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Don’t Miss These 17 Simple Ideas for Spooky Halloween Decor

Wait until you see these simple ideas for spooky Halloween decor that won’t break the bank using items easily found in most dollar stores!

Do you like decorating for Halloween?

We used to host an annual Halloween party and for over a decade I went a little crazy with our decorating.

Spider webs throughout the entire house kinds of crazy…

Then life got in the way and we gave the party a break (for now).

I might not decorate as much now as I did then, but it’s still fun to pull out the bins of creepy decorations for a week or two of spooky season.

Over the years I learned some tricks to make inexpensive finds from the Dollar Store look creepy while also working with my style of decor.

If you want to give your house some spooky touches without breaking the bank, then you’re in the right place!

It’s simple to decorate your home for Halloween with some Dollar Store finds, a little scrapbook paper, some cheesecloth, twine, and a bag of Spanish moss.

Wire tiered tray decorated for Halloween with Spanish moss, plastic skulls, and dollar store crows and figurines.

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How to Decorate for Halloween on a Budget

There are a few spots in my home where I like to decorate for holidays because they’re highly visible.

For instance, my fireplace mantel.

Painted fireplace mantel decorated for Halloween with simple DIY banner and dollar store finds

The small tombstone is a dollar store find.

I filled a hurricane jar with some Spanish moss and added a few plastic spiders for extra creepiness.

When we hosted our annual party, I discovered all kinds of great items on November 1st.

Take a trip to your local party store, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, and Walmart the day after Halloween to find items for 50-80% off!

Fireplace mantel decorated for Halloween with ceramic grave stones and dollar store crows

That’s how I got the furry rats and the larger headstone.

If you like to get crafty, Halloween-themed scrapbook paper is a really inexpensive way to decorate!

I made the banner by cutting the paper into triangles, punching 4 holes across the top edge, and then threading twine through the holes.

Album frames are another budget-friendly way to decorate.

I put a piece of Halloween scrapbook paper inside an album frame and added a paper crow cutout shape.

You can also layer frames like these on shelves or hang them on the wall with command strips.

How to Make a Plant Look Spooky

Aloe plant in cream ceramic pot on a windowsill with a Halloween measuring cup set that looks like a bottle of poison

I have a notorious black thumb, so one way I can use plants to look creepy is by displaying their dead and dying selves… LOL!

But by some miracle, I’ve managed to keep this aloe plant alive for years.

I love that aloe plants look naturally spooky with their pointy spikes.

I found this poison bottle at World Market ages ago. Here’s something similar from Amazon if you like this look.

The Easiest Way to Decorate a Chandelier for Halloween

One of my favorite tricks to decorate your home for Halloween is cheesecloth.

First, it’s really inexpensive.

Second, the more years you use it, the creepier it looks!

If you’ve ever shopped at a party store, you may have seen packages of “creepy cloth.”

It’s basically cheesecloth with some holes cut into it!

And it is not cheap.

Save yourself money and get a large package of cheesecloth from Amazon.

Run it through the wash to get it stretched out.

Cut it into strips and voila: “creepy cloth” at a fraction of the cost.

Drape wide strips over your windows for a haunted feel.

Or try my favorite trick.

Black metal chandelier with lamp shades decorated for Halloween with strips of cheese cloth.

I drape strips of this cheesecloth all around the chandelier in my kitchen eating area.

It always makes me think of Miss Havisham.

Attach a few crows from the dollar store or get a pack of them from Amazon for an eerie Halloween decorating statement.

I always get so many compliments on this!

Black metal chandelier with lamp shades decorated for Halloween with strips of cheese cloth, plastic spiders, and stuffed crows.

Here’s a different angle of the chandelier.

It’s fun to add a few little plastic spiders too.

How to Make an Easy Halloween Centerpiece

My kitchen table centerpiece features more Spanish moss and dollar store finds.

Wire tiered tray decorated for Halloween with Spanish moss, plastic skulls, and dollar store crows and figurines.

Start with a layer of Spanish moss on the bottom of the trays of a tiered tray.

I feel like Spanish moss instantly adds both texture and some natural spookiness.

Next, add some neutral-colored figures such as small skulls, cement gargoyles, little rats, and white pumpkins.

Make a Vintage Birdcage Extra Creepy

I love styling decorative items that I display throughout the year in unique ways!

Vintage chippy white birdcage filled with Spanish moss and a large styrofoam skull with dollar store crows

This large white birdcage is one of my favorite vintage finds.

It was only $10!

A little more of my inexpensive Halloween decorating favorite, Spanish moss, fills the bottom.

A realistic-looking faux skull looks so creepy!

Then adding some dollar store crows takes this spooky vignette to a new level.

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?

What are your favorite ways to add a little spooky to your home?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment below!

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