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Simply Stated 31

Happy weekend friends!

It’s been a busy time for us again around here.

Actually, it always seems to be busy, doesn’t it?

Can you believe it’s already August?

Wow…where did summer go?

I know it’s technically still summer…believe me it feels like summer outside…but once the kids go back to school it kinda feels like summer is over for us.

We moved Gavin (my middle son) into his 1st college apartment last week.

He was so excited to start a more normal year after living in the dorm last year with so many restrictions and all virtual classes.

So when his apartment complex allowed students to move in 10 days yearly he and his roommates jumped at the opportunity.

family standing in front of stone wall with arms around each other

You can bet that I followed our checklist to make sure he had everything he needed for his new home away from home.

And although I missed having him around here this week I’m making myself feel better knowing how happy he is in his new apartment.

Speaking of missing our college kiddos…Anne has been busy preparing for her girls to head off to different colleges in different states next week.

It’s going to be super hard for her to come home to an empty nest next weekend…so leave a comment of encouragement for her below…I know she’d so appreciate it.

If you happen to be helping your child get ready to move into a dorm be sure to download our checklist and get our tips to make college move in day go smooth.

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Inspiration from our Friends

We’ve joined a group of bloggers that share ideas and inspiration from around the blogosphere every Wednesday!

The Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop includes links to nearly 200 ideas that you can easily browse from our site.

You’ll find everything from decorating ideas, delicious recipes, health and fitness tips, crafts and DIY projects, and so much more!

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Hope you have an amazing week friends!