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Simply Stated – 38

Happy Weekend!

Was it a rainy week for you?

It was rainy and dreary here all week.

But we’re finally drying out this weekend.

If you follow us on social media you know we’ve been busy with traveling lately.

First, we were in Asheville, NC where we were working on redecorating a friend’s store for Christmas.

Then, we came home and the following day we left for a trip with our husbands and friends to Nashville.

We had an amazing time in Music City and enjoyed seeing so many talented musicians.

But seriously, I’m totally feeling my age this week after back to back trips…then a rainy week which has really zapped my energy level.

Does the weather affect your mood too?

By the way…this is AnnMarie writing this week & whining about the weather…haha!

Oh hey…did you happen to catch my stories on Instagram or Facebook the other day?

Well, in case you missed it I shared our barren front yard.

We had our two big Bradford pear trees in the middle of our front yard that were dying taken down when I was in Asheville.

They also brought in several loads of dirt to level the area over our septic field that was settling and causing ruts in the lawn.

So, while Chris is out there aerating and seeding the yard I’m busy planning our new landscape design.

Because not only did we have the pear trees removed but we also had two crepe myrtle trees that were in our front flower beds…and every single shrub ripped out in front of our house.

Now I’m working with a blank slate and which makes me feel excited but also overwhelmed trying to decide what to plant.

Honestly, I’m kinda freaking out!

I don’t want to make costly mistakes and plant things that won’t do well in our front yard which gets lots of full sun especially in the afternoon.

Maybe it’s time to call in a professional landscape designer?!

What do you think?

Can I handle it?

Wish me luck!

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We both hope you have an amazing week!

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