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How To Create a Bright and Sunny Fall Front Porch

Welcome your guests with a bright and sunny front porch this fall. Yellow mums are the star of this small porch update for the autumn season.

Have you changed out your summer flowers for fall mums and plants yet?

Wait until you see how I kept my front porch bright & sunny this fall without spending a fortune!

We recently had the exterior of our house repainted and we chose a creamy white color (SW Shoji White) instead of the basic tan we had for the past 12 years.

I wanted a light and bright look for our home and that’s exactly what I got.

Then a few weeks ago we had some more work done on the house, this time in the front yard.

We had to have trees removed that were dying so while they were here we had ALL of the overgrown plants, trees and shrubs taken out in our front flower beds.

More on that project in another blog post coming soon.

But now with the new color scheme and the shrubs removed from the front of our house it really looks opened up and bright.

I absolutely loved how I styled my front porch last year for fall with the traditional autumn hues of muted orange, golden yellows, creamy whites were gorgeous.

If you’ve been around here a while you know I’m kinda cheap…well…maybe frugal is a better word for it…let’s just say there are some things I don’t love to spend a lot of money on.

And I’m all about getting things on sale or looking for the best price for items for my house.

Even when it comes to flowers and plants I’m the same way…price is a factor.

When I was in Costco several weeks ago I grabbed some mums because they have the best price for the largest plants around.

Only $9.99 for the giant sized mums and $12.99 for a 4-pack of smaller mums.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have many choices in colors this year…boo-hoo!

I wanted to keep it simple on my small front porch this year and have all the mums match.

The only color available in both sizes was yellow…bright yellow…kinda more of a neon yellow.

large mum in tall front porch container with lantern and smaller mum inside on rug in front of door on porch

Not really the warm cozy golden yellow color of autumn.

Is it my favorite fall color?


But it certainly checks off the light & bright box for the our home’s exterior look doesn’t it!?

And maybe the color will distract my neighbors from the fact that we have no foundation plants.

I may have to go all out on my Christmas porch this year too to keep the neighbors happy!

What do you think?

Front Door Fall Wreath

front door with fall wreath hanging on hook sidelights on side

We went from a black front door to Anew Grey by Sherwin Williams when the house was painted so I was excited that my wreaths would finally show up better on the lighter color.

I searched for the perfect wreath for fall and came home with 3 options…okay maybe 4.

But none…not even one of them…looked good with the bright yellow mums I had already bought.

So, back to the store they went.

Could I have found a wreath with brighter fall colors to match the mums?

Sure…but I knew I wouldn’t love it….it’s just not my style.

I’m not a huge fan of bright colors…I like more muted tones and especially neutrals.

I’m pretty sure 75% of my clothes are black or grey. LOL!

My old fall wreath is really neutral so I pulled it out, hung it up, and decided to wait on purchasing a new one this year.

Adding Pillows to Cozy Up the Bench

throw pillows on bench on front porch

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I used two of the same pillows I got last year on our bench again this year since they are neutral and go with any color scheme.

The “gather” and plaid pillows are covers I found at Hobby Lobby but here is a similar plaid option.

I really like pillow covers because they are so much easier to store out of season styles.

This year I used my burnt orange colored throw blanket in our family room when I decorated inside my house for fall instead of on the porch.

Although I did find a budget-friendly yellow throw that I thought would be perfect on the bench, but it was more of a golden yellow and clashed with the classic yellow mums.

Please remind me no matter how light and bright I want my front porch to look don’t buy neon yellow mums next year.

Pretty Pumpkins & Gourds

mum in galvanized container on front step with large gourd on step below leaning sideways

Last year we found some great heirloom pumpkins right at out local supermarket for an awesome price.

Only $5.99 no matter what size.


I know I was surprised at the low price too.

When I went back this year they had these HUGE gourds.

heirloom pumpkins and gourd with small mum in large lantern on front steps of porch

And since they were the same price this year as last year I grabbed 2 of these amazing giant gourds and 1 pretty heirloom pumpkin.

Only $18 for a great impact on the porch with these fun colorful pumpkins and gourds.


Porch Décor and Planter in One

mums in large lanterns with heirloom pumpkins on front steps of home outside

I’ve had these large black lanterns for a while but unfortunately a couple years ago the wind blew them over and the glass broke.

After removing the glass panels I thought the frames of the lanterns would look great with a smaller plant nestled inside.

The lanterns became both a container for the mums and a pretty décor feature on my small front porch.

Bright & Sunny Fall Front Porch

small front porch with stone exterior of house decorated for fall with mums, gourds, pumpkins and a wreath on door

The porch turned out a bit brighter then I normally would do but I’m really happy with the simplicity of how it came together.

For about $50 I was able to transform my small porch for the changing seasons.

And since it’s still warm here into November the bright & sunny vibes my front porch gives off is just perfect!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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