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How to Create an Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Learn how to create an easy Thanksgiving tablescape with natural elements of wood and greenery for a modern farmhouse style.

Our plans for the upcoming holidays may look a bit different this year during a pandemic but that doesn’t mean we can’t create an easy & beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape.

We only use our dining room table for holidays well except when I use that space to work.

Oh well…I’ll just have to work at the kitchen table until Thanksgiving.

Maybe I need an office!

But seriously it’s so nice to be able to style the dining room table early and leave it looking festive & pretty for weeks.

dining room with table and six chairs chandilier hanging over table and china cabinet to left of table windows at far end of room

Is it a Centerpiece or a Tablescape?

So lets figure something out first.

Is it a centerpiece if it has multiple decor pieces in the middle of your table or can it only have one arrangement to be labeled a centerpiece?

But on the other hand…is it called a tablescape if you don’t have the place settings styled too?

Who knows…it’s so confusing.

Ok, I’m going to say that the entire table with place settings is my tablescape, and then the middle of the table my centerpiece.

Sound good?

3 Easy Steps to Style a Centerpiece

centerpiece of dining table with 3 candle sticks on left side wood bowl with Rae Dunn pumpkin in middle and wood candle lanter on right side

For the middle of my Thanksgiving table…ummm I mean my centerpiece…I shopped my home to save myself some cash for a total splurge on something else that I’ll tell you about later.

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1. Table Runner and Garland

The first step was to add a neutral farmhouse style table runner in the middle of the table.

Then I laid a neutral garland of greenery that I’ve had for several years on top of the table runner.

dining table with neutral wood elements and small pumpkins

2. Large Neutral Decor Pieces

Next I grabbed a wood pedastal bowl and a large Rae Dunn pumpkin for the center.

Three wood candlesticks in varying heights on one side and a large wood candle lantern on the other.

The variety of wood pieces adds warmth and texture to the centerpiece.

3. Small Natural Decorations

close up of rae dunn pumpkin in wood pedastal bowl with greenery and mini pumpkins on table

Finally I added some additional greenery to the wood bowl and also filled in the garland to create a fuller appearance.

Several mini white pumpkins placed along the greenery completes this centerpiece.

How to Set a Thanksgiving Table?

Once your centerpiece is done you can create your place settings.

It’s so much fun to set a table while imagining the conversations that will happen when we are gathered around a pretty table enjoying a delicious meal!

For my Thanksgiving tablescape I just used my every day dishes this year.

But I did totally splurge on something special!

Can you guess what it is?

See those gorgeous wood baroque style chargers?

Yup super expensive but I just love how they add warmth to the white table set with my white plates.

close up of thanksgiving place setting on dining room table

1. Layers of Place Setting

There are so many variations of how to layer your place settings but this is how I did mine from the bottom of the stack to the top.

  1. Charger
  2. Dinner Plate
  3. Salad Plate
  4. Napkin
  5. Grapevine Place Card

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2. Add Place Cards

For my Thanksgiving table place settings I used a natural mini grapevine pumpkin…’cause you know this table is all about the natural elements.

Then I tied a simple “Give Thanks” tag with twine made from Kraft card stock to the mini pumpkin.

Last year I shared several place card setting ideas for Thanksgiving.

There’s even a free printable for you! Whoo-hoo!

So be sure to grab it to make your table extra special this year.

table set with neutral wood candle holders and greenery in dining room with china hutch to left side of table

I hope you’re inspired to create an easy Thanksgiving tablescape this year!

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