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The Best Ideas to Update An Entryway with Wayfair Finds

Do you want to update your foyer or entryway? Don’t worry I’ve got you! Check out these ideas to update an entryway with Wayfair finds.

We’ve lived in our house for almost 13 years and our foyer has looked the same since we moved into our home.

It’s time for a change!

Since our house is a fairly traditional style I’ve decorated our entryway in a classic style with a demi round table and a mirror hung above .

The mirror and table have remained the same over the years but I’ve tried to update the space with different everyday decor from time to time.

And even though I absolutely loved how I decorated the foyer this past Christmas I still just don’t love the traditional look of the table and mirror for every day.

So it’s time to give my entryway a little refresh.

Ideas to Update an Entryway

view of foyer from hallway looking at front door staircase to left side of room hanging light in entryway with rug in front of door. table and mirror to right of front door and basket and lanterns on floor on left side of door

Although our foyer is pretty large it’s open to the rooms on either side so there’s really only one small wall for any furniture. Which is where we have the table now.

The other wall is a bit small for any furniture and I’ve struggled with wall decor for this space for years.

Wall decor on the walls on either side of the door would be awesome…just need to figure out what to hang.

Do you have any ideas for me?

Help a girl out and leave a comment with some suggestions.

So…do you want to know what my plan for the entryway is?

I mean besides the wall decor by the door because you’re going to help me with that part! LOL

You may have guessed it already!

I’m planning to update this entryway by removing the traditional table and mirror and replacing it with a bench and row of hooks.

And with the help of Wayfair I’ll be able to give this area a much needed makeover.

Here’s the plan…

Replace Table with Bench

demi round table against wall in entryway next to front door with rectangular mirror hung above table. faux stems and plants decorate table and shelf on bottom of table. lamp also on table

The classic demi round table will be replaced with a casual modern farmhouse style bench.

Wayfair has an amazing selection of benches to fit any style and budget.

A bench will be a great spot for guests to sit to take off their shoes but also will be so fun to accessorize seasonally.

I love all three of these benches for my foyer…

The first option is a wood and metal bench with an industrial farmhouse feel that I really like.

The middle is a faux leather tufted bench with a metal base. My sister actually has 2 smaller versions of this bench that she uses as a coffee table.

And the third bench I like is a black classic spindle style that is definetly more traditional farmhouse.

Such great choices from Wayfair!

Which one do you like best?

Add a Cozy Vibe to Update Entryway

The new bench in the foyer will need a throw blanket and pillow to give us a casual cozy feeling when you enter our home.

Out with the stuffy traditional vibe and in with the coziness!

Plus who doesn’t love a good throw pillow?

I know some of us may have a slight addiction to buying throw pillows…ah..hem…possibly me….LOL!

But seriously here are some of my favorite throw pillows from Wayfair…

Since these styles are pretty different and they don’t really coordiate together to use more than one on the new bench.

The first is a simple grainsack farmhouse style small lumbar pillow that’s super cute.

In the middle is a stylish option with a window pane pattern and faux leather bottom that is really fun.

And the third is a long lumbar throw pillow in a boho style that looks cozy.

I’m not sure which of these three pillows are my favorite. I mean how can I choose just one?

More Comfy Ideas for the Foyer

And if we are bringing in the cozy vibes we may need a throw blanket to ramp up the comfy factor on the bench!

Plus a throw blanket will add more texture to the bench.

Let’s check out these throw blanket options…

My three throw blanket favorites are all similar in style as they each have a fringe along the top and bottom of the blanket.

I’d choose one of these patterns in black to coordinate with our other decor in the rooms adjacent to the foyer.

Stripes, color block or herringbone patterns are all winners in my eyes.

Now to figure out which one for my entryway makeover.

Swap Wall Mirror with a Row of Hooks

small demi round foyer table with mirror on wall above in entry way with door open coming in from porch

Althouth the mirror reflects light in our entryway I’m ready for something different.

A row of hooks above the bench will be just what this space needs for guests to hang their coat.

And when we don’t have any guests won’t it be fun to hang a wreath or other decor from the hooks?

I can just picture a row of hooks decorated for each season too!

These are the wall mounted coat racks I’m considering for my entryway refresh…

The simple slim long row of hooks would allow me to possibly decorate above the coat rack if I wanted to. And with 8 hooks there will be plenty of space for hanging.

Another option is this accordian style peg coat rack which is a fun idea especially for the farmhouse style I love.

And that modern industrial farmhouse row of hooks is so cool with the name labels above each hook.

I’m really not sure which style will work best in my updated entryway but I can’t wait to figure it all out.

Bring in Some Greenery

If you’ve been with us for a while you know how much Anne and I both like to use greenery in our home decor.

We’ve added greenery to our tablescapes this year…Anne styled her spring table with lots of greens and I decorated my dining room. And of course, Christmas is a perfect time to style our homes with greenery too.

I have several faux trees throughout my home and I love how much life they bring to a corner or next to a table.

Some are tall enough to stand on their own and others are propped up on a stool.

By adding a small faux tree when I update my entryway it will bring some color and texture to the space.

These are the Wayfair options that are in my shopping cart now…

I don’t have a ficus tree so that would be a new one in our home I love the height of this one.

The grasses are crazy and messy but in a fun way aren’t they? They would definitely feel like I’m bringing the outdoors in if I went with this one.

And this fiddle leaf in a square basket is a great price since I wouldn’t need to buy a decorative planter for it.


Well that’s the plan to update my entryway.

So stay tuned for the reveal coming soon!

Wayfair Best Ideas to Update an Entryway

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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