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Wait Until You See These Fall Fireplace Décor Ideas

Want to decorate your fireplace for fall but don’t want to spend a fortune? Then you’ll love our simple & affordable fall fireplace decor ideas!

If you have a fireplace it’s probably the focal point of the room. Am I right?

So let’s give them the attention they deserve and go all out with our fall fireplace decor!

They are the perfect area in a home to add some personality!

You have to see Anne’s neutral fireplace mantel from last year! It’s amazing!

We love to change up the look of our fireplaces each season. And even year after year.

But that can get expensive pretty quickly!

I challenged myself to shop my home and not buy anything new to decorate my fireplace for fall!

Not ONE thing!


You see I had already spent some cash this fall…

My new collection of amber bottles…although inexpensive still money spent…

New floral stems for those amber bottles and for my hanging front door basket…purchased on sale but still…

And pumpkins & mums for my front porch…again affordable from the grocery store… however cha-ching it all starts adding up!

So let’s see how I created a pretty fall fireplace without spending a dime!

Large Mantel Anchor Piece

chunky wood mantel on stacked stone fireplace decorated for fall with jug of fall stems antique window with wreath candles tabacco basket and sweater pumpkins

My first tip would be to keep the same big anchor decor piece on your mantel.

It could be a mirror, art work, farmhouse sign, or architectural decor.

On my mantel, I have an antique window frame right in the middle as my anchor piece.

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This old chippy white window was actually my first antique find 2 years ago.

Although I love the farmhouse vibe, it took me a while to embrace the antique trend.

I guess I’m more of a Pottery Barn meets modern farmhouse girl.

But now I actually have several antique pieces I love in my home!

close up view of bare twig wreath hanging over antique chippy painted window frame by wide ribbon

The antique window is a perfect anchor piece to add seasonal decor.

I just switch out the wreath to match each new the season.

So simple!

And I didn’t have to spend any money because this cute twig wreath actually came with the window frame when I bought it 2 years ago.

Seasonal Stems and Flowers

jug with two handles filled with fall stems on chunky wood mantel next to candle holder and three sweater pumpkins in front of antique window

Another decorating piece I usually keep on my mantel year-round is this white enameled farmhouse style jug.

The tall jug filled with flowers or stems adds height and weight to this side of the fireplace mantel.

Changing out the stems each season creates a brand new seasonal look.

I found these pretty fall grassy stems a few years ago and have used them in different containers and areas of my house.

Don’t you just love how the yellow color pops against the neutral stacked stone fireplace?

Another “no money out of pocket” fall fireplace decor item!

Neutral Farmhouse Style Items

tobacco basket leaning on stone fireplace with two candle sticks in front with farmhouse style word art sign and small sweater pumpkin

The tobacco basket and chunky pillar candle holders on the opposite end of the mantel provide balance with the white jug filled with fall stems.

Both of these farmhouse style items are decorating staples that I use all the time when styling my fireplace mantel.

This super cute farmhouse style fall word art sign I picked up last year at HomeGoods looks perfect sitting in front of the antique window.

Which one is your favorite thing about fall from the bucket list sign?

No-Sew DIY Sweater Pumpkins

three diy sweater pumpkins piled on fireplace mantel in front of antique window next to candle holder

Last year Anne shared how to make these awesome no-sew sweater pumpkins.

We both bought sweaters for a couple dollars and went to town making these cute little guys in all shapes & sizes.

It was So. Much. Fun!

And after a few hours of crafting, we had lots and lots of sweater pumpkins to use all over both of our homes for fall!

You have to go check out our favorite ways to decorate with DIY sweater pumpkins.

Using 3 small sweater pumpkins piled together next to a candle holder creates a fun filler between the antique mirror and jug of fall stems.

Don’t Forget the Fireplace Hearth

five diy sweater pumpkins grouped together on stone fireplace hearth one pumpkin sitting on top of small wood stool

It’s so much fun decorating my mantel but I don’t want to forget about the hearth.

Keeping the same decor elements from the mantel on the hearth creates some consistency with my fall fireplace decor.

Hello big guys!

How fun is this grouping of larger pumpkins!?

I created a bit of interest by using a mini stool to raise one of the pumpkins up in the group.

lantern with wood bead garland hanging from handle next to large wicker pumpkin on stone fireplace hearth next to window

On the other side of the hearth, a large farmhouse style candle lantern is another decor piece that is a staple on my fireplace.

I usually have second matching smaller lantern but I just moved that to make room for the large wicker pumpkin that I’ve had for years.

Again no cost fall fireplace decor on the hearth!


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stacked stone fireplace in between two windows with chunky wood mantel decorated for fall with yellow stems in jug vintage window diy sweater pumpkins and candles view off corner of couch and coffee table in family room

Keeping some everyday decor staples mixed with some DIY crafts and older fall decorating pieces gave me a fresh new look for my 2020 fall fireplace decor!

Now I want to challenge you!

Go shop your house and put together a new look for your fall home!

Then share it with us!!

We’d LOVE to hear from you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment! We’d love for you to follow us over on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook so you don’t miss any of our tips, tricks, or stories!

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