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Simply Stated 27

Happy weekend!

How’s your summer going?

By now I’m sure your kids are done with school and life may have slowed down a bit…or…maybe not.

We were away at the beach last week with our families and another family we’re super close with.

Like Anne & I, they have 3 teens and young adults so it’s so fun for everyone to be together for vacation since we’re all in the same phase of life.

It was so great to get away and unwind for the week!

And we had gorgeous weather too. 🙂

selfie of a large group of friends on beach

We were missing Anne’s son Ryan who is doing an internship this summer and wasn’t able to join us. And my son Jake was only with us the first 3 days so wasn’t in this picture either.

Although Anne & I did work a little bit a few mornings it was nothing too crazy and just mostly enjoyed our vacation.

We had to work together to finalize our PowerPoint presentation for the Haven conference in July where we’ll be teaching two beginning blogging classes. Eeek! It’s almost here!

We’re so excited about the opportunity to teach our class but if I’m being honest I’m getting a little nervous too…I mean what will I wear?

Time to go shopping!

Leave us a comment and tell us some of your favorite places for business casual clothes.

And now here are some random thoughts for you this weekend:

  1. Puppies are A. LOT. OF. work!!! Jake left for the beach Thursday morning and we are watching his puppy Sloane for the weekend. Oh boy is she busy! I may have had to chase after her into the neighbor’s yard in my PJs the other morning. Did you catch the drama on our social media? LOL
  2. I just bought Emma this sunscreen for her scalp. Wish I had found it before our beach vacation because she always gets burned on her scalp where her hair is parted. Hoping it works well and doesn’t leave hair greasy like using regular sunscreen does.
  3. And speaking of Emma…my baby turned 17 last week! What?! Where have the years gone? She’s the youngest one of our kids between both of our families. Anne’s twins, Katy & Livy, leave for college in August and it will only be Emma left around here in S2M world. Boo-hoo!
  4. What’s your favorite mascara? I always get sucked into the newest one that claims to create amazing lashes. And you know what…they’re NEVER as good as my good old stand-by mascara that I’ve used for years. It’s thick so if you want full long lashes this is the mascara for you. It’s the absolute BEST!

The latest on the blog:

Did you see Anne’s pretty summer home tour? We joined 29 other bloggers for this tour so be sure to check it out for TONS of inspiration and ideas!

Also, you need to see my storage closet makeover. I took a super messy closet and created a more organized and functional space.

Anne shared all the details from her twins high school graduation party. There were some awesome affordable celebration ideas.

This week was our monthly virtual dinner party with friends! And it was a summer patriotic theme!

I styled my outdoor table for a fun July 4th celebration…you just have to take a peek at my back deck all decked out in red, white, and blue. See what I did there? Deck all “decked” out!? Haha

Anne shared our patriotic summer cookout menu with everything you need for a perfect summer party…cocktail, appetizer, entrée & even dessert!

And that yummy menu features Anne’s amazing watermelon blueberry mojito recipe. A delicious summer cocktail that you definitely want to try this weekend.

Have a great week friend!