Simple Summer Fireplace Mantel | | #fireplacemantel #summerdecor #hydrangea #chalkboard #candles #farmhousestyle #stackedstonefireplace #woodmantle Simple Summer Fireplace Mantel | | #fireplacemantel #summerdecor #hydrangea #chalkboard #candles #farmhousestyle #stackedstonefireplace #woodmantle

Since summer began last month I figured I was overdue to change-up our chalkboard that sits on our mantle.  It may have had a quote about spring and a few Easter eggs drawn on it…oops!  Let’s just get to the pictures shall we because that’s really what we all want to see.

Here is our simple summer fireplace mantle…

Fireplace Hearth

The accessories on the fireplace hearth are all from…yup…you guessed it, my fave, HomeGoods!  If you’ve read my previous home decor posts you know that I love to find great deals at HomeGoods.  This black metal lantern was purchased several years ago and has been moved all around our home.  But last year it found its perfect spot on the hearth.

A simple wood box holds a few throw pillows including my favorite #5.  Both the lantern and box of pillows stay on our hearth year round.

Fireplace Mantel

However, most of the fireplace mantel accessories change from season to season.  Sometimes I use a mirror and other times I use this chalkboard.  But I always include candles.

The blue framed chalkboard is a fun place to add some personalization to our room.   Follow our Pinterest board for some really cute ideas.  I like to create a new chalk design for each season, holiday or celebration.  This fun idea was found here.  I just included all the activities my family is doing this summer.

Our hydrangea plants are finally huge this year!  We had been cutting them back as we do our other perennials.  But found out that wasn’t the way to care for hydrangea.  Well…lesson learned because this year we have beautiful plants producing lots of flowers.  The bright blue is beautiful when the plant is in full bloom but I really LOVE this shade when they are starting to fade.  And the colors in the blooms look simply perfect with the blue frame around the chalkboard. Just clip a few blooms and fill a simple mason jar vase with them.

I also filled this metal white jug with several more of these beautiful hydrangeas.  I found the farmhouse style jug at Hobby Lobby.   Here is a similar but smaller sized version of the one on our mantle.

Two black candlesticks have sat on our fireplace mantle for the last 10 years.  I had been looking for new ones to blend with the updated farmhouse look I’ve been slowly implementing into our decor.  These were in the seasonal fall section at Hobby Lobby and they were exactly what I was looking for…and at 40% off too…score!

One final look…

Do you update any of your spaces seasonally?  It really was so simple to update our fireplace mantle with a fresh new look for summertime.  Happy Summer!

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Simple Summer Fireplace Mantel | | #fireplacemantel #summerdecor #hydrangea #chalkboard #candles #farmhousestyle #stackedstonefireplace #woodmantle



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