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The Birthday Journal

Simply Memorable - The Birthday Journal | | #birthdaygift #birthdayjournal #journalgift #journalwriting #birthdaycardalternative #birthday #homegoods #simplymemorable #lifesimply #simply2moms Simply Memorable - The Birthday Journal | | #birthdaygift #birthdayjournal #journalgift #journalwriting #birthdaycardalternative #birthday #homegoods #simplymemorable #lifesimply #simply2moms

Have you noticed how expensive greeting cards have become lately?  I mean seriously…you can’t find one for under $5 and most are even more than that.  Unless you look in the “cheap” section and then well…they just aren’t nearly as pretty or written as well now are they?  My husband, Chris, celebrated his birthday in August.  As I was looking for the perfect birthday card and then flipping them over to discover the outrageous prices of each card I read… I had an idea.   Remember my post about my children’s journals?  Well, I thought I could do the same for Chris.  So, I hopped over to Home Goods and grabbed a plain journal that I declared his “Birthday Journal”.

When I got home I wrote a note on the first page explaining my idea behind the birthday journal.  Then on the next page, I wrote a letter to him.  I won’t share all that mushy stuff with you guys.  Haha!  But he did love his journal. ♥  Don’t you think writing a personal letter is more meaningful than the message written in any store-bought greeting card?  We’ve occasionally written each other letters or lists of reasons we love each other for anniversaries or Valentine’s day.  So this birthday journal idea is perfect!

Our kids have been making their own birthday cards for years for each other and us.  I love the idea that even as teens they take the time to create a homemade card on construction paper.  Sometimes they are super simple but they always come from the heart.  And we treasure those creations.  We have saved all those home-made cards and some special store-bought cards as well.  So you can imagine after 23 years of marriage we have a big bin full of cards in our storage closet and a few more shoved in nightstand drawers.  Are we really going to ever go back and look at them?  Maybe…but more than likely…probably not.  However, I can’t get rid of those homemade cards from the kids.  The store-bought cards usually get tossed after a while.  

The birthday journal is small and easy to keep in our nightstand to write in each year.  I figured we could also use this journal for our anniversary and valentine’s day too.  I like the idea that someday our kids and maybe even grandchildren will have these to read.  It’s a bit of us that we are sharing with future generations. 

As I’m writing this post I’m thinking I should start birthday journals for every member of our family.  That certainly would contain the number of homemade cards we are storing around here.  And save money in greeting cards.  Each family member could have their own birthday journal that we all write a letter/message to that person every year on their special day.  Yes!  I think this may be another family birthday tradition!

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Simply Memorable - The Birthday Journal | | #birthdaygift #birthdayjournal #journalgift #journalwriting #birthdaycardalternative #birthday #homegoods #simplymemorable #lifesimply #simply2moms