Are you looking for a meaningful gift for your graduating student?  Then look no further! 

This Graduation Memory Book is the perfect gift for your child. 

And if you don’t have a child ready to graduate then you’ll want to tuck this idea away because it really makes a special gift.

Give a gift your graduate will treasure forever!

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For those of you with high school seniors, the bittersweet end is coming faster than you thought possible. 

Wasn’t it just yesterday that naive, nervous, “barely a teenager” started high school?  You knew these four years would fly…but seriously…it just went too fast!

Honestly, I wasn’t ready and then scrambled at the end of my son’s time in high school to preserve those memories for him.

Trying to find the perfect gifts to express all my feelings for him. 

I was kind of in a panic…it was important to me that he knew how I felt (like he didn’t know!). 

I just wanted to be sure he really, like really, knew how much I loved him. 

Losing my own mom at the young age of 23 was hard…I knew she loved me but having tangible evidence of that helps when she isn’t here with me. 

I wanted my son to have something he’d be able to keep forever and I wanted to be able to express my feelings for him.

How was I going to do that with a gift? 



So, I decided to put these ideas together and make our son two separate books…this graduation book and a photo book of his 18 years.

Graduation Book | | #graduation #gradgift #graduationgift #memorybook #digitalphotobook #photobook #letters # keepsakegift #meaningfulgiftidea

As for the Graduation Book…I can’t take the credit because I found the idea on Pinterest here.

To create this keepsake for him I wanted to include messages, letters, or quotes from his family, friends, teachers, and mentors. 

I started by casually asking him who his favorite teachers were during his four years in high school. He immediately told me all his favorites while I tried to remember each name…ya know because I was being sly. 


And being a teenage boy he was oblivious to why I would ask him this.  I may have to be sneakier with my daughter!

I sent an email to everyone we wanted to include in the book inviting them to write something. 

This was so easy as the author of Let’s Get Together shared a copy of the letter…just needed to add my son’s name and send them out. 

I included the letter that we sent to everyone at the beginning of his book.

Graduation Book | | #graduation #gradgift #graduationgift #memorybook #digitalphotobook #photobook #letters # keepsakegift #meaningfulgiftidea

The letters started coming in and the tears started rolling. 

It was such an honor to read all the messages written just for him. 

Of course, I think he’s amazing…I mean he’s my firstborn!

But it was so special to see him in a different light through the letters everyone wrote to him. 

If you have the time to do this for your soon-to-be high school or even college graduate I encourage you to go for it! 

Even if you just ask family & friends. 

This is something they will treasure for the rest of their life.

I used Blurb to create the book. Get 35% Off Your First Photo Book!

I’ve also used Shutterfly for other photo book projects. 

But this time I chose Blurb because I love that I can customize the pages exactly how I need them. 

I simply typed in the letters, messages, and quotes that I received along with a few pictures some family & friends included. 

Using a variety of fonts kept it from looking like a textbook. 

I also added several quotes (because if you know me…you know how I just love a good quote) throughout the book. 

The cover page explained the graduation book.

Graduation Book | | #graduation #gradgift #graduationgift #memorybook #digitalphotobook #photobook #letters # keepsakegift #meaningfulgiftidea

This was by far his favorite gift! 

He was genuinely humbled by all the love and support he read in those letters from everyone. 

There may have been a few tears shed as he read letters written just for him.

The Graduation Book gave all of us the opportunity to tell him how much pride and love we have for him. 

And all those letters are now in one place…bound in a book that he will always have.  ❤

Graduation Book | | #graduation #gradgift #graduationgift #memorybook #digitalphotobook #photobook #letters # keepsakegift #meaningfulgiftidea

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Congrats to all of you who will soon be celebrating this milestone with your children. 

And for those of you who have a while until the day your children graduate just click that Pin below & save this idea…so when the time comes you’ll be ready with the perfect gift.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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  1. Omg you saved my life with all the tips and ideas for a photobook, I have twin girls and I was searching for help, and I found it!!!

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment about our blog post! Congrats on your twins graduating soon. Anne has twin girls that will be graduating this year too. I just know your girls will love the photobook you will create for them!!

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