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11 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Dining Room This Fall

Are you looking for some seasonal fall décor to add to your home? Check out these 11 easy ways to bring cozy texture to your fall dining room.

It’s finally sweater weather.

The time of year when we pull out the extra cozy throw blankets and bring a few pumpkins and gourds into our homes.

Are you a fall seasonal decorator or do you pull out all the stops and go straight to Halloween?

Or maybe you do a little of both?

When my kids were younger, I definitely did a little more for Halloween because they loved it.

Me not so much…I always preferred a cute scarecrow on my front porch to the spooky stuff.

Although, two years ago I did add some orange lights and witches hats to my fall front porch a few days before Halloween for a bit of fun for the trick or treaters.

But I usually just stick to traditional fall décor outside on my front porch.

And inside…well…I like to keep it pretty simple and just sprinkle a little bit of fall décor in a few areas of my home.

One of the rooms I do like to decorate each season is my dining room since it’s a blank slate.

I mean we have a table, china hutch and a couple of small console tables but the walls are pretty bare and I haven’t styled that room too much.

And since we don’t really use that room, it’s fun to decorate and create pretty tablescapes on our big dining table.

How to Decorate A Dining Room Table for Fall

dining room decorated for fall with table and six chairs in middle of room on area rug windows across far wall room open to foyer

The walls of my dining room are painted Sherwin Williams Mineral Deposit which is a medium gray color but last year I picked out this pretty rug from Well Woven that has a bit more color.

The blues and pinks in the rug don’t play well with traditional fall colors of golds and rust so I decided to go with a more neutral color palate when styling this room for the new season.

I saved the classic colors of fall for other areas in my home.

Create a Beautiful Tablescape

candlesticks lit in middle of table with chandelier above and china hutch behind table

One of the easiest ideas to decorate your dining room, especially if it’s a seldom used room like ours, is to style a pretty fall tablescape on your dining table.

We’re part of a virtual supper club and once a month I get the opportunity to create a new tablescape to share with you along with five other talented bloggers.

It’s super fun to come up with a new theme each month.

You can get all the details for my fall tablescape here and there are links to the previous months for even more inspiration.

Style a Pretty Centerpiece

diy sweater pumpkins on garland of leaves and twigs in middle of dining room table with candles

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I styled my autumn centerpiece using a bunch of small DIY sweater pumpkins I made several years ago with a neutral leaf & twig garland.

Using my long narrow wood tray allows me to keep my centerpieces in the middle of the table and makes it easier to move out of the way if needed.

Also since the centerpiece is narrow, I’m able to remove the place settings and keep the middle of the table looking pretty.

Set Simple Neutral Place Settings

view of end of table looking across with mini sweater pumpkins on each place setting and the window at the back of the room

When setting my fall table I used a set of charcoal seagrass placemats with my every day white dishes.

Tucking a farmhouse style striped cloth napkin between the dinner and salad plates breaks up the white color.

And another mini no-sew fabric pumpkin on top of each place setting ties the entire tablescape together.

How to Add Texture

sweater pumpkins on wood tray with linen table runner and garland of leaves and twigs

Texture, texture, texture!

That’s the key to keeping a neutral color scheme from looking boring.

The washed linen skinny table runners bring in amazing texture to the centerpiece especially scrunched up and woven in between the garland.

A wood tray, greenery and even the different knits and twine on the sweater pumpkins add more texture to the centerpiece.

And don’t forget about the texture those black water hyacinth placemats bring to the tablescape.

Light Up Your Fall Table

candles on dining table and on console table at back view of room decorated for fall with pumpkins, wreaths and greenery

I’m pretty sure a tablescape can’t be considered finished until a few candles are lit…am I right?!

For my fall dining room centerpiece I used 5 of my DIY upcycled chalk painted candlesticks spaced in the middle of the tray between the garland and pumpkins.

The chippy white painted candle holders go perfectly on my simple dining room table.

How to Style Console Tables in Your Fall Dining Room

console table with mirror above reflecting dining room table with candle sticks and faux pumpkins wreath on mirror

I have two black console tables in our dining room which are great for storing extra table linens, candles and even baskets filled with old photo albums.

When I gave our foyer a makeover several months ago I had to find a new home for this large black wood framed mirror.

Leaning it against the wall on top of this console table was perfect because it reflects more light in the room from the wall of windows.

I also love that I can see a view of my fall tablescape in the reflection of the mirror.

Use a Mirror for Additional Hanging Fall Décor

close up of wheat wreath hanging on mirror

I found this simple dried wheat hoop wreath at Kirkland’s a few weeks ago and just love how it looks hanging over the front of the mirror.

Using fishing line to hang the wreath makes it look like it’s just floating there when you step back.

I considered using a ribbon but I preferred the simplicity of the clear string.

Add Greenery to a Pumpkin

close up of greenery under faux knit pumpkin

Doesn’t that greenery look gorgeous under the cream knit pumpkin?

Do you know what it is?

It’s a small wreath!

Yup, you can use small wreaths to add more texture and color to your everyday decorating items.

I love to use wreaths around candle jars too but I really love how this guy looks nestled in the fluffy wreath.

Vary Heights When Decorating Table Tops

close up of 2 fabric faux pumpkins on wood pedestals on console table

When you’re styling the top of a table it’s always a good idea to vary the heights of your décor pieces to create interest with your vignettes.

I used wood pedestals in different styles and sizes for the two pumpkins on this cabinet.

You can use cake stands also…and actually maybe that larger pedestal is actually a cake stand. LOL

Risers can be found in all sorts of styles and are relatively inexpensive too.

I bought these at Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

Faux Autumn Stems and Grasses

2 pillar candles on wood holders next to a pitcher filled with autumn grasses on console table in dining room with word art hanging on wall above table

On the opposite side of the room there is a smaller console table with a cute word art décor piece hung on the wall above.

The muted greens in these autumn stems coordinate well in my neutral fall dining room.

Since these stems are super tall, I just bent the bottoms and placed them in a cream colored pitcher.

I like to use solid containers if I’m bending the bottoms of faux floral stems so that they’re hidden.

Can a Fall Dining Room Have too Many Candles?

side view of candle sticks with lit candles on table with mirror behind and wreath hanging on mirror for fall

In addition to the five candle sticks on the dining room table, I also decorated the tops of both console tables with more candles.

These three wood candle sticks match the risers on the larger table, and on the smaller table, I added two wood and glass pillar candle holders.

Note to self: buy a candle snuffer!

Want to know why?

I may have blown these candles out after taking all my photos and gotten wax all over the walls behind the table…ugh!

How to Bring Fall Vibes to a Farmhouse China Cabinet

open doors on china hutch decorated with fall décor and pottery

I think I may be over the Rae Dunn pottery craze.

Well, at least the collecting part of the craziness.

But I do still like the simple style of my collection in my old china cabinet.

And the white and black pottery pops against the inside of the hutch that I painted black years ago.

How to Style China Hutch Shelves for Fall

hutch with 2 open glass door filled with Rae Dunn pottery in fall dining room

Decorating the inside shelves in my china cabinet is easy with the addition of a few pumpkins and sprigs of faux wheat.

I made the burlap pumpkins for a dollar each last year…check out this easy DIY craft!

And isn’t that curly stem so cute on the mini pumpkin leaning against the creamer on the middle shelf?

A few faux wheat stems laying on a the shelves and the inside of the china hutch is done.

Don’t Forget the Top of Hutch

painted farmhouse china cabinet with 2 glass doors and dishes behind doors on top are diy sweater pumpkins a pedestal with pillar candles and window arches

The top of my china cabinet is always decorated with those architectural pieces, a faux plant and the marble cake stand with pillar candles.

It’s simple neutral decor that goes with any season.

But during the holidays, I always add Christmas decorations up there so I thought maybe I should add some fall décor this year.

I grabbed a small wood stool and two large DIY no-sew sweater pumpkins for a some fun fall vibes!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my fall dining room and got some inspiration from these ideas for your home.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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