Looking for an easy birthday photo display idea? Learn how to create this beautiful photo display perfect for any special occasion.

photo display board hanging on wall in kitchen between two candle sconces table and hanging light fixture in forefront of photo faux fiddle leaf plant in basket in corner

You know how I just love to decorate my home with family photos! And I especially love celebrating birthdays.

So when my daughter, Emma was turning 16 I wanted to display photos of her growing up at her sweet sixteen birthday party.

And I came up with the perfect but easy idea!

Simple Steps to Create a Birthday Photo Display

1. Choose & Print Pictures

I’m one of those moms that creates a photo collage every year for each of my kids’ birthdays to post on social media.

I know…I know they just love me for it! Haha!!

I love to share a picture taken on their actual birthday starting with the day they were born.

So when I had this idea of making a birthday photo display I already had a folder of photos from each birthday on my phone. That made it super simple to just upload them to my local store for printing.

Easy peasy!

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2. Trim Photos and Frames

I cut all the 4×6 prints to a 4×4 size using a paper trimmer. You can also pay a bit more and get your pictures printed in that size.

Then I “framed” the pictures with black card stock cut to 4.5″x4.5″. Any color would work for this step, but I do like to use a textured cardstock.

hand showing how photo is taped to card stock

But don’t you just love how a photo pops on the black background?!

3. Print & Cut Yearly Tags

Print out numbers to coordinate with each year on plain white card stock.

Choose any font you want!

Go crazy!

supplies laid out for creating photo birthday display

Next cut out numbers with a 1.5″ circle paper punch.

Then cut a scalloped circle in gold glitter card stock with a 2″ scallop paper punch to go behind each number.

4. Adhere Photos & Yearly Tags

Using double-sided tape adhere your birthday pictures to the black frames you cut out previously. Then tape your round year numbers to the gold scallops.

hand showing how number is attached to front of photo

Once your pictures and year tags are all secure just tape the number to the corner of your photo.


close up of age 13 on photo display bulletin board

I chose to tape mine in the top right corner but you can put it wherever it works best for you.

4. Create your Birthday Photo Display

This pretty burlap bulletin board usually hangs in my husband’s office but I always “borrow” it for parties. I knew it would be perfect for Emma’s 16th birthday photo display.

close up of corner of photo display birthday bulletin board with photos of little girl

Look at that gorgeous thick wood frame and burlap cover instead of cork. Unfortunately, I found it years ago at HomeGoods so I can’t link it for you.

But here is a beautiful option from Pottery Barn that may be worth the money if you’re going to use it for multiple things. And here’s a less expensive option for this one project.

close up of number five and pearl map pin

Using pretty pearl map pins I hung the 16 photos in a grid format on a bulletin board.

birthday memory bulletin board with 15 photos displayed in grid pattern 5 across and 3 down

And that’s it!

Super simple right?

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And full disclosure time…although Emma’s birthday was over 2 months ago? Her birthday photo display is still hanging in our kitchen today!

Maybe it’s time to take it down?

vertical image of kitchen table and chairs with birthday photo display hung on wall behind table

This would be perfect for a 1st Birthday with monthly photos, or a graduation party, or even a wedding!

So many ideas!

Leave an idea in comments of how you display photos for special occasions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment! We’d love for you to follow us over on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so you don’t miss any of our tips, tricks, or stories!

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