them out for these faux boxwood topiaries.

These topiaries will stay here until I swap them out for ferns again in March.

2. Layered Doormats

I love the look of layering the welcome mat with a patterned rug.

It would be super fun to swap out the welcome mat for one with a fall message!

But that wasn’t in the budget this year for me so I stuck with the neutral mat.

3. Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to add some visual interest on your porch.

I love how it looks to light the candles inside when we sit out front in the evenings.

It makes the entire space feel so cozy!

front porch with rocking chairs decorated for fall and lit by lanterns and candles

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4. Rocking chairs

Porches and rocking chairs go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Is there anything better than rocking and watching the world go by?

Or a storm come in?

5. Comfy pillows

Make your rocking chairs even more comfortable with some nice squashy pillows.

I love using down-filled pillow inserts because they have better squooshability. The inserts from IKEA are the best!

That’s a word, right?

It’s so easy to swap out the pillow covers with the seasons to give your porch a whole different vibe.

6. Cozy throws

Add a cozy throw on the back of your rockers or chairs.

There’s nothing better than a throw to keep you warm as temperatures begin to dip in the fall!

rocking chairs on a covered front porch with pillows and throws on them. Lanterns sitting beside the rockers.

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7. Add a rug

If you have a covered porch, adding a rug really amps up the comfort level of your space!

There’s nothing like taking off your shoes and having a nice indoor/outdoor rug underfoot.

This is the one I have on my porch.

8. Candles for the win!

Along with your lanterns, a candle or two (or three!) can add to the nighttime ambiance on your porch.

There aren’t as many bugs in the fall, so try swapping your citronella scents for something more seasonal.

front porch with rocking chairs lit by candles and lanterns

9. Don’t forget a table

If you’re spending time out on your porch after getting it decked out for fall, a side table is a must!

It’s the perfect spot to set down your mug or your wine glass.

Fall Florals

woman sitting on front porch rocking chair with mug and pot of sunflowers on side table

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10. Use sunflowers to transition from late summer into fall.

I like using faux florals in some spots on my porch to keep the color going as long as possible.

Plus I won’t have to buy new every year. I’ve had some of these florals for *ahem* decades…

I really love these realistic looking sunflowers!

11. Use faux plants that are typically evergreen.

On the tiered plant stand behind me, I added some artificial yellow Queen Anne’s lace to two of the terra cotta pots. I use faux boxwood and asaparagus bush greenery in more terra cotta pots from spring through autumn.

exterior front entry decorated for fall with fall floral wreath, mums, white pumpkins, layered welcome mat, and topiaries in urns.

12. You can’t go wrong with mums!

Over by my front door, I added some fresh mums. A few tips about choosing and caring for mums:

  • Choose plants with more buds than blooms. That way you’ll be able to enjoy more time with them blooming!
  • Don’t get water on the leaves or the flowers. Water causes them to turn brown! Who knew?! So always add water directly to the soil in the pot, underneath the leaves and blooms.
  • Remove spent blooms (deadheading) to encourage more flowers to grow.

13. Spray Paint Baskets to Match

Don’t break the bank looking for pretty containers for your mums.

I had several inexpensive, mismatched baskets.

A can of spray paint was all it took to make them look like they all went together.

layered welcome door mat with potted mums and white pumpkins

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14. Change heights

Use stools, boxes, blocks of wood, or hay bales so that your florals can be displayed at different heights.

I used a small stool on one side, and some blocks of wood on the other because I didn’t want that basket of mums to be as high as the other side.

This trick helps a smaller number of pumpkins go a longer way!

urns with topiaries on front porch with layered welcome mat between. small bench in front of one urn and blocks of wood in front of other.

15. Hang a wreath with Fall florals

fall floral wreath on a front door

I saw a wreath similar to this and it was WAY out of my price range.

Thanks to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, I purchased all the stems that I used at 50% off and added them to a grapevine base I already owned.

This whole wreath cost less than $30 to make and it’s HUGE!

You can learn how to make one for yourself here.

16. Pumpkins!!

No fall porch decor is complete without some pumpkins!

I love using a mix of faux and real pumpkins in a variety of sizes.

Consider using one of your spray-painted baskets to corral a bunch of tiny pumpkins and let them spill out in front.

woman standing in doorway with large fall floral wreath on the door. Layered welcome mats, topiary in urns, mums and white pumpkins.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my front porch and that you’ve gotten some ideas to inspire your own fall porch decor!

I would like nothing more than for you to post and share pictures of your porches and tag @simply2moms so we can see them. Do you have any ideas to add? Share them in the comments below!

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