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How to Create the Best DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Learn how to create an easy DIY Christmas centerpiece with pretty chunky yarn trees. Style a modern farmhouse tablescape this holiday season.

Yay…it’s almost Christmas!

Have you started your holiday decorating?

I love this time of year…especially the decor!

Everything from Christmas trees to stockings hung on the mantle to twinkling lights.

We all decorate our family or living rooms for Christmas since that’s where we usually spend most of our time.

Maybe we even sprinkle a bit of holiday décor in other spaces.

Do you decorate your dining table tops?

In my kitchen, I leave the middle of the table super simple with just a tray that can be moved out of the way when it’s time for dinner.

But in the dining room, I’m able to style a pretty tablescape since my family doesn’t use that room as often.

It’s such a fun space to decorate!

And it’s usually the first place I decorate for the holidays.

Actually, we’re part of a virtual supper club with our blogging friends each month, so I get to redecorate and style my dining table regularly.

We shared my beautiful modern farmhouse Christmas tablescape recently, but today we’re going back to the beginning.

I’ll give you all the details of how I styled my pretty centerpiece using a fun craft project that was the inspiration for my entire tablescape.

How to Style a Modern Farmhouse Christmas Centerpiece

full dining room view decorated for christmas

I painted my dining room table and chairs years ago to update the original golden…well actually more orange…pine wood.

It was a much needed upcycle!

The white furniture and gray walls allow me to play with lots of different color combinations in my centerpieces.

But I really lean toward neutral colors.

Click here to take a peek at how I styled my dining table last year.

This year, I changed up a few things in the room, especially the table centerpiece.

I decided to style my dining room table centerpiece with greens, whites and golds for Christmas.

And I just love how it turned out!

What Décor Items Do I Need?

image of items set in group on dining room table for christmas table centerpiece styling

I pulled together all the décor pieces I wanted to use to style my Christmas table centerpiece and placed them on the end of the table.

This helps me to visualize if all the items will work together to create the vision I have in my mind before I get started.

Décor Supplies Needed:

  • Seven DIY chunky yarn Christmas trees
  • Six gold candle stick holders
  • Two greenery half spheres
  • One wood and felt bead garland
  • And a skinny linen table runner

So, did you start singing when you read my list of décor supplies you’ll need?

Okay, okay, I know it wasn’t 12 and I may have skipped a few numbers.

But tell me I’m not the only one who’s singing that list to the “12 Days of Christmas” melody!

You too?

Oh good!


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Now that I have all the décor pieces, we’re ready to style my Christmas table centerpiece.

Let’s see exactly how I put it all together!

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Table Runner

close up of frayed edge of linen table runner on dining table

When creating a centerpiece I always start with a base for the bottom of my design.

Usually, it’s with my favorite long wood tray.

But you can get creative and use just about anything as your base…a large wood dough bowl or even a different shaped tray would be a great idea.

For my Christmas centerpiece, I started with my skinny linen table runner from South House Design.

I love the texture of this table runner and since it’s smaller I’m able to scrunch it up between other items.

DIY Chunky Yarn Trees

close up view of several diy yarn trees with stars on top and candles in between trees on table

These yarn Christmas trees are the star of my centerpiece and what inspired my modern farmhouse tablescape.

Anne and I had so much fun crafting a few weeks ago and one of the projects we worked on were these fun DIY chunky yarn trees.

Aren’t they awesome!?

We were inspired to come up with a different version of the burlap, fringed and loopy yarn trees she made last year.

And these chunky yarn trees are super easy to make.

Because believe me, if I can make them you can too!

Pinky promise!!

diy yarn tree with star on top

We used different sized styrofoam cones from the floral section of our local craft store and wrapped them with different yarns.

I decided I wanted to add some color this year to my neutral Christmas table with that pretty olive green color.

But I had to add some ivory colored trees too.

diy jute twine tree with star on top

And of course, no farmhouse themed centerpiece would be complete without some jute twine trees.

Am I right!?

Candlestick Holders

view of candle holder holding tapered candlestick in Christmas centerpiece

Candles are a must on my dining room table, especially at Christmas time.

Pretty candle sticks in a gold matte finish are the perfect bit of sparkle to the neutral centerpiece.

Mixing them throughout the centerpiece & using varied heights creates interest.

And everything looks more beautiful by the soft glow of candlelight!

Felt and Wood Bead Garland

close up view of wood bead and felt garland

The garland strung in between the candlesticks and Christmas trees down the length of the table runner adds some fun whimsy to the centerpiece.

I just love the combination of felt and wood balls on this garland.

This would be another fun DIY craft project!

Hmm, maybe Anne & I need to make some garlands soon.

Or at least put it on our to do list.

Half Sphere Winter Greenery

close up view of half sphere orb greenery on table

Since I have some greenery hung from the chandelier above the table, I wanted to carry that look onto the centerpiece.

However, I didn’t want to add too much greenery.

Remember the yarn trees are the feature and they needed to stand up tall and proud without competing for attention.

These small half spheres placed at each end of the table runner are just the right amount of greenery to complete the Christmas table centerpiece.

I got these gorgeous half spheres from Jackie at Rod Works in Asheville when Anne & I were there a couple months ago helping her style her store for the holidays.

Although, I didn’t see these exact orbs online at Rod Works – Asheville, just give Jackie a call she can help you.

She’s amazing and so willing to help her customers make their homes beautiful.

dining room table with centerpiece consisting of diy trees, garland, table runner, candles and greenery, Christmas tree decorated in corner of room, china hutch to left of table

Did you check out my entire Christmas tablescape at the beginning of this post?


Well, here’s another chance to see it all put together with the beautiful place settings…be sure to click here!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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