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How to Eat Healthy while Dining Out | THM Meals

Learning to put meals together for (THM)? Here are ideas to eat healthy while dining out for the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle.

What do I eat if I’m following the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) plan when I’m dining out? How do I stick to my healthy eating habits when there are so many options on the menu? Let’s see how I eat healthy while dining out…

THM = Food Freedom

I just returned from a trip to New York City with my daughter for dance. And although I did go “off-plan” and had a slice from Ray’s Famous Pizza. (Remember that from the movie Elf? So funny!) But really it’s ok that I had a slice of pizza.

The best thing about THM is food freedom. It’s all about choices. And if I chose to have an off-plan meal on vacation it doesn’t mean I’ve ruined everything. It’s ok…just start over at the next meal.

Most people discover THM as a way to lose weight. And while slimming down does happen when you eat this way, THM is not a diet. It’s a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a link for the THM Plan book that teaches you the basics.

You can read my journey of how I lost 25 lbs here. The best part? I never felt like I was on a diet I just knew I was getting healthy. And I’ve continued eating this way since 2017 because it’s just so simple.

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Making Healthy Choices in Restaurants

When I’m eating out I usually stick to S meals (low-carb, keto-friendly) as they are easier to order in a restaurant. Ordering an E meal can be tricky in a restaurant. Let’s say you order grilled chicken, brown rice, and veggies thinking you’re having an E meal but the chef cooks everything in lots of butter or oils. Well, then you may have too much fat in the meal so I just stick to S meals when dining out…So. Much. Easier.

Ideas to Order when Dining Out

Breakfast: eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, ham, veggies, berries

Lunch/Dinner: salad, veggies, protein (chicken, burger, steak, steak…so many options)

Now let’s take a look at what I ate while in NYC…

Breakfast | Omelet and Salad

egg omlet with salad on plate

I usually have a smoothie at home for breakfast but when I’m eating out I love omelets. They are my fave because I can fill them with cheese and extra veggies, so yummy!

We ate at Sarabeth’s one morning…if you’ve never been I highly recommend it. I ordered a spinach and goat cheese omelet. The server offered me a side salad as an alternative when to the usual toast and potatoes. I’ve never had a salad with breakfast before but after this delicious meal, I may be adding one to my breakfast again soon.

Breakfast|Omelet with Fruit

omelet with grilled tomatoes and a cup of berries

The next morning during our stay in New York I got another omelet. Are you surprised? LOL But this time I ordered it with tomatoes, bacon & cheese. The side options were toast, potatoes, or fruit. When I declined the carb options the server offered me grilled tomatoes…perfect! And I asked for just berries in the fruit cup to keep my carbs low. See how easy it is to eat healthy meals while dining out.

Lunch | Burrito Bowl

burrito bowl

My daughter loves Chipotle! Despite being in NYC with so many options for dining she really wanted her favorite restaurant for lunch. After taking dance classes from 7:30 until 12 I figured she earned it!

Chipotle is a great option for a quick meal without feeling like you’re eating fast food because you can choose exactly what you want. I like to order a burrito bowl salad with lettuce, chicken, salsa, cheese, and guacamole. I skip the rice & beans to keep my carbs low. Unsweet tea is my go-to drink because I can add my own THM sweetener.

Dinner | Salad with a Burger

salad with burger

How awesome are restaurants where you can build your own salad to include all of your favorite items? For dinner one night I ordered a salad with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, avocado, shredded cheddar and I topped it with a plain burger.

Here are some more ideas for dining out while in New Orleans!

I hope you learned that you can totally eat healthy while dining out as a Trim Healthy Mama doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember that everything on a menu is what the restaurant has in their kitchen…the meals listed are merely a suggestion. So don’t be afraid to modify your order to fit your lifestyle.

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