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How to Keep the Twinkling Magic through Winter


view of family room winter decor

Does anyone else hate to see the magic of the Christmas season get packed away? I mean don’t get me wrong…I kinda love how clean and uncluttered my house feels during the winter. But I also miss the warmth of all the magical twinkling lights that were everywhere in our home.

If you’re like me and miss that magical glow then keep reading. I found a super simple way to add some twinkling magic to your winter home thanks to Erin at Cotton Stem. She shared this idea in stories on her Instagram page. Do you follow her? If not she’s definitely #onetofollow. She shares lots of great ideas and her four girls are just adorable. Be sure to follow Simply2Moms on Instagram too since we bloggers share ideas not only on our blogs but also on social media.

3 Steps to Keep the Twinkling Magic through Winter

twinkle lights in cloche next to glass vase of greens

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Step 1

I used a glass cloche and wood pedestal I have had for years. If you don’t own one already I’ve seen them in craft and decor stores for reasonable prices. You can probably find one in thrift stores as well.

supplies to create twinkle light cloche sitting on table

Step 2

Next, I grabbed 2 strands of twinkle lights from my Christmas bins. I love using these battery-powered string of lights in garlands and on wreaths without worrying about unsightly cords and plugs. These are the fairy lights I use from Target. They have a timer which is perfect to have them come on in the evening and go off automatically 6 hours later.

close up of twinkle lights and batteries

Step 3

Unravel the string of lights and put them in the glass cloche. I only used 2 strings because I was able to bend the string and put it in the little knob on the top of the glass cloche so that the lights were distributed throughout the entire glass. You may need more or less depending on the size and shape of your cloche. Then you just place the battery packs on the pedestal and carefully place the cloche back on the pedestal.

view of inside of glass cloche with lights
putting together twinkle lights in glass cloche

And that’s it! This may be the easiest DIY craft project ever. I displayed ours on top of our media unit so that we can enjoy the twinkling lights in the evening while watching tv. But the options are endless with where to display these fairy lights.

close up of twinkle lights in cloche next to glass vase of greens
view of entertainment center with twinkle lights in cloche

Such an easy way to add a bit of twinkle magic to enjoy throughout the winter. Heck, maybe I’ll leave it up all year!

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