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5 Simple Ideas to Create the Perfect Christmas Morning Tablescape

Make your holidays extra special by setting a beautiful Christmas morning tablescape. Easy ideas you can replicate this year.

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As my kids have grown up they tend to sleep in a little later on Christmas morning.

Although the excitement that comes with little ones is fun and all…I’m a big fan of sleeping in since I’m sooo not a morning person.

No more 5:00 am wake-ups for me!

For you moms with young children, it does get better…they won’t get you up to see if Santa came until at least 9:00 am soon…I promise.

We’ve always had a nice breakfast in the morning after opening gifts but now we often take a break during our gift exchange and enjoy a delicious holiday meal.

And we all actually have fun just being together eating our favorite breakfast foods since there’s no rushing back to the family room to play with toys.

Do I miss that stage?

Yup, I sure do!

But I’m loving where we are now as a family because teens and young adults are pretty awesome too.

This year I’ll be setting a pretty table for Christmas morning since we’ll all be together.

That’s the difficult thing about older children…they leave home, start to date, get married, and may not always be home for Christmas.

So, I’m going to enjoy it while I can and make it super special then maybe they’ll never want to leave. lol

Can you guess what our virtual supper club is sharing this month?

Christmas morning tablescape and menu ideas!

Whether you make an early breakfast or have a later brunch we know you’re going to love all the ideas we’re sharing this week.

What’s a Virtual Supper Club

If this is the first time you’ve stopped by our blog you’re probably wondering what a virtual supper club actually is…

Well, every month for the past year and a half we get together with our friends Stacy, Rachel, Jen, and Michele to share our tablescapes and recipes.

It’s so fun to see what everyone in our group comes up with each month. There’s so much talent and creativity with this bunch of bloggers.

And to add even more inspiration, we invite a different guest host to join us each month too!

How fun is that?!

We’re thrilled to welcome Pasha from Pasha is Home this month.

We’ve been friends with Pasha for a few years now and she’s an incredible blogger who lives in California.

You have to take a peek around her website at all the stunning home decor ideas she has.

Oh, and she loves to travel too now that her children are grown.

See another perk to being older moms like us…we get to travel with our spouses again…and it’s less expensive than family vacations too.

Check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

AnnMarie wearing black and Anne wearing red holding mugs

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What to Use for a Christmas Table Centerpiece?

tiered wood tray set with hot coco bar supplies

Since I was styling my table for breakfast I wanted to add a hot cocoa bar station to my design.

Is there anything better than a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day?

This two-tiered black wood tray from Wayfair was the perfect way to incorporate hot cocoa supplies.

And bonus…because it creates a cute centerpiece for a Christmas morning table too!

mini marshmallows in mason jar with ribbon tied around top

I pulled out my Rae Dunn cocoa canister and filled it up with cocoa powder.

Then I added mini marshmallows to a mason jar but it looked a bit plain so I tied a plaid ribbon around the top.

Now it looks super cute!

I know it’s breakfast but can you even drink hot chocolate without stirring a candy cane in your mug?

I don’t think so!

A package of red and white peppermint candy canes in a white jar completes the basic ingredients needed for a sweet treat.

Then I just filled in around the jars with small green bottle brush trees and gold jingle bells for the perfect festive touch.

Santa sign on bottom of tiered tray with gold jingle bells

On the opposite side of the hot cocoa fixings, a fun little red and white wood sign fills the bottom tier.

I think at this point Santa either came or didn’t so this message may not be received. LOL

overhead view of top of black wood two tiered tray with bottle brush trees and candle

I didn’t need any other ingredients or supplies so I just decorated the top of the tray with a few more bottle brush trees and bells.

But if you have coffee or tea drinkers in your family you may want to add some more things like creamer, sugar, and flavored syrups.

Since breakfast is super casual in my family and we’re all sitting around the table in our matching Christmas PJs (yup…we still do it…every year) I didn’t add any candle sticks to the tablescape.

Instead, a single simple jar candle provides a little ambiance.

Anne asked where I got this candle because it smelled so good.

And honestly, I couldn’t remember so being a good friend, she looked the company up and they were local to us.

Then I remembered that I bought it last year at a holiday fundraiser market at my daughter’s dance studio.

I hadn’t burned it until now but I have to give KindleWick Candle Co. a shout-out because this Home for the Holidays scent is amazing!

Seriously, if you want to check out their website and order from a small local business here’s the link.

How to Set a Table for Christmas Breakfast

green napkin with fringe and wood bead and star ring on plaid plate

I’ve really been loving plaid lately, especially classic Tartan holiday plaids.

When I saw this set of plaid plates on Wayfair’s website I knew they’d be perfect for my festive Christmas morning tablescape.

The set comes with six different plaid patterns, three red and three green.

I placed a different color plaid accent plate on top of a plain matte black plate which really makes the holiday colors pop.

And the plaid designs coordinate so well with the black plates because they all have a bit of black in the patterns.

faux cedar placemat with plates stacked on top and green napkin in ring

Under the black dinner-sized plate are faux cedar placemats.

Our friend Stacy has a set of chargers similar to these and I’ve always admired hers, so when I saw this style at Kirkland’s a few weeks ago I knew they’d be coming home with me.

I paid full price for them but they are on sale now so grab some if you like them too.

On top of the plaid, plates are green napkins with a fun wood bead and star holder that I found in HomeGoods.

If you can’t find them in your local store you may be able to make something like these pretty easily.

gold flatware next to holiday place setting on kitchen table

I set each place at the table with my favorite gold flatware from Target and red Rae Dunn mugs.

I used to collect Rae Dunn but I’m kind of over that trend now for every day, but when the holidays roll around well that’s a different story.

It’s just too darn fun not to use or maybe even buy a few more pieces for Christmas (shhh don’t tell anyone…lol).

The fun mugs are such a festive idea for a Christmas morning tablescape.

Christmas table setting with plaid plates and red mugs

I love that each of the Rae Dunn mugs has a different message.

From funny to sentimental and everything in between.

Were you ever a collector?

Did you fall into the insanity of searching for pieces?

Wait until you see what I found this year that I just had to get for my family.

I can’t tell you why now and give it away but when I’ll let you know soon.

Why You Need to Use a Throw Blanket as a Table Cover

table set for holiday meal with greenery and plaid Christmas decor

Rather than covering my entire table with a tablecloth, I used a plaid throw blanket.

I really like the look of it laid on a diagonal across the table.

Plus this throw blanket is smaller than a tablecloth that would cover the entire length of the table.

Seeing some of the natural wood adds to the aesthetic of the casual table setting.

tartan plaid throw blanket over table set for Christmas

Have you seen that stores are starting to carry something called a “table throw”?

Instead of a full tablecloth, it’s a small square cloth that can be used like I styled this blanket.

Or you could scrunch it up and weave it through your centerpiece design.

It’s kind of like a cross between a table runner and a tablecloth, it just gives you more styling options.

How to Style a Christmas Morning Tablescape

On either side of the hot cocoa station, I set two pretty faux evergreen trees in wood pots.

The white flocked tree in birch planters adds a nice balance to all the cheerful Christmas colors.

The small size of the flocked trees is not only great for a tablescape but can also be styled in many other places around your home.

black metal reindeer in middle of tablescape

A few years ago I bought two black metal reindeer…I think at Target or maybe it was at Home Goods.

Either way, reindeer have made a comeback in a big way in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

I love all the gold reindeer I’ve been seeing everywhere this year.

And had considered buying a few new metallic deer or even painting these gold.

But I still really love the matte black color!

If you’re looking for reindeer check out the links at the bottom of this post.

table set with black metal reindeer with greenery in middle

A few more green bottle brush trees and some gold jingle bells on the table complete the look.

I really love the classic style of the plaids mixed with the greenery and black accents.

It’s a casual design that’s perfect for a cozy Christmas morning sitting around the table.

How to Decorate a Kitchen for the Holidays

wall decor with garland over top of sign and greenery in corner

Do you like to add greenery around your house during the holidays?

You can see all the ways Anne and I both decorate our holiday homes with greenery in this post.

Faux greenery is great because you never have to worry about it drying out.

Plus you can use it year after year.

A simple faux garland hangs over the DIY sign in my kitchen.

Then I added two small inexpensive wreaths to accent the candle scones on the wall.

fresh cut greenery in plaid bucket with faux sticks with LED lights

But there’s just something about real greenery clipped from your backyard that I truly love.

It’s so pretty and unique!

Don’t get me wrong the fake stuff has come a long way and looks more realistic every year.

But the better the quality the higher the cost.

And you know what’s the best thing about real greenery?

It’s free!

I cut these in my backyard this morning and my trees are still looking really overgrown.

So I guess I’ll be decorating with lots of greenery this year as I trim the trees around my yard.

Check out how I used clippings from my yard last winter to make a super easy centerpiece.

Even if you don’t have greenery like this in your yard, you may find some from a local Christmas tree lot.

I added these beautiful lighted birch branches from Wayfair to my tree cuttings in a large metal plaid bucket.

kitchen decorated for Christmas in classic colors and style

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you got some helpful ideas to decorate your table for Christmas this year.

Even though I created a Christmas morning tablescape you can use the same design inspiration for any holiday meal.

Happy decorating!

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collage of products used to style Christmas tablescape

Christmas Morning Tablescape Ideas from Our Friends

Next up on the tour is our friend Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse. Wait until you see her simple Christmas table, it’s so pretty!

Be sure to click each of the blog names below the photos to get even more inspiration for your holiday table.

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