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Festive Foyer Ideas: How to Decorate Your Entryway for Christmas

Deck the halls with incredible festive foyer ideas! Create a warm and welcoming Christmas entryway with these simple tips that your friends and family will love.

Your foyer entryway is the first thing that people see when they come into your home, so it’s important to make a good impression, don’t you think so?

I always want my friends and family to feel at home when they step through my front door.

Like they’re embraced in a warm hug…which of course I give them when they come to visit.

My home has a casual modern farmhouse feel with the way I’ve decorated but it’s a traditional style with a large open foyer that’s flanked by a formal living room and dining room on either side.

Even though it’s a traditional design I really try to make it feel inviting and cozy right from the entryway.

So a few years ago I ditched the classic table with a mirror hung above and gave my foyer a little makeover.

I made a DIY row of hooks from a reclaimed piece of wood from an old barn which I hung above a bench.

Now cozy pillows and throw blankets fill the bench and fun decor is hung on the coat rack that I change around every season.

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday so I just love to deck my halls with pretty decor.

Go grab a cup of tea or a yummy cocktail and let’s check out my tips to create a festive and welcoming entryway!

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Small Front Porch Entryway Dressed Up for the Holidays

front porch of home decorated with pine trees, garland and wreath for Christmas

Although this blog post is going to focus on the inside of my house I couldn’t skip showing you the view as you come through our front door into our home.

Even though this front porch is small she’s a beauty!

No matter how big or small your access into the front of your home is be sure to make it festive for not only your guests and neighbors but for you!

You deserve to come home from a long day to a beautiful front door decorated for the holidays!

Click here to get inspiration for decorating a small front porch for Christmas.

And if you have a larger front porch then you’ll love all of Anne’s fabulous ideas she’s used to style her porch for the holidays.

How to Choose Christmas Decorations for Your Foyer

pulled back view of foyer decorated for holidays from behind staircase with front door ahead

The first thing you need to consider when styling your entryway for the holidays is the size of your space.

What furniture do you already have in your foyer?

Will you be using these furniture pieces when decorating your space or do you want to move any of the items out of the entryway for the holiday season to make room for Christmas decor?

Next, you’ll want to think about your overall decor style.

Although there aren’t hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating for the holidays, you certainly don’t want your Christmas decor to clash with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

What rooms does your entryway open up to?

As I mentioned earlier, my foyer is wide open to our front living room on one side, and on the opposite is a large open doorway to the dining room.

So I need to consider the decor in both of those rooms when decorating the entryway because I want it all to flow and look coordinated.

And finally, what’s your budget?

Will you be purchasing any new decor for your entryway or using what you already have?

Remember, you can always upcycle outdated holiday decorations and give them new life.

An old tree can be given a facelift with DIY flocking and handmade ornaments.

Why Should You Hang a Wreath at Christmastime?

front door painted black with faux pine wreath with white berries and gold bells hanging on door inside foyer

Did you know that the circular shape and evergreen material of a Christmas wreath represent eternal life?

It also represents faith as Christians place a candle in a wreath during Advent to symbolize the light Jesus brought into the world.

We often hang a wreath on the outside of our front door to welcome guests into our home but do you hang one on the inside of your door too?

Make sure you choose a wreath with a design and color that will pop against the color of your front door.

The lighter green color of this needle pine and snowberry wreath looks so pretty on the inside of the black-painted door in my foyer.

Also, when choosing a wreath look for the correct size as you want it large enough to fill the width of the door.

This is a 26″ wreath which is a great size for a regular 36″ wide door.

You don’t want to go much smaller than this or your wreath will look too dinky on your front door.

Where Can You Add Garland and Greenery in a Foyer?

angled staircase decorated with Christmas garland in entryway of home

Garland typically is hung around door frames and railings.

If you remember from the photo of my front porch I hung garland around the front door frame outside.

However, inside my entryway, I always hang garland and greenery on my staircase railing.

Since the stairs are at an angle into the space, I hang the garland on the inside of the railing rather than on the outside.

I like to be able to see the garland when you walk through the front door instead of when you walk from inside the house to the front door.

You could hang garlands on the opposite side or even on both sides if you want.

close up of garland hanging on staircase

This needle pine and white snowberry garland matches the wreath on the inside of the front door.

After using this same garland for the last several years I wanted a change but I didn’t want to spend money on a new garland.

So to spruce up the simple pine and berry garland I added some other faux greenery stems.

Faux eucalyptus and cedar greenery picks add more depth and interest to the pine garland.

Will a Christmas Tree Fit in a Foyer Entryway?

set of two Christmas trees in basket and antique crock in corner of room with mirror hanging on wall beside front door

I don’t know about you but faux Christmas trees may be my favorite item to decorate with for the holidays.

I have trees in lots of different sizes, shapes, and styles all over my house, and even wrote a blog post about decorating with mini faux Christmas trees.

If you have the space in your entryway you may want to consider putting up a Christmas tree.

Place a tree in an empty corner, on a table, or even propped up on a stool.

I’ve had these two super cheap faux parsons pine trees for several years and they’re perfect to fill empty corners or beside a furniture piece.

Use baskets, planters, crocks, or containers you already have at home as a stylish and unique base for a faux Christmas tree.

These trees are unlit and I really like the simplicity of that type of greenery in my entryway.

But you can add lights and even ornaments to change the look of your Christmas tree.

How to Create a Cozy and Welcoming Entryway

entryway with bench row of hooks above round rug in front of door all styled of the holidays

I kept all the colors neutral when decorating my entryway and stuck with a green, white and black color scheme.

The natural elements of the wood, sisal, and wicker blend in well with the colors I chose to decorate the space with.

black windsor style bench with throw pillows and blanket with row of hooks decorated for Christmas.

When I replaced the classic table and mirror combo with a bench in this spot it not only gave us a place to sit but also to add a few cozy seasonal throw pillows.

The comfy throw blanket on the bench is handy to grab on the way out the door for some porch sitting if there’s a chill in the air.

Linens also bring a softness to the hard lines of wood furniture.

How to Add Festive Touches to Your Home

black Merry Christmas metal sign hanging above DIY row of of hooks

I’ve decorated my house in a farmhouse style for years but I’m slowly outgrowing some of the decor choices I’ve made in the past.

Word art is one of those styles I’m kinda getting bored with…except during the holidays.

This huge metal sign is from Hobby Lobby and I scored it on 90% clearance a few years ago after Christmas.

Well, guess what? The store still sells this sign and it’s available in both the original galvanized metal or a new cheery red color.

What? But wait my sign is black not galvanized or red!

Good observation!

I didn’t really love the look of the galvanized metal so I decided to spray-paint my Merry Christmas sign black.

And I think the black really looks great against the color of my wall and of course, it coordinates perfectly with the rest of my neutral Christmas decor.

Not all decor needs to be specifically for Christmas just because you’re styling a space for the holidays.

Use some of your everyday pieces in new ways.

Add a small cedar wreath to a wood lantern, hang a vintage lantern in your color scheme, or fill a basket with artificial greenery.

foyer bench with pillows and throw blanket and row of hooks and various holiday decor on them above

More festive foyer ideas:

  • holiday doormats
  • twinkling lights
  • greenery
  • nutcrackers
  • candles and lanterns
  • reindeer
  • wreaths and garlands
  • baskets
  • Christmas trees
  • ornaments
  • Christmas stockings

We’d love to see how you decorate your festive foyer entryway! Share with us in the comments or on social media.

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