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21 Tasty Ideas to Serve at a Book Club Brunch Party

Looking for a change of pace for hosting your next book club gathering? We’ve got some delicious ideas for a book club brunch menu!

Do you belong to a book club?

I always wanted to be part of one and eventually decided to just start one myself.

It’s so easy to start a book club if you’d like to be in one too!

Our group soon realized that we didn’t love a lot of the heavier books that tend to be popular selections for book clubs…

We prefer lighter reads like these because life is heavy enough sometimes.

For the past few years, we’ve opted to meet at a local wine bar instead of at our homes.

That way no one has to clean!

Dining table set with black plates with parfait glasses of banana pudding on top of each place settings.

Although last month we got together for a wine tasting party and it was so fun.

So we might make a change and start meeting to share a meal in the future as our nests empty out.

A fun kind of book club meal would be brunch, don’t you think?

Our blogging friends thought so too!

Welcome to our Virtual Dinner Club!

We joined up with four of our blogging friends to create a virtual “dinner” club back at the beginning of 2021.

We’ve served all kinds of meals now, so we’ve evolved more into a virtual breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner club…

But that’s a mouthful, so we’re sticking with “dinner” club.

Each month we invite a guest host to join in our fun.

Every month is a new theme.

On the last Thursday of each month, we all share ideas for creating a tablescape for that theme. AnnMarie is the tablescape queen over here at Simply2Moms!

You’ve got to see the table she put together for this book club brunch.

The last Saturday, we each share a recipe for the theme to create an entire menu.

Think of it as a virtual progressive dinner.

We include recipes for a signature cocktail, appetizer, main dish, side dishes, and dessert.

Be sure to check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

This month our theme is a Book Club Brunch

The recipes all sound, and look, delish.

Collage of six food photos of dishes to serve at a brunch.

If you’re new around here, we’re Anne and AnnMarie, two moms who are lucky enough to be besties and neighbors.

AnnMarie and Anne, the moms who write Simply2Moms, sitting on a picnic table by a painted wall mural.

We work together to share simple and budget-friendly ideas for decoratingrecipesDIY projects, and tips for life with older teens (and beyond!).

You can read more about us and our families over here.

And we would love to learn more about you! Be sure to say “hi” in the comments below and tell us where you’re visiting from.

But that’s enough about us!

Let’s take a look at these recipes.

Mozzarelle and Tomato Caprese Appetizer Bites

Tray with small caprese bites garnished with fresh basil shreds.

I love Caprese skewers, and Caprese salad, so I can’t wait to make these Mozzarelle and Tomato Caprese Appetizer Bites that Stacy from Bricks’n’Blooms has whipped up!

The pesto topped with melted fresh mozzarella sounds amazing, don’t you think?

Bite-sized appetizers like these are perfect to serve at brunch.

Some other appetizers to try for brunch:

Hot White Russian Coffee

White mug filled with hot white Russian cocktail.

Serve this Hot White Russian Coffee from our friend Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse at your brunch and your friends will swoon!

She even makes homemade Kahlua.

It’s an easy recipe, made rich with heavy whipping cream.

You can serve it before, during, and even after brunch.

Easy Brunch Egg Casserole Southwestern Style

White dinner plate with a serving of an easy egg casserole, fresh strawberries, and ramekin of salsa.

We love breakfast casseroles around here!

They’re the perfect thing to make for a brunch since you can generally make them the day before.

Our friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs is sharing one of her family’s favorite recipes: Easy Brunch Egg Casserole Southwestern Style and it looks so good!

You can use keto-friendly bread to make the recipe low carb.

Here are some other delicious dishes to serve as an entree for brunch:

Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Blueberry bundt coffee cake sprinkled with powdered sugar sliced to show the blueberries inside.

Our friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style is an amazing baker, so her recipe for Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake looks scrumptious.

The bundt cake makes such a pretty presentation!

And the layer of sweetened pecans and cinnamon pairs so well with blueberries.

Roasted Potato Salad with Arugula

Large serving bowl filled with arugula salad topped with roasted potatoes.

I love serving a salad at brunch, and our friend Nicolle from Our Tiny Nest has come up with a tempting one!

This Roasted Potato Salad with Arugula is the perfect side dish to accompany the hardy dishes served at a winter brunch.

I can’t wait to give it a try!

Here are some other ideas to serve as a side dish for brunch:

Boozy Banana Pudding Parfaits

Stemmed dessert coupe glass sitting on a black dinner plate with a stenciled book page place setting.

Dessert is always one of my favorite courses of any meal.

I might have a huge sweet tooth!

Serving up these Boozy Banana Pudding Parfaits is a lovely finish to a winter brunch with your book club.

They’re rich, and creamy, and perfectly portion-controlled by making them into a parfait.

Some other yummy dessert ideas for brunch include:

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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