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Happy Fall Y’all!  That sounds a bit funny coming from someone who grew up in the north, doesn’t it?  But it really is just so fun to say!  Go ahead try it.  We had one of the hottest summers here in North Carolina this year.  And although I do love summer…I’m ready for some cooler temperatures.  Are you ready for fall too?  Today I want to share some simple fall decorating ideas I’ve done in our home.

We have a huge bin filled with orange Fall and Halloween decor in our storage closet.  But I’m kinda over it!  Is that bad?  I feel guilty not putting out all the kiddie Halloween decorations my children have grown up with.  Tell me I’m not alone.  Does anyone feel like me?  Do you use the same holiday decor year after year because it’s familiar for your family even though your tastes have evolved?  Last year I started craving a clean and simple look for our house and added a few new things.  This year I may have had a bit of a problem with buying amazing pumpkins in all different textures.  But you be the judge…

Family Room

Have I mentioned that our fireplace is my favorite feature in our home?  I bought the white jug and new candle holders from Hobby Lobby when I decorated our fireplace for summer.  You can read about it here.  Some simple changes and our fireplace is ready for fall.  Wheat grass added to the the white jug, new chalkboard art and a few pumpkins.

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas | | #fallhometour #falldecor #falldecorating #simplefallideas #fallfireplace #falltieredbaskets #fallpillows #autumndecor #tablecenterpiece #falltable #pumpkins #texturedpumpkins

Hallway Table

See I told you the texture on those pumpkins was awesome!  Our house is pretty open and the family room is open to the hallway.  We have a console/foyer table that I LOVE in the hallway, which really is part of our family room.  You can find the table here.  It’s such a fun space to decorate!  I filled this square wood pedestal bowl with white pumpkins, greenery and a couple of pinecones.   Simply added a new candle to that metal greenhouse that I’ve had forever.  And for some more texture…this totally adorable knit pumpkin.

Front Room

I found this cute lumbar pillow at Home Goods.  And of course I had to have it…because, you know…pumpkins! 

Dining Room

We don’t use our dining room very often but I do like to have a simple centerpiece.  I could have styled it with place settings but honestly, that’s not every day life around here.  Now I do enjoy creating a pretty table for Thanksgiving and I’ll share that soon.  But for everyday we just keep it simple with a natural textured runner and some greenery I got last year at Hobby Lobby.  The dollar store pumpkins were orange and I painted them with white chalk paint last year.  The candle sticks are about 15 years old…that’s how I roll…re-use and re-purpose!

Powder Room

Even this tiny space got a bit of fall sprinkled in it…a new fall candle (another obsession) and a cute wood textured pumpkin.


Finally, our kitchen got a touch of fall too.  A little sign on the windowsill next to my all time favorite picture of my children.  And of course a tiny white pumpkin!

If you’ve been here a while you may have noticed that my Rae Dunn herb planters are no longer on my windowsill.  Truth…I killed the plants.  I’m not sure what happened. They were doing great then all of a sudden…dead.  I’ll have to try again, but for now I love this sign to remind us of what we have!

We were out of fresh fruit the other day so I grabbed the tiered basket that usually holds our produce to use for a centerpiece on our kitchen table.  So cute with a few Rae Dunn mugs and a candle, a couple of those mini white pumpkins, a fun green pumpkin, and some more greenery.

These decorating ideas are simple and inexpensive.  I definitely love all the beautiful images that flood my pinterest and instagram feed but honestly it would cost me a small fortune if I were to recreate some of those vignettes.  I found some great pumpkin & leaf stems at Hobby Lobby and I just snipped the stem off to use in my containers.

If your tastes have changed or you’re craving something different…paint is your friend.  A small container of chalk paint from Walmart covered all those little pumpkins.  Or what about using fabric or burlap to cover pumpkins?  You can snip fresh greenery from your yard.  And don’t forget to shop your house…the possibilities are endless.  Be creative and have fun with your decorating!

Do what makes you happy to create a cozy space for your family this fall.  And as for my guilt about all that Halloween and Fall stuff sitting in our closet…the kids haven’t missed it.  Happy Fall Y’all!



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