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Happy Spring!

We are both so happy that Spring is officially here!

Although it’s been on the chilly side (at least for North Carolina) this past week.

And rainy.

Where we live, February and March tend to be pretty wet!

Even though these gray days can feel kind of dreary, the rain sure does help everything turn nice and green!

We’ve got a few random thoughts for you this first Spring weekend…

1. Daylight savings time is a double-edged sword, isn’t it? On the one hand, it’s soooo nice having daylight after dinner! That means we can take walks with our hubbies (and in AnnMarie’s case, her dog, Marly). But waking up is a little bit harder when the sun’s not shining yet…

2. We just found out that our governor is letting kids in grades 6-12 return to school full time for the last quarter of the year! Our girls have mixed feelings about that news, but it also means that Anne’s daughters will be having an in-person graduation ceremony with their whole class. And that’s definitely something to celebrate! There are even rumors that there may be a Senior Prom! Stay tuned for that. Are your schools doing any changes for in-person classes?

3. March Madness is in full swing around our homes! Both our husbands love watching basketball and filling out those brackets. Sadly, the Hokies (Anne’s husband’s team), didn’t make it past the first round. And neither did App State (AnnMarie’s son’s college). But that doesn’t mean the basketball watching stops… Do you have a team that your family is rooting for?

4. Speaking of App State, Anne’s daughter, Livy, decided that that’s where she’ll be going to college next year too! We’re already looking forward to renting a house together for joint Parent’s Weekends! We’re still waiting for her other daughter, Katy, to make her final decision…

5. Our toes are sporting our favorite warm weather colors, and it feels so good! AnnMarie loves this color and Anne loves this one! Nail polish colors are one of the ways we are super different! LOL

We had so much fun on the blog this week!

If you’re looking for college graduation gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! You’ll find ideas for all different price points.

three young men standing with their arms around each others shoulders in caps and gowns wearing sunglasses on a brick sidewalk on college campus

One of the best parts of our trip to Puerto Rico was when our families chartered a small boat for a day. Anne recreated a Caribbean Bean Salad recipe that we had for lunch that day the day after we got back!

It’s that good.

Overhead view of clear glass bowl filled with black bean salad garnished with sprig of fresh cilantro

AnnMarie shared how to choose the best shade of white paint for your home, plus six of our favorite options.

hand holding 5 paint swatches showing different white colors

And did you see the reveal of Anne’s game room makeover?

This was an easy room makeover that was finished up in just a weekend, but the room looks completely different!

Dining room with dark green walls and ceiling with a pool table

We found some more great inspiration for you too!

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We hope you have a fantastic start to your Spring!