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How to Host a Delicious Galentine’s Brunch for Your Friends

Let’s cheers to friendship with a delicious Galentine’s brunch menu. Get together with your friends and make it a special day!

I don’t know about you, but life wouldn’t be quite so sweet without some amazing friends in it.

The newish tradition of celebrating your “Galentines” with a girls’ night out or a brunch is one AnnMarie and I can totally get behind!

There’s something special about sitting down with a group of women and sharing a meal and a cocktail (or 2!).

The conversations and support.

The laughter!

We all can use more laughter in our lives, right?

If you’d like to host a Galentine’s brunch and get together with your friends, we’re making the planning super easy for you.

All you need to do is pick a time and date and invite your friends.

Next, take a look at the ideas we’ve rounded up to set a beautiful table and decide which you’d like to do.

Then, read on to get some delicious Galentine’s brunch menu ideas and recipes.

Welcome to our Virtual “Dinner” Club!

We joined up with four of our blogging friends to create a virtual “dinner” club back at the beginning of 2021.

We’ve served all kinds of meals now, so we’ve evolved more into a virtual breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner club…

Every month we choose a new theme.

You’ll get tips for hosting that type of get-together, ideas for decorating, and delicious recipes to serve.

Basically, everything you need to plan a fun time with friends!

Even though our theme this month is a Galentine’s brunch, the menu we’ve put together would be great for a bridal shower, Mother’s Day, or any time you want to celebrate with your friends.

Galentine’s Brunch Menu

Since there are five of us, we’ve each contributed a recipe to the menu.

We have a refreshing cocktail and easy appetizer to get started.

Next, a simple quiche for the main dish with a tasty salad as a side.

Then we finish with pretty Linzer heart cookies for dessert.

Collage of recipes to serve at a Galentines brunch.

Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail | Simply2Moms

Pitcher of raspberry prosecco cocktail with champagne glasses filled with fresh raspberries on a table.

To kick off our brunch, AnnMarie and I are sharing a light and refreshing Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail.

We both love the bubbles of Prosecco!

Pairing them with fresh raspberry puree and lime juice makes a tasty drink.

You can mix up a whole pitcher, or let your guests combine the fruit with the Prosecco to taste.

Another delicious cocktail your friends are guaranteed to love is this Peach Sangria.

Artichoke & Sun Dried Tomato Bites | The Ponds Farmhouse

Plate with two artichoke sundried tomato appetizer cups and fresh raspberries.

Our friend Rachel, from The Ponds Farmhouse, doesn’t really love to cook.

So she always comes up with recipe ideas that you can throw together in just a few minutes!

These Sundried Tomato Artichoke Cups can be assembled ahead and then popped in the oven just before your friends arrive.

They’re the perfect finger food for a Galentine’s brunch!

Simple & Classic Fruit Salad | MidWest Life & Style

Trifle bowl filled with fruit salad with cutting board in the background.

Fruit salad seems like a simple idea, but our friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style has taken it to a whole new level!

Jen tosses her fruit salad with a lightly sweet dressing that sounds amazing.

Wait until you see how easy it is to whip up this side dish.

Zucchini Quiche | Stacy Ling of Bricks’n’Blooms

Zucchini quiche in a pie plate with a slice removed from the quiche.

When it comes to brunch, quiche has got to be one of the most popular main dishes.

Our friend Stacy from Bricks’n’Blooms is a gardener who loves sharing recipes featuring fresh ingredients.

She’s also Italian and has some fantastic family recipes!

Her Zucchini Quiche recipe is absolutely delicious.

If you follow a low carb lifestyle, you can even whip it up without the crust.

Heart Linzer Cookies | Vintage Home Design

White rectangular plate with six raspberry linzer heart cookies.

Finish off your Galentine’s brunch with a pretty dessert that goes with the theme.

Our friend Michele from Vintage Home Designs is sharing her family recipe for Linzer Heart Cookies.

There’s nothing like a flaky cookie with strawberry preserves sandwiched in between!

The sprinkle of powdered sugar on the top cookie makes them look so pretty and special.

Doesn’t everything look delicious?!

More Brunch Inspiration

Are you hosting brunch and aren't sure what to serve? Check out these ideas your guests are sure to love! You can easily mix and match recipes to suit your taste and the season.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment! Follow us over on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to see everything we’re up to.

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