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How to Make Easy Word Stamped Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to make easy word stamped Christmas tree ornaments. You’ll love how simple it is to create these pretty and budget-friendly wood ornaments.

If you’ve been around a while here you know I love to shop.

Clothes shopping?

Ehhh sometimes if I’m having a skinny day. LOL!

Food shopping?

It’s a necessity that has to get done.

Home decor shopping?

Yup that’s where my heart lies…there’s nothing I love to shop for more than my house!

I just love to browse around the aisles of HomeGoods, Target, and Kirklands.

And when I can get to Pottery Barn…well that’s my absolute fave home decor store.

But the prices…umm let’s just say that there’s no money tree in our back yard…yet!

So what’s a girl to do?

Find inspiration in a piece you love and try to recreate it for less!

And that’s exactly what I did with these simple Christmas tree ornaments.

slim christmas tree by staircase with diy wood ornaments

I added this awesome slim tree from Michaels to our foyer and actually debated leaving it without decorations since it was so pretty all on its own.

But after it stood there bare for a while, I wanted to add something to the tree.

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This tree is such a good deal when you can score it for 50% off but they sell out quickly each year.

I found some other similar options for slim trees for you in case you miss out on this exact one.

This Shelton Cashmere 7ft tree is also a great price.

And this flocked slim tree is really pretty.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more this Carolina Pine slim tree is gorgeous and looks so real!

How to Decorate a Narrow Christmas Tree

Since it is a slim tree, I knew whatever I decorated it with needed to be simple and neutral.

Plus simple and neutral is kinda my jam!

before wood ornaments in pile on counter

I found this cute wood ornament with the word “Hope” printed on it that I loved but it was a bit too big and bulky for my slim tree.

Plus they only had three different style ornaments and I knew I’d want more than three words repeated on my tree.

But no worries!

I could just recreate something similar that would work even better for my narrow tree.

How to Prepare Wood to Make Ornaments

view of wood trim pieces in store

Since the tree is so narrow I didn’t want my ornaments to be too heavy.

I found the perfect solution in the building department at Lowes with this prefinished building trim sold in 7 ft. lengths.

And it was really inexpensive…like under $5!


But you could even use pieces of recycled lattice or wood that you may already have laying around at home.

1. Measure wood strips

overhead view of miter saw and womans hands measuring trim with ruler

I decided to make my ornaments 5″ long so one length of the wood trim would be enough to make a total of 16 ornaments.

Using a standard ruler, I measured the 7 ft. trim into 5-inch sections.

2. Cut wood pieces

woman cutting trim pieces with miter saw

Next, I used a miter saw to cut the trim into 5″ pieces.

Super simple!

This tool is a new one for me and I can’t wait to come up with some more DIY projects so I can use it again soon.

It was so fun to use!

3. Drill Holes

close up of man drilling hole in diy wood ornaments

Finally, drill a small hole in each piece of wood to add a hanger for the ornaments.

Chris helped me with drilling holes near the end of the 5″ pieces to tie the twine through later.

He was able to four at a time by stacking them on top of each other.

What Supplies Will You Need to Make Ornaments

craft supplies on counter before making diy ornaments

Once all your ornaments are cut down into the correct length you can gather all the craft supplies you’ll need to create your Christmas ornaments.

Supplies Needed:

1. Paint Wood Ornaments

pile of wood pieces with paint and sponge brush

Since the trim I bought was made of polystyrene it’s not necessary to paint it.

However, if you aren’t good with stamping you may need to paint over your mistakes.

Do you wanna know how I know?

Just saying…I needed some white craft paint!

Acrylic craft paint applied with a sponge brush made this step super quick.

2. Stamp Christmas Words

close up of stamping words on ornaments

I wanted my DIY Christmas ornaments to have a farmhouse style so I stamped Christmas words on each one with black ink.

After making several “mistakes” I learned that stamping isn’t meant to be perfect.

Which is sometimes hard for me…that type A personality gets me every time!

But once I realized that it wasn’t about perfection it was so much easier!

3. Add Twine

wood ornaments stamped with words with twine and scissors laying on counter

This natural jute twine is a staple in my house because I use it for so many things from craft projects to wrapping gifts.

The jute gave the stamped DIY ornaments the rustic farmhouse vibe that I love.

But you could also use a pretty ribbon!

Use whatever matches your style.

4. Hang on Christmas Tree

pile of completed diy wood ornaments

Once the DIY ornaments were all finished, I didn’t notice the imperfections that I was focusing on so much as I was stamping the words.

And I love that I was able to stamp a different Christmas word or saying on each one instead of repeating the same words over and over.

close up of wood diy ornament hanging on tree

Didn’t they turn out great?

I’m just so thrilled with how this easy project brought my little tree up a notch.

They added the perfect farmhouse style to this Christmas tree!

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I think these would also make super cute personalized gift tags that you could stamp each recipient’s name.

view of slim tree with farmhouse wood ornaments

And I love that I was able to make them myself.

They were so easy and budget-friendly!

Now, what else can I use our new miter saw for?

Do you have a favorite craft project you’ve done this year?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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