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Simple Staircase Wall Décor

Hey there!  I’m so happy we started this blog because I’m now inspired to find great pieces for our home. Or even look at ordinary areas of our home differently.  For example, our coffee station that I shared recently here… I hadn’t thought much about that space in our kitchen…just grabbed a tray and contained the essentials along with our coffee maker.  But Anne mentioned that she appreciates how I look at every area of my home as an opportunity to decorate.  I never thought of it like that but I take it as a compliment! Thanks, my friend!

So let’s talk about our house…the front staircase is two stories high.  Ohhh…nice you say?  Well…I do love the sense of space that it creates but it also has some challenges.  It’s difficult to paint, decorate or even change the light fixture.  We may have a new light fixture sitting in our garage that has yet to be hung.  And that light fixture may have been purchased over two years ago.  Haha!

Back to our double staircase…we have two sets of stairs that meet halfway up…one set (back) goes from our family room/kitchen area and the other set…the double high (front) leads from our foyer.  We have a gallery wall of family pictures hanging on the wall in our back staircase.  Want to see the gallery wall?  You can read about that project here.  I tried to hang a large tobacco basket on this high wall in our front staircase but that didn’t work out too well.  Do you remember all the spaces I tried to decorate with that awesome basket?  Check out this post to see where the tobacco basket finally found it’s home.

Anyway…I’ve been looking for something to decorate that tall blank wall.  I really like the look of rustic window frames or wood architectural plaques.  But I haven’t found one that would be tall enough for the space.  We needed something taller than wide.  The other night my husband and I stopped in Kirkland’s to check out the new Rae Dunn collection.  Well…honestly, he just came along for the trip after we had dinner out.  But while we were looking around the store we found this Cathedral Archway Plaque. You can find something similar here. We both really liked it and maybe even more importantly we finally found something that was the perfect size for our staircase wall.  What do you think?

And here’s a view from the top of the stairs looking down.  We just hung this today using command strips since the piece is surprisingly lightweight.  We love it!

Have you ever searched for the perfect decor item for a space in your home for months or even years only to find it when you weren’t even looking?

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