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Cute and Cozy Amazon Women’s Sweaters and Shackets

As temperatures drop, we’re wearing more layers and clothes to keep us warm. These cozy Amazon women’s sweaters and shackets all pass the cute and comfortable test.

The past few weeks have gotten downright chilly here in North Carolina!

Spring and summer will always be my favorite, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy cozy season too.

AnnMarie shared some fantastic outfits for working from home or traveling that are cute enough to wear out for errands.

I’ve added a few of her suggestions to my shopping cart!

Three images of Anne from Simply2Moms wearing sweaters from Amazon.

Today, I’ve got a mix of fall and winter outfit ideas for you. Some are comfy enough to wear for hanging out or working at home. Some can be dressed up for a night out.

I’ve worn everything I’m sharing at least twice now, and everything’s been washed at least once. It all passes the no-tugging-required test and still looks good after being laundered!

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My Size and Body Stats

Before I buy, I like to check out reviews by women who are similar in size to me.

I’m 5’1″ and 138ish pounds.

My torso is long, and my legs are short, so I tend to like petite sizes for bottoms or buying bottoms that have a short option.

I typically wear a small or a medium for tops, depending on how clingy the fabric is and how it’s cut.

I wear a size 4 or 6 for bottoms, depending on the cut and how stretchy the material may be.

Since going through menopause, I’ve been dealing with some stubborn weight that’s settling around my midsection.

I wear a 36 D bra, so shirts never fit me the way they look on the models.

I think it’s really interesting how differently things look and fit in real life compared to how they look on the models!

Descriptions aren’t always the most accurate either.

More than half of what I ordered went straight back to Amazon…

I’m sharing my favorite Amazon women’s sweaters for this year, plus some shackets I fell in love with too.

When possible, I’ll also let you know what I paired them with to make the whole outfit.

The shopping block below includes links for the sweaters, shirts, layering pieces, jackets, leggings, jeans, and shoes shown for each outfit.

Stylish Amazon Sweaters for Women

BTFBM Long Sleeve Ribbed Knit Sweater with V Neck and Button Detailing | Size Large

Woman wearing a ribbed v-necked sweater with three large buttons down the front with jeans.

I’ve bought a lot of clothes from the BTFBM Amazon shop and like virtually everything I’ve received!

This ribbed knit women’s sweater is made from a blend of viscose, polyester, and nylon and it’s very soft.

The description for this sweater is “relaxed fit,” and the recommended size for me was a small.

I ordered the small, and it was so tight across my chest!

I returned it and ordered a large because I wanted it to be a relaxed, roomy sweater.

The sleeves are a little bit long, but not so much that I feel like they need to be cuffed.

This color is “apricot,” but it looks more like a creamy white.

It comes in 12 colors, but the largest size is an XL.

While the care label says to handwash only, I washed it in the delicate cycle of my washing machine, then laid it flat to dry. It still looks like new after two washes.

The only downside of this sweater is that it isn’t as relaxed in fit as described, at least through the chest.

BTFBM Women’s Sweater with Ruffle Neck and Sleeve Detail | Size Medium

Woman wearing a sweater with ruffle detailing at the neckline and cuffs with jeans.

I told you I liked BTFBM! This was one of the first sweaters I chose this year.

I loved the feminine ruffled detail at the collar, the button placket, and the ruffle at the cuffs.

The color was perfect too! This sweater gave me a cute option to wear for football games this season.

Don’t worry, though, if orange isn’t your thing, there are 20 more gorgeous colors to choose from.

I ordered a medium because that was the size recommended for me on Amazon, and they got the recommendation right this time.

It’s roomy enough to minimize any lumps and bumps through my torso (no visible back fat!).

The sweater is made from the same blend of viscose, polyester, and nylon and has held up well through one washing (so far). I washed it with another colored sweater in the delicate cycle and let it dry flat on a drying rack.

There’s a reason this women’s sweater has over a 4-star rating with more than 4,500 reviews: it’s super cute, comfortable, and easy to dress up or down.

The Drop Women’s Brigitte Chunky Button Front Pocket Ribbed Cardigan | Size Small

Woman wearing a v-neck cardigan sweater with large buttons and a v-neck shirt underneath with leggings.

I was 100% influenced by a fashion blogger to give this cardigan sweater a try!

Apparently, some of the styles I wore in high school and college are back in style again.

This cardigan is a little boxy, but I like how it fits. I wouldn’t recommend sizing up.

So many times cardigan sweaters are tight through the sleeve so it’s uncomfortable to layer them over other shirts. These sleeves are loose enough that you can put just about anything underneath.

The fabric is also really soft, not at all itchy, so if you tend to run hot like me you can also comfortably wear a tank top underneath. These V neck tank tunics are my new favorite layering piece!

It’s also cute with these cable knit tank tops for a dressier, monochromatic look.

I really like the chunky rib knit details along the tops of the pockets (it has pockets!) and cuffs.

I’ve washed it once and it still looks brand new.

Zenlonr Long Batwing Sleeve Off-Shoulder Sweater | Size Small

Woman wearing batwing sweater with bias cut ribbing and distressed jeans.

I almost didn’t order this sweater because it’s shown hanging really low off the shoulder of the model.

I don’t mind wearing off-the-shoulder clothes, but that means having to wear a strapless bra.

When it’s cozy season, the last thing I want to wear is a strapless bra!

Fortunately, the actual sweater doesn’t have nearly as large of a neck opening as shown, even after two washings.

Also, the bat wing cut isn’t nearly as pronounced as it looks on the models. I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because I’m not pulling it down off my shoulder?

The fine rib knit is cut on a diagonal and the sweater is really flattering: loose and tight in all the right places.

It comes in 12 colors and I’ve got another one in the wine red in my shopping cart (another great Virginia Tech sweater!).

The cut is generous so there’s no need to order a larger size unless you prefer an off-the-shoulder look.

Ybenlow Women’s Babydoll Peplum Top | Size Medium

Woman wearing a long-sleeved sweater with a babydoll cut.

I’ve found that peplum and baby doll-style shirts work really well with my current figure.

This lightweight sweater is incredibly soft and it completely minimizes my problem areas through my midsection.

I did need to go with the medium for a better fit through the bust. It probably runs true-to-size, but if you’re busty, you may want to order a size larger.

It’s long enough to cover the booty so it works well with leggings or jeans.

My only complaint is it’s only available in 5 colors!

I’ve washed it twice and its held its shape really well, however, I did need to use my sweater razor on it to remove some minor pilling.

Woman wearing a babydoll sweater with leather leggings and denim jacket.

I really like how it looks paired with my cropped denim jacket too.

These four sweaters are all probably more going-out-and-about than lounge-around-the-house options.

Let’s get a little more casual with the next few fall tops.

Morhuduck Women’s V Neck Hoodies | Size Small

Woman wearing a waffle weave hoodie with scooped bottom and v-neck with black leggings.

Okay, so I’ve worn this V-neck hoodie once a week since it was delivered.

Since I tend to run hot, I love that it’s a lightweight hoodie.

It’s long enough to be worn as a tunic with leggings (by the way, the Spanx faux leather leggings really are worth the hype…)

But since it’s so lightweight, you can also wear it with jeans and give it a little front tuck without it looking bulky.

I’m wearing a small, and it’s still plenty roomy. After multiple washings, it hasn’t shrunk or pilled.

I’d consider the cut generous, so if you want a more fitted look, size down.

The only part I don’t love is that the arms are a little long so they need to be rolled up, pushed up, or cuffed.

It comes in 7 colors, and I’ve ordered another in black because I like it so much.

Amazon Shackets and Flannels

Lacozy Womens Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt  | Size Medium

Woman wearing a plaid button down shirt open over a v-neck top with leggings and athletic shoes.

I really like this plaid button-down shirt!

I ordered it in a medium because that was the size Amazon recommended, but I think I could have ordered a small.

The medium is a little roomy, but that works well as a layering piece. I’ve even been able to put it over the hoodie I shared above.

I’d say it runs true to size.

It’s cute with leggings and with jeans.

This plaid is C1 Apricot, but it’s truly more of a beige.

It comes in a number of different colors and different plaid patterns using the same color combinations.

One thing to note: while it’s called a flannel, the fabric doesn’t quite feel like flannel.

It’s made from polyester and washes well without wrinkling and I’ve washed it in the washing machine several times with no issues even though the care label says to handwash it.

ChiyeeKiss Women’s Cropped Distressed Corduroy Jacket | Size Small

Woman wearing corduroy cropped shacket with frayed bottom over a v-neck top with leggings and boots.

I ordered two different brands of cropped corduroy jackets, and this is definitely the one I liked the best.

This shacket is by Chiyeekiss, a brand I was unfamiliar with. I also ordered one by Dokotoo, a brand I’ve liked in the past.

The fabric of the Dokotoo jacket is stiff, and the cut is much boxier, in fact, it almost looked puffy.

I liked both the cut, distressing, and softness of the fabric of this one so much more!

The color is described as brown on Amazon, however, it has a reddish undertone to it in real life that doesn’t come through on the website images. It’s possible they could have sent me the wrong one since there is a second brown listed?

There are five color choices and it comes in four sizes.

It runs a bit large, so unless you want to layer it over something bulky, I’d recommend sizing down.

Dokotoo Womens Button Down Shirts | Size Small

Woman wearing a button down shirt open over a v-neck shirt with jeans, a brown leather crossbody bag and boots.

This button-down shirt is very lightweight and it’s somewhat flowy.

I really like the relaxed feel of the shirt and how the sleeves roll up and don’t unroll.

The cut is roomy, so if you want a more fitted look you may want to size down.

It’s comfortable and soft enough to wear around the house with leggings and a tunic.

This color is apricot, but it’s more of a beige than a peachy color. There are five other solid color choices, and 15 color-blocked options too.

The shopping block below includes links for the sweaters, shirts, layering pieces, jackets, leggings, jeans, and shoes shown for each outfit.

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