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Happy weekend!

It’s been a pretty wet week around here.

I think it may have rained every day?

I say “I think” because I spent two days flat on my back with vertigo (this is Anne writing to you this week, by the way!).

Have you ever had vertigo?

It’s been something I’ve dealt with since I was in high school, and my dad and uncle both get it too.

For me and my dad it’s usually because of our sinuses and allergy season can make it flare up.

Or sleeping on the same side.

There’s really not much you can do for it besides lie there and wait for it to pass.

But I’m feeling almost normal today!

I’ve got a few random thoughts for you this weekend…

1. There’s one positive that always comes from being sick: it really makes me appreciate my health that much more. Have you noticed that too? Honestly, any difficult thing in life has a way of making me take notice of all the little things I might take for granted. What’s something you may take for granted that’s truly pretty wonderful? Hit reply and let me know, or leave a comment at the end of this post!

Woman's hand holding a large, wide-mouthed mason jar filled with a pumpkin spice latte custard shake.

2. It might still feel like summer outside, and say it’s summer on the calendar, but once the kids go back to school my mind naturally turns to fall. This tea is my absolute favorite for fall! I also love this shake recipe that has the flavors of fall but keeps me cool when it still feels like summer.

3. I’m really missing the sound of my kids being in my house. I adore my husband and spending more time with him is the silver lining of this empty nest. But geez, it’s really quiet around here! If you’re an empty nester too, what are some of your tips for adjusting to this new chapter?

4. Speaking of the kids all being in college this year, one thing that gives me some peace of mind is this box that I sent with them. I’m also starting to plan some fun care packages to send to them in a few weeks! AnnMarie really inspired me with this fun idea!

before photo of exterior of home prior to painting with tan house and black shutters

5. This summer both AnnMarie and I had our houses painted. Our builder used Hardie Plank fiber cement siding in our neighborhood which requires a little bit of maintenance (like a fresh coat of paint every 12-15 years…). AnnMarie completely changed the way her house looks! Wait until you see how it looks now…

We found all kinds of super fun inspiration for you around the web this week!

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We hope you have a fantastic week!

Signature for AnnMarie and Anne with headshot photo