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5 Quick and Easy Ways Create a Cozy Christmas Entryway

Welcome your friends and family into your home with these 5 quick and easy ways to create a cozy Christmas entryway.

In our entryway, we have a small table by the door with a mirror that hangs above the table.

I usually just add a few Christmas decor items to the top of the table like I did last year and call the room good for the holiday season.

But this year I wanted to do more!

Lots more!

Did you click that link up there to see what the foyer looked like last year?

No not yet?

Well go ahead and check it out I want you to see how different it looks now…it’s okay…I’ll wait!

Now are you ready to see my Cozy Christmas Entryway?

entryway with door and sidelights rug in front of door table and mirror to right of door with christmas decor light fixture hanging from ceiling


I’m totally in love!

Doesn’t it look so pretty?!

I can’t believe how nicely everything came together and I only bought a couple of new pieces!

Seriously most of this decor I pulled from other areas of my home.

So how did I create this cozy Christmas entryway?

Here are my 5 quick and easy ideas…

1. Candles

candle lantern and two pillar candle holders on table with mirror above table and basket hanging on mirror

The first way to create a cozy space is to add candles.

Then add more candles!

Can one ever have too many candles?

Asking for a friend. LOL

But really….adding a couple of pillar candle holders and a wood lantern to the top of the table creates instant warmth to the area.

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foyer table with mirror and candle lanterns on floor and on table pillows surrounding table christmas tree in corner beside table

And then I added two more metal and glass lanterns on the floor next to the foyer table.

Try leaving one of the doors open if you have a pair of lanterns.

2. Christmas Trees

small faux pine tree in corner next to demi table with candles in entryway

The pine Christmas trees were the new purchase this year.

But they were well worth the SUPER budget-friendly investment.

Guess how much they were?

I like to play that game with my husband.

I find a deal and ask him to guess how much he thinks I paid but then he usually guesses correctly…which kinda annoys me. Haha

This 5ft tree was only $20 at Walmart!

Did you guess correctly?

plain faux pine tree in corner with pinecones on tree and pillows and basket in front of tree

Unfortunately, I’m not able to find the exact tree for you to share the link but maybe you can find it in your local store like I did.

Since they were so inexpensive I bought two of them and added one to each corner of the entry way.

3. Greenery

fresh greenery pieces tied to top of lanterns that are sitting on floor in front of christmas tree

This was the year of the greenery!

I just love the natural look.

And I mean it’s green…which is my fave color!

But not only did I add more greenery to my home for Christmas I was able to do it for free!

I took advantage of the trees and shrubs in my backyard and added clippings to my holiday decor.

A few clippings tied with twine to the handle of the metal floor lanterns.

And a few more around the candle inside the lantern.

wood candle lantern with wreath around candle on table with mirror hanging above

I added a cute cedar wreath around this lantern last year.

And I used the wreath again this year but I plumped it up with a few more backyard cuttings.

hanging wicker basket filled with greenery on mirror above table with candles on table

I was lucky enough to score this hanging basket last year and I loved how Anne helped me style it for fall.

So I thought I’d grab some winter faux greens and stems to fill it with for Christmas.

And instead of hanging it on my front door I decided to hang it on the mirror.

What do you think?

I really like it on the mirror…it’s different!

Although in that photo you can see the wreath hanging on the door in the reflection of the mirror which looks a little weird.

5. Baskets

fabric basket on floor filled with christmas card books with pillows behind

Baskets add great texture in home decor so I’ve added several in my cozy Christmas entryway.

The hanging basket on the mirror brings in a lot of texture.

I also added this white woven basket on the floor that holds all of our Christmas card books.

basket with two pillows in it on floor with another pillow sitting next to basket and plain pine tree behind in corner of entryway

And a tall floor basket filled with pillows and accented with a string of wooden beads adds more texture to our foyer.

I also put the Christmas trees in wicker baskets.

Can you see that second basket peeking behind the plaid pillow?

5. Pillows

pillows on floor and bottom of table with basket and candles

And speaking of pillows…that brings us to the last way to create a cozy Christmas entryway.

I mean what’s more cozy and comfy than a pillow.

I know!

A bunch of pillows!!

Because pillows aren’t just for couches anymore!

They are an inexpensive way to add more color and texture to your home decor.

A couple of Christmas pillows on the bottom shelf of the table look great in the entryway.

And although it may not really be practical to have pillows on the floor it does look pretty!

front entry with front door with two sidelights christmas trees in each corner table and holiday decor on right side basket of pillow on left side

Adding pillows in a basket is another way to use them not only in your holiday home decor but everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my cozy Christmas entryway.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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Linda Johnston

Monday 14th of December 2020

Your entry is so pretty! Amazing what you can do with what you have just by adding greens and candles!


Monday 14th of December 2020

Thank you Linda! Such simple ideas for big impact. Merry Christmas to you!