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How to Make Easy DIY Valentine’s Tree Ornaments

Looking for a super easy Valentine’s Day craft? Check out these pretty DIY Valentine’s tree ornaments that are perfect decorations not only on a tree but anywhere in your home.

After the holiday décor is packed away we either are happy to have a clean bare home or we’re feeling a little blue that all the twinkle lights are gone.

Some years I’m excited to get it all put away and feel like I can breathe again with all the empty space.

But other years I’m not ready to let the holiday magic go.

This year I wasn’t ready to pack up the fun on New Year’s Day like I usually do so I left everything up until the following weekend.

After storing all the holiday décor the last thing to do was take down my new tree from King of Christmas.

I had taken the ornaments off and put those away but I procrastinated taking the tree down.

It’s just so pretty and I love it so much I figured it looked like winter décor with just the lights on each evening.

So it stayed up!

Then I had an idea to keep that tree up even longer!

Wait until you see what I came up with!

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But that’s enough about us.

Now go grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and let’s check out what I did with my Christmas tree this year.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree for Valentine’s Day

decorated Christmas tree with gold wood heart ornaments

Here’s a little peek at her!

This is the 8 foot King Noble Fir from King of Christmas isn’t she a beauty?!

I love how sparse she is so that you can really enjoy each ornament hung from her branches.

For Christmas, I kept the ornaments simple and used some fun garlands as well in a neutral color scheme with lots of gold.

You can see how I decorated the tree for Christmas here.

I decided to keep my tree up and decorate it for Valentine’s day…because why not…it’s super fun!

But I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on decorations so I got my craft on and made them instead.

How to Make Metallic Gold Heart Ornaments

supplies needed to create Valentine's tree ornaments

This craft project didn’t cost much because I had almost all of the supplies I needed except the wood hearts.

So check out your stash home to see if you have some items already to create your own DIY ornaments.

If you need some things don’t worry I’ve got you covered with a list of the supplies I used to make these easy gold hanging hearts.

Supplies Needed:

stack of craft wood hearts on table with twine strings

I love a modern farmhouse style but I’m starting to move away from such a rustic look around my home and incorporate some transitional design.

Don’t get me wrong I still love farmhouse just not so much of it…ya know what I mean?

The craft hearts I bought came with the twine string hung on each heart so the first thing I had to do was remove it so I could paint them easily.

I untied each piece in case I wanted to reuse the twine but if you’re not planning to use it again then you can just snip it off with a pair of scissors.

What Type of Craft Paint is Best

AnnMarie painting craft heart with gold metallic paint

I bought 36 wood craft heart pieces and wanted to try two different ways to paint them.

The first was to simply paint them with this gold metallic paint using an inexpensive chip brush.

The gold was pretty but I thought it may have been a bit plain without much variation.

painted hearts on paper towels

The second way I tried was painting the hearts white with this craft paint and another chip brush.

Then I laid all the painted pieces out on paper towels until they were dry.

The nice thing about craft paint is it easily washes off your hands so don’t worry about getting messy while you’re working.

I even got some paint on my table but since I had sealed this table as soon as I brought it home the paint just wiped right off with water.

How to Use Rub ‘n Buff Wax on Craft Wood

hearts painted white drying on paper towel on table

Once the white-painted wood pieces were dry, I grabbed a small paintbrush and my Rub ‘n Buff.

This wax pigment is usually rubbed on with your finger or a cloth and then buffed hence the name. lol

It’s also often used on pieces with some texture to them like along the edge of a mirror or frame.

Or along a decorative piece of furniture as it accents those features in the piece with the wax.

blogger painting rub and buff on wood heart

But since these hearts were flat I decided to use a small artist paintbrush to lightly apply some of the Rub ‘n Buff to the piece.

I wanted this craft project to have a bit of a distressed look rather than a solid color.

Once I finished applying the gold wax with the paint brush I used a paper towel to buff the color on the heart.

You can see a bit of the white paint showing through the gold which is exactly what I wanted.

The Rub ‘n Buff dries rather quickly so you don’t have to wait too long for the next step.

Once all the hearts were dry, I threaded each one with a piece of 3/8″ gold organza ribbon.

I think the sheer ribbon gives the inexpensive hearts a bit more sophistication than the twine that they originally were tied with.

And I love the shimmer of the ribbon paired with the metallic painted hearts.

painted gold hearts with gold sheer ribbon in group on wood table

Here you can see both the painted and the Rub ‘n Buff styles I did on these tree ornaments together.

Can you tell which is which?

It really depends on how the light is hitting them to see the differences in the metallic shine.

The gold-painted hearts were much easier since all I had to do was slap the paint on each heart.

But the others were painted white and then gilded with gold which was an extra step.

I thought there would be more of a difference using the Rub ‘n Buff however since there wasn’t I’d recommend taking the easy option and just painting them gold.

Where to Hang DIY Valentine’s Day Ornaments

wood craft heart hanging from tree with gold ribbon

I wasn’t super happy with the craft project until I actually hung the hearts on my tree.

At first, I thought both styles turned a bit…well, if I’m being honest, blah.

I wasn’t really impressed with my crafting abilities. lol

Christmas tree with lights decorated with gold hearts for Valentine's day

But once I hung all of them on the tree I stepped back and ya know what?

I thought they looked pretty darn amazing!

These DIY Valentine’s tree ornaments were exactly what I envisioned.

I wanted tree ornaments that were simple yet elegant for Valentine’s Day.

And a craft project that was super easy and affordable to accomplish in just an hour.

decorated tree in corner of room at night

At night these Valentine’s Day tree ornaments just glimmer against the twinkling lights and look even more beautiful.

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collage of products needed to make gold ornaments

Sources: chip paint brush | craft wood hearts | white craft paint | scissors | gold Rub ‘n Buff | metallic gold paint | sheer gold ribbon

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