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The Easiest DIY Loopy Burlap Tree You’ll Ever Make!

Learn how to make a simple DIY burlap tree with a floral foam cone: no sewing required! Perfect for Christmas and winter decorating.

Do you like using neutral or natural elements to decorate your home for the holidays?

Me too!

Even when the kids were young, I always preferred using greenery throughout my home when I decorated for Christmas.

We had a few “kiddie” items like a collection of stuffed characters from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

And a 2-foot tall stuffed snowman.

We also used multi-colored lights on the tree and on the shrubs outside.

But as the kids got older, I stopped putting out some of those things.

They didn’t have any interest in them anymore and have never asked why they’re not out, so no guilt here!

There are still a lot of things around my home I’ve used to decorate for Christmas for 25 years!

You can read the stories behind some of my favorite items in this house tour.

We switched to warm, clear lights about ten years ago.

And slowly, I’ve been sprinkling in more of the natural decorating items I love so much now!

Of course, that money tree in the back yard still isn’t producing, so I’m always on the lookout for budget-friendly ways to decorate!

Like these simple DIY burlap trees.

I’m slowly making a mini forest of fringed burlap trees, loopy yarn trees, and now these burlap loop trees.

Burlap loop Christmas tree grouped with other neutral burlap, yarn, and bottle brush trees on a bed of fresh greenery with holly trees in the background.

They look great together and also with bottle brush trees and mini trees like in my Christmas tablescape this year.

Speaking of mini trees, you’ve got to go across the street and see all the ways AnnMarie uses mini trees in her home!

Let me show you how easy it is to make these no-sew burlap trees.

How to Make DIY Burlap Trees

I’ve experimented with a few different ways to make these trees and have it down to a science now!

This is what you’ll need to make a cute little tree covered in burlap loops for your home.

Supplies to make a burlap loop tree lying on a table

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When you shop for burlap, you’ll notice not only does it come in a variety of colors, it also has different weaves.

You can choose the kind that looks best with your home’s decorating style!

Or go crazy and get a variety of burlap styles.

They’ll all work together for a less “matchy” look.

Let’s Make Some Trees!

1. Paint your wood stars with the gold metallic paint.

Start by painting the edges, then place the star on a piece of paper and paint the top. Set it aside and let the top dry while you complete the next few steps.

hands holding small wooden star and paint brush

Set it aside and let the top dry while you complete the next few steps.

I like to paint a bunch of stars at once so they’re ready to use when I make more trees.

When the tops are dry, flip them over and paint the other side.

hands holding small wooden star and paint brush

2. Cut the burlap

When you buy burlap by the yard you’ll have two selvage edges that have been stitched by the manufacturer to prevent fraying.

Cut a rectangle of burlap large enough to wrap all the way around the base of your foam tree form with about an inch of overlap.

Mom tip: Make sure the bottom edge of the rectangle is one of the selvage edges!

Next, cut long ways down the burlap in 1-inch strips.

Trim the long strips to about 4-inches long.

The number of strips you’ll need will depend on the size of the foam cone you’re covering.

I needed 64 strips to cover a 12-inch high cone.

Strips of burlap and a box of T-pins on a table

You’ll also need a circle of burlap that’s about 2 times the size of the top of your foam cone.

3. Cover the base of the foam cone

This step is optional, but it helps to cover the foam at the base of the tree and also provides a soft surface to protect your furniture. 

Simply trace the base of your foam cone on a piece of soft white felt and cut it out.

Woman's hands tracing the base of a floral foam cone on a piece of white felt

Apply hot glue to the base of the cone and attach the piece of felt.

Smoosh the glue out to the edges to make sure the felt circle is glued down all the way around.

Hands attaching a white felt circle to the base of a foam tree-shaped cone

4. Assemble your burlap trees

Start with the strip with the selvage edge.

Wrap it around the bottom of the Christmas tree cone with the edge flush with the base.

This strip covers the foam so it’s not visible through the bottom layer of loops.

Because you’re wrapping a cone, you’ll need to cut the strip on a diagonal to keep the bottom even.

Use hot glue to attach this piece.

Just be careful with your fingers because that hot glue can squish through the holes in the burlap!

Woman's hands attaching a strip of burlap around the base of a green florafoam cone with a hot glue gun

Now it’s time to attach the loops!

I tried this a few different ways.

Hot glue was a pain because I kept burning myself.

Straight pins didn’t work because the holes in the burlap are larger than the tops of most pins.

Small T-pins were the solution!

woman's hands holding a green florafoam cone with burlap wrapped around the bottom and a loop of burlap pinned to the bottom.

Simply fold each strip of burlap in half to make a loop and attach with a T-pin.

Woman's hands assembling a burlap Christmas tree using a green styrofoam cone and strips of burlap pinned to the tree

Overlap each loop of burlap about 1/4-inch.

Work all the way around the base to attach the first row of loops.

Woman's hands assembling a burlap Christmas tree using a green styrofoam cone and strips of burlap

The second row of loops should be about 1.5-2 inches higher than the first row.

Attach the first loop so it’s offset over two loops of the bottom row as shown in the picture above.

Add these loops the same as the first row with a small overlap.

Woman's hands assembling a burlap Christmas tree using a green styrofoam cone and strips of burlap

Work your way up the cone until you have about 1.5 inches of cone showing at the top.

5. Finishing the last row and shaping your tree

Instead of attaching the last row to the sides of the cone, attach the last row of loops to the top of the cone.

Woman's hands assembling a burlap Christmas tree using a green styrofoam cone and strips of burlap pinned to the tree

You don’t need a T-pin for every loop.

In fact, you can get away with just one pin holding all the loops on top!

Woman's hands assembling a burlap Christmas tree using a green styrofoam cone and strips of burlap pinned to the tree

You’ll notice that the top row sort of sticks out.

Simply take a long fiber from your burlap or a piece of twine and cinch it around the top of the cone to flatten the top layer.

This will give your tree more shape.

Woman's hands tying a string around the top of a burlap loop tree to give it shape.

Then take the circle of burlap and attach it to the top with hot glue to hide the pins and the string.

Woman holding a circle of burlap over top of a tree covered with burlap loops

Be careful of the heat of the glue and shape the circle into place.

Woman's hands assembling a burlap Christmas tree using a green styrofoam cone and strips of burlap pinned to the tree

6. Add a star on top

Now it’s time to make your DIY burlap tree shine with a star on top!

To attach the star to the top of your tree, put a big ball of hot glue on top of the burlap circle.

Woman's hands holding a small gold star on top of a burlap ribbon Christmas tree

Hold the star in place for about a minute while the hot glue hardens.

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And you’re done!

Woman holding tree covered in ivory burlap loops

Now go put that cute little tree somewhere special in your home!

Check out how I used my burlap trees in my Christmas centerpiece.

I’m so in love with how my natural tablescape turned out this year!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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