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How to Decorate a Small Porch for Halloween with 3 Easy Ideas

Looking to add a bit of Halloween decor to your already decorated fall front porch? Follow these 3 super easy and affordable steps to take your porch from fall to Halloween.

Back in September, I decorated our front porch for fall using a few old things like an autumn wreath I’ve had for years.

A couple of black metal candle lanterns that I never got around to filling up with anything.

And a large DIY welcome sign.

I added some gorgeous mums in my planters that I scored at Costco.

Do you shop at Costco?

If you do…then you must check out their mums…super cheap for the size!

I even grabbed a few heirloom pumpkins at the grocery store to decorate the porch for the fall season.

But as September rolled into October I picked up two large orange pumpkins from Walmart for my teens to carve before Halloween.

It was simple…

it was pretty…

and I was done…

or so I thought.

fall front porch before adding halloween decor

Last week Emma, my 15-year-old, mentioned that I never decorate for Halloween anymore.

Uh-oh…big gulp!

And the dreaded mom guilt set in.

She’s my youngest…my baby…my only girl and it’s been years since I’ve decorated for Halloween.

Believe me, I used to go all out for Halloween.

The sticky cobwebs with spiders…

hanging light-up bats…

and skeletons decorating our front porch.

Even the walkway leading from the driveway to our porch was lit with creepy skulls.

But as decorations got damaged over the years or lights died out I just never replaced them.

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How to Add Super Easy Halloween Decor to Your Porch

Halloween front porch decorated with hanging black witches hats mums and pumpkins

I decided to surprise Emma and add some outside Halloween decor while she was at school yesterday.

But also wanted to keep it budget-friendly and easy.

Jodie from The Design Twins hung witch’s hats from the ceiling over her dining table and thought it looked so cute.

A quick search on Amazon and I found this set of 8 witch hats that even came with the fishing line to hang them.

How to Hang Witch Hats from a Porch

close up showing witches hat hanging from roof of porch

Hanging the witch hats was really simple.

I cut a long piece of the fishing line that came with the hats and tied one end to the tip of the witch hat.

Then I secured the hat to the porch ceiling with clear packing tape.

close up of Halloween front porch with hanging witches hats

I hung the witch hats at different lengths so they weren’t even and looked a bit more random

And that’s it…super easy and now we had floating witch hats for a fun Halloween vibe!

Where to Hang String Lights for Halloween

close up of halloween orange string lights on banister

I wanted to leave my fall porch as it was and just add a bit of Halloween with the witch hats.

And they looked super cute…just the right amount of festive holiday decor!

But then I realized you won’t be able to see them at night.

So off to Walmart, I went to pick up some lights.

I found these orange LED string lights and knew they’d be perfect.

When I got back home I quickly hung the lights by wrapping them around our porch railings & banisters.

We use a spotlight to illuminate our front door at Christmas time and thought it would be fun to do that for Halloween.

How cool would it be to add an orange bulb to our spotlight and light up the front porch for trick-or-treaters?

But wasn’t able to find one locally and I’m out of time to order it for this year.

Let me know if you have any ideas about where I can get one for next year.

Here is the porch at dusk with the lights on…

halloween front porch at night

It’s looking pretty good right?!

Why Should You Add Jack-O-Lanterns to Decorate Your Porch

Like many families, we carve pumpkins every year.

It’s such a fun family tradition that we all love.

Decorating our front porch with our creations is another great idea to add Halloween decor to the space.

close up of carved pumpkin

Our family usually waits until a day or two before Halloween to carve pumpkins so they last longer.

Especially since moving to North Carolina where the days are still really warm even at the end of October.

Plus our front porch gets full sun all afternoon so if we carved pumpkins too soon they’d be mush before Halloween.

This year Emma used a stencil and carved a ghost in her pumpkin.

close up of carved pumpkin

Gavin carved Mike Wozaski from Monsters Inc. in his pumpkin

They had tons of fun carving, teasing each other, and laughing while working on their pumpkins.

I’m cherishing these days when I still have two of my kiddos home for Halloween.

My oldest is away at college and I realize just how fast time goes.

Before we know it they’ll all be out of the house and it’ll be just Chris and I carving pumpkins alone.

Halloween front porch decorated with hanging black witches hats mums and pumpkins

I love how something simple and inexpensive like the floating witch hats grouped together makes a big impact.

Hope you got some inspiration to transform your fall porch into a cool Halloween space that’s ready to welcome trick-or-treaters.

Now go decorate your entryway and have a Happy Halloween!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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