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How to Keep Berries Fresh

Hey there!  I wanted to pop in and share a quick little tip with all of you that I’ve mentioned before in this post but I thought it was worth sharing again.  Don’t you just hate how fast berries go bad?  It doesn’t matter if I wash them first or just leave them unwashed in the containers they come in, they always start to go bad in just a couple of days.  Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries…none would stay fresh very long.  But that all changed when I started storing berries in mason jars.  Yup…that’s it….my tip for keeping berries fresh.  So simple right?!

I place all types of berries in mason jars unwashed as soon as I come home from the grocery store.  Seal it tightly with the lid and stick the jar in the refrigerator.  Then we just wash them as we need them.  Berries will last well over a week.  And I’ve had some that have lasted up to 2 weeks.  Amazing, right!  I know it’s the little things in life.  Ha ha!

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I bought a case of wide mouth 32 oz. mason jars to store our strawberries in at Target.  And use smaller jars for blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  You can find the larger jars here or here.  These wide mouth large jars are also great for storing veggies.  I often wash and cut up celery, carrots, peppers and cucumbers to have on hand for quick snacks.  The jars make every thing look pretty in my refrigerator.  Plus storing berries and veggies this way makes them more visible to my family when they are grazing!

What ways do you use mason jars in your kitchen?  We’d love to hear some other ideas from you!

♥ AnnMarie