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Falloween Dinner Party: Celebrate the Season with Delicious Food

Are you planning an adult Falloween dinner party? Check out these delicious menu ideas: recipes filled with autumn flavors, perfect for fall! We’ve got you covered for appetizers, cocktails, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts!

Have you heard of Falloween?

It’s a newish term that’s been coined to represent the way that fall and Halloween blend together.

Love to decorate for fall, but want to add in a little spooky?

Boom. Falloween!

I view it as a more sophisticated way of decorating for Halloween.

It’s less about the bright colors and kid-friendly Halloween decorating and more about finding ways to add some creepy and organic elements that blend with my neutral decorating style.

Outdoor table decorated with amber bottles and natural Halloween decor with mini pumpkins on each plate.

AnnMarie is totally on the same page!

When we decided to do an adult Halloween party theme, we both wanted to lean into this Falloween concept.

You’ve got to check out all the details about how AnnMarie put together this spooktacular table on her side patio.

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Welcome to our Virtual Dinner Club!

Woman holding a wood serving platter of baked mini pumpkins next to an outdoor dining table decorated for Falloween.

We joined up with four of our blogging friends to create a virtual “dinner” club back at the beginning of 2021.

Each month we invite a guest host to join in our fun. This month, Wendy from WM Design House is joining us and her table and recipe are both amazing!

Every month we choose a new theme, and even though we call ourselves a dinner club, we’ve shared ideas for breakfasts, brunches, luncheons, and cocktail parties too.

Two women sitting at an outdoor dinner table decorated for Halloween with mini pumpkin bowls of chili at each place setting.

First, we all share ideas to create a tablescape for that theme, and then we each share a recipe for the theme to create an entire menu.

Think of it as a virtual progressive meal.

It’s so much fun!

Be sure to check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

This month our theme is an adult Halloween dinner party

Some Halloween dinner parties feature creepy-looking food.

Pate shaped like a brain. Spaghetti dyed to look like worms. Food artistically made to resemble severed body parts. Drinks with bloody-looking bits floating in them.

And that’s all well and good! You do you.

We decided we’d prefer to focus on food that celebrates the harvest and all the flavors of fall.

These recipes are all mouthwatering!

Collage of six fall dishes to serve at a Falloween dinner party.

Let’s take a look at all of these (and more) autumn harvest recipes!

Everything Bagel Pumpkin-Shaped Cheese Ball | Midwest Life and Style

Glass pedestal with a cheese ball shaped like a pumpkin surrounded by crackers from Midwest Life and Style.

All good dinner parties start with an appetizer (or two!), don’t you think?

Our friend Jen got creative and took the classic cheeseball to a new level for fall with her recipe for an Everything Bagel Pumpkin-Shaped Cheese Ball.

She’s included a few special ingredients to make it special and also shares how she made it look like a pumpkin.

I can’t wait to give it a try!

More Fall Appetizer Ideas

Pumpkin Apple Cider Sangria Cocktail | Vintage Home Designs

Clear glass pumpkin punch bowl of Apple Cider Sangria from Vintage Home Designs.

Our husbands generally stick to beer when we get together for a dinner party, but we love serving up a signature cocktail that goes with the dinner’s theme.

Our friend Michele has crafted a Pumpkin Apple Cider Sangria Cocktail that sounds amazing!

She says you can make it look spooky for Halloween if you serve it with dry ice.

This is another recipe I can’t wait to try! In fact, I might whip up a batch to bring to our next tailgate.

Easy Healthy Pumpkin Chili | Simply2Moms

Mini pumpkin bowl filled with pumpkin chili on a black plate on a table with amber bottles.

When fall rolls around, one of my favorite dishes to serve a crowd is chili.

Not only is it easy to make, but you can also easily make it ahead.

I experimented with some new fall flavors to create this delicious Pumpkin Chili recipe.

I’ve shared tips for making it on top of your stove or in a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

Table with chili serving station set up next to an outdoor dining table decorated for Halloween.

One of the best parts of serving chili is serving a variety of toppings so everyone can customize their bowl.

I set up the chili bar to the side of the dinner table.

Guests can choose from freshly shredded cheddar cheese, sliced green onions, fresh cilantro, plain Greek yogurt, diced jalapenos, and tortilla strips.

To make this main dish extra special I hollowed out mini pumpkins and baked them to use as bowls.

This chili recipe is a little spicy, so being able to scoop a little extra pumpkin in each spoonful helps to cool that heat!

More Main Dish Ideas for Fall

Sweet Potato Bake With A Sweet and Salty Twist | The Ponds Farmhouse

Plate of roasted sweet potato chunks from The Ponds Farmhouse.

I love serving up roasted vegetables during the fall.

There’s something about roasting them that really brings out their flavors, plus it instantly turns them into comfort food.

Our friend Rachel is sharing her recipe for Sweet Potato Bake With A Sweet and Salty Twist.

You’re not gonna believe how she makes them!

Easy Smoked Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Maple Bacon | WM Design House

Plate of roasted brussel sprouts with bacon from WM Design House.

Our friend Wendy is joining us this month from her website, WM Design House.

She’s got a recipe that has my mouth watering just thinking about it: Easy Smoked Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Maple Bacon.

I mean, come on! She had me at bacon…

If you haven’t visited the WM Design House website yet, you’re in for a real treat.

Wendy has a gorgeous home and she loves sharing ideas for all kinds of fantastic crafts.

More Side Dish Recipe Ideas for Fall

Irresistible Pumpkin Dump Cake | Stacy Ling of Bricks ‘n Blooms

Plate with slice of Apple Dump Cake topped with whipped cream from Stacy Ling.

No dinner party is complete without dessert, am I right?

Any time we entertain, we’re always looking for desserts that taste amazing but are also easy to make.

Our friend Stacy is sharing a simple recipe for Irresistible Pumpkin Dump Cake that checks all our boxes!

More Fall Dessert Recipe Ideas

More Amazing Menu Ideas for Entertaining

Over the years, we’ve hosted all kinds of parties.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for what to serve at your event, here are all our menus, including links to the recipes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment.

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