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The Best Farmhouse Fall Front Porch Décor You Need Now

Want the best fall front porch decor? Learn how to add a farmhouse vibe to your fall porch with these simple and budget-friendly ideas.

It’s fall y’all!

That’s what people say here in North Carolina.

Even though I’m not actually from NC it sure is fun to say isn’t it?

Now that the weather has finally caught up to the calendar and we’re having some amazing fall temperatures around here it’s time to share the best fall front porch ideas you need now!

Why do you need them now?

Well because it’s already October and you need to get your fall porch decorating done!


Seriously because before we know it the Christmas music is going to start playing!

What Natural Elements Should I Include on My Porch?

Since you are decorating outside you can start your fall front porch decor with things from nature.


stack of pumpkins on fall front porch with wood crate behind

I’m loving the look of heirloom pumpkins in the past couple of years.

I mean don’t get me wrong there’s nothing better than the look of traditional orange pumpkins.

Especially for carving!

But those can wait until just before Halloween!

For now…

heirloom pumpkins have my heart…

so many colors…


and sizes!

And so much fun to stack!!!


overhead photo of mums with heirloom stack of pumpkin blurred beyond mum plant

Colorful mums are my favorite flower for my fall front porch decor.

Last year I went with white and purple mums on the porch.

But this year I chose white, yellow and orange mums.

I can’t wait until they finally open up because I just know they will look so pretty with the rest of the farmhouse vibe on my porch.

What’s your favorite color mum?


fall front porch decor with front door cornstalks flanked on either side bench with pillows on side of porch

Adding cornstalks to either side of my front door adds amazing texture!

I haven’t decorated my fall porch with cornstalks in several years because the last time I did every night when I went to let the dogs out there were cobwebs front one side to the other across the front door.

And then one night…

HUGE creepy spider! Eeeek!!!

After that I didn’t buy any more corn stalks.

But I decided it was time to try again…wish me luck and…

Let’s hope the spiders don’t make their home in these cornstalks this year!!

What Fall Front Porch Decor Gives Me A Farmhouse Feel?

Some of the same things you would use inside your home can be used outside to give you that farmhouse feel.

Throws Pillows & Blankets

bench with throw blanket and pillows on side of front porch basket with burlap and mum and flat heirloom pumpkin leaning against door with cornstalks

I’m not sure what says farmhouse more than a few throw pillows and a cozy blanket on a bench to create a comfy spot to relax on the front porch.

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The soft textured burnt orange throw blanket is the perfect fall color and just pops against the black bench.

And those tassels! Ahhh!

Now let’s talk about those throw pillows!

Seriously the trio of pillows in plaid flannel, knit cream sweater, and “gather” pillows are great farmhouse style choices.

Don’t you agree?

Hanging Door Basket

side view of hanging door basket filled with fall stems on front door

The hanging door basket filled will faux fall floral stems is a pretty alternative to a traditional wreath.

I think the wicker style basket also adds to the farmhouse look of my fall front porch decor.

Get all the details of how I created this pretty hanging door basket here.

Decorative Planters

mum in galvanized container next to sidewalk with pumpkin and lantern

Putting your mums in decorative planters can dress up the simple plastic containers they come in.

And galvanized planters are a staple in farmhouse style decorating.

This galvanized olive bucket used as a planter for the large mum is grouped with other natural elements that give me the farmhouse feel.

And here this galvanized wire planter originally had a white metal liner that looked a bit too modern.

But wrapping it in burlap gives it more of a farmhouse vibe now!

This cute little natural market basket filled with mums brings some additional texture to my fall front porch.

Wood Stools & Crates

Wood is an organic material that is always found in farmhouse decorating.

The planter on the top step is wood and just look at that cute little wood stool on the next step down.

Isn’t the mini wood stool a great spot for this perfectly round white pumpkin I found at Walmart?

stack of three pumpkins in front of planters filled with mums next to stool with another mum and wood crate with pumpkin on top

The antique white wood stool tucked behind a stack of heirloom pumpkins adds visual height and interest to the fall front porch.

wood crate with lantern filled with pumpkins and two other larger pumpkins leaning on crate

A wood crate used as a riser is a simple way to add a farmhouse feel to your porch.

The neutral colors of the pumpkins with the wood crate gives the beautiful “woods & whites” look!

Lanterns & Doormats

side view of wood crate with lantern filled with mini pumpkins other pumpkins and mums in background

Did you spot all the black farmhouse lanterns throughout my fall front porch decor?

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Whether filled with mini white pumpkins like this one or pillar candles, lanterns are a must on a farmhouse style porch.

And how about the texture in this doormat?

So fun right!?

Tell us what your favorite farmhouse fall front porch decor item is in comments?

We love hearing from you!

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