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How to Create the Ultimate Popcorn Bar

Take your party to the next level and treat your guests to their favorite snacks. Follow our simple ideas to create the ultimate popcorn bar.

Do you have a special event coming up?

A birthday or graduation party?

Or maybe a bridal or baby shower?

How fun would it be to treat your guests to a super fun popcorn bar?

For my daughter’s 16th birthday we threw her a surprise party at home.

16 year old girl at birthday party smiling wearing sunglasses

There was music, dancing, a diy photobooth, friends, laughing and of course snacks!

Because I mean what’s a birthday party without snacks?

And since one of Emma’s absolute favorite snacks is popcorn I thought a DIY popcorn bar would be perfect for her sweet 16 party.

How to Create the Ultimate Popcorn Bar

popcorn bar set up on table in kitchen with hanging light fixture hanging from ceiling

We styled Emma’s sweet 16 party in gold and white.

Wish those big #16 balloons would have stayed straight while I was trying to snap a few pictures before the party.

Oh well…you’ll just have to believe me that they were cute!

I pushed our kitchen table back against the wall to use for setting up the popcorn bar.

And then raised the light fixture that hangs over the our table higher by pulling up the chain the light hangs from with an S-hook.

Safety first…we don’t want anyone to bonk their head!

Above the popcorn bar, I took down the artwork that normally hangs on the wall and added this DIY birthday photo display of Emma.

popcorn bar sign on metal easel with small buckets filled with candy in front and big tub of popcorn on side of sign

I used to own an Etsy shop where I sold handmade candy bar tags and signs.

So I had all the supplies here to create a few signs for Emma’s sweet 16 popcorn bar.

A sign for the middle of the popcorn bar.

Life Can Be Salty. But 16 Is Sweet

And guess what?

You can download this popcorn bar sign for your party!

close up of popcorn bar sign on metal picture easel

Another sign gives guests instructions on how to make their tasty treat.

Grab a Bag. Scoop some Popcorn. Top with your Favorites. Enjoy

I mean people can probably figure it out but the sign is just too cute not to display on the popcorn bar.

You can print out this popcorn bar instruction sign here.

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These signs are printed on white cardstock.

Then backed on gold glitter cardstock.

And the cardstock sheets are held together with gold brads and decorated with a simple gold sheer ribbon.

popcorn in large metal bin with small seasoning shakers on table in front of popcorn

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What Ingredients Are Needed to Create a Popcorn Bar

The most important ingredient when creating the ultimate popcorn bar is the popcorn!

I debating making popcorn in my Whirley Pop popcorn maker or even microwave popcorn but I wanted it to be fresh and didn’t have a ton to time before the surprise party to make it.

And since I needed so much…or at least I thought I did…I decided to buy premade popcorn.

Our local movie theater sells popcorn and there’s nothing better than movie theater popcorn, am I right?!

close up of matching shakers with chalkboard labels filled with different seasonings

And of course you’ll want some popcorn seasonings to go with the movie theater popcorn.

I found a bunch of Kernel seasoning flavors at my local Walmart.

But instead of leaving the seasonings in their colorful containers, I decided to put them in these simple glass spice jars.

The jars came with plain chalkboard labels that we added the seasoning name on each.

I love how the matching jars coordinate with the popcorn bar display.

small buckets filled with popcorn toppings and a spoon on table displayed with popcorn bar

Using affordable gold buckets to hold all the popcorn toppings looks super cute and the gold plastic spoons keep everything germ-free.

Popcorn toppings included m&m’s, skittles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and peanuts.

small decorated popcorn boxes for popcorn bar

What are you going to put that yummy snack you’ll make in?

You’ll need bowls, bags or boxes to put your popcorn and toppings in.

I found these super cute little gold and white treat boxes that were perfect for individual servings of popcorn.

popcorn bar display set up on table with photo display bulletin board hung on wall above

My daughter’s friends really enjoyed making their own popcorn treat boxes throughout the party.

A popcorn bar is perfect for any event not just birthday’s!

All the supplies needed to create the ultimate popcorn bar are listed here.

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