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Good morning, friends!

Last weekend we shared that we were so behind in our Christmas preparations.

As bloggers, there’s a certain expectation that we’re always ahead of the game when it comes to decorating.

But we’re only human, and our reality this year is that we’re just not.

In fact, we’re not ahead of the game for anything Christmas-related this year!

And I think we’ve figured out one of the reasons why: this year is just plain different.

To be perfectly 100% honest with you, we’re both grieving this year.

This will be the first time, ever, that we won’t see our parents or our sisters at Christmas.

And that hurts.

A lot.

There won’t even be a Christmas Eve service at our churches.

We have a feeling we’re not the only ones feeling this way which is why we wanted to be completely transparent with you.

Because you’re part of our Simply2Moms family.

How are you doing this year?

Let us know in the comment section below what your Christmas is gonna look like. What are you missing? How are you coping? What are you doing to make things still feel special?

On a positive note, we actually finished decorating our homes this week!

We spent a few days getting everything spic and span and taking pictures to share with you. So stay tuned for a whole lot of inspiration and ideas to tuck away for next year!

In case you missed it, we shared how to make a fun Christmas ornament thanks to JOANN stores.

DIY Christmas ornament made from two patterns of rolled paper with a solid cardstock stripe in the middle hanging with white ribbon on a frosted Christmas tree

AnnMarie shared how to repair and refresh older Christmas decor.

christmas greenery hanging outside of window on house with stone

And Anne shared a simple and inexpensive DIY project that would work for any style of decor.

Three cream colored burlap Christmas trees surrounded by greenery with small ivory bottle brush trees.

Stay tuned because she’ll be sharing how to make two more kinds of super easy trees!

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know we’ve got some bigger home improvement projects going on over the next two months!

We actually share all kinds of things over there before it makes it to the blog!

As for other holiday inspiration, we’ve shared all sorts of ideas you might enjoy:

These Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas.

These tips for staying on track with your healthy lifestyle.

A simple way to transform a Christmas tree collar.

This way to celebrate the advent season with Random Acts of Kindness.

A classic red and whtie Christmas table setting and centerpiece.

Some affordable ideas to decorate your porch for Christmas.

And is there anything more magical than a candlelight Christmas tour? Here’s Anne’s traditional home and AnnMarie’s modern farmhouse home.

As always, thank you so much for being here!

Simply2Moms wouldn’t exist without you and your support.

We hope you have a beautiful week!